3 Benefits of Befriending Top Bloggers

I regularly advise you to befriend top bloggers. Network with pros. Succeed.

But why does networking with top pros benefit you? Can you just succeed solo?

Absolutely not. Blogging is a team sport. No one goes full-time solo because networked, connected bloggers dominate blogging lone wolves.

For example, if you never network, YOU need to promote your blog in as many spots as possible.

Who listens? Few people, because you have no trusted friends in these spots. Plus you eat up precious time trying to promote your blog aggressively.

Meanwhile, the split second I publish a post, my influential blogging buddies begin to promote the post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Some promote the post on their blogs.

Friends amplify your success. Blogging solo perpetuates your failure.

Peep these 3 benefits of befriending top bloggers.

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1)Join Exclusive Tribes

Top bloggers invite you into exclusive tribes. These private, invite-only tribes consist of powerful bloggers who teach you, inspire you and open doors for you.

I made a nice profit and drove serious traffic through an exclusive travel blogging tribe. Who invited me to join?

Why a power broker travel blogger who I befriended by helping generously.

Blogging big dawgs increase your traffic and profits by inviting you to join private tribes filled with influencers.

Influential bloggers open profitable doors for you. Power brokers introduce you to fellow powerful bloggers, along with profitable sponsored post and advertising opportunities.

Network generously. Befriend pros. Join private tribes filled with powerful bloggers.

2) Solve Problems Fast

Top bloggers likely suffered through 10 times as many blogging problems as you’ve faced.

Having 5 or 10 years of blogging experience, these pros faced all types of obstacles.

Powerful blogging buddies give you solutions to your problems, fast.

I ask my blogger buddy network for solutions to problems.

In minutes or hours, my influential buddies message me solutions because top bloggers faced all types of issues on their way to the top.

Befriend pros. Solve issues pronto. Top pros likely faced these issues during their blogging journey.

Blogging big dawgs serve as invaluable blogging resources during your steady climb.

3) Top Pros Offer the *Best* Successful Advice

I enjoyed lunch with a 7 figure blogger years ago. He went on a guest posting tear to build friendships and backlinks.

Being a bit inexperienced at the time, I changed my mediocre strategy to this proven guest posting strategy because if a highly successful blogger guest posted to build bonds and links, I should consider following the same advice.

I did. My success slowly but surely accelerated.

Pros cut your success curve by years because top pros teach the best successful blogging tips. Why do top bloggers succeed?

Follow their lead because obviously, what they do works like a charm. Surround yourself with top pros.

Spot patterns. Guaranteed, you’ll see most pros mimicking specific parts of their blogging campaigns.

Pay close to attention to these strategies. Success is in these details, frequently mimicked by power broker bloggers.

Final Words

Success feels sweeter when you surround yourself with rocking blogging buddies, too. Who wants to succeed solo?

Life is to be enjoyed together. Humble yourself. Promote top bloggers on your blog. Comment genuinely on top blogs.

Retweet top bloggers. Share their posts on Facebook. Ask for nothing in return to earn their trust AND to gain their attention.

Befriend pros to amplify your blogging success.


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