Create Your SEO Roadmap For 2020 With The Best Advice From Craig Campbell SEO

Welcome to our Interview Series. And today, we have Craig Campbell From Craig Campbell SEO.

If you are into the blogging and SEO industry, then you must have known him.

The best thing I like about Craig is that he always has an easy solution for every single SEO obstacles.

Let’s see what Craig has to share with us.

Guest posting is just one way to get links because one guy said something online doesn't mean its true, its the safest way to get links.

Hello Mr. Campbell, Welcome To Our Interview Series. Please Tell Us Something About Yourself.

Answer: Hello, well, my name Craig is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and been in this industry for 18 years, starting as a freelancer working from my bedroom, moving on to building up my agency.

I then changed approach and wanted to spend more time making money for myself via affiliate marketing and training, and that is where I’m currently focused at the moment.

So I’ve had a little taste of a few different options, and the affiliate model seems to suit me best.

We All Know About Your Passion For SEO. How Did That Happen?

Answer: Probably a bit of luck with timing, in all honesty, I was born in 1980 and went to school early to mid-1990’s where there was no internet, social media, mobile phones or anything like that.

And by the time I had my first job the internet was coming out here into peoples homes, the old dial-up connection around 1997 or whenever it was.

The internet was life-changing stuff, you would be able to talk to friends on MSN messenger and silly little things like that, then being able to look at your house on Google earth was mind-blowing, and I quickly became obsessed with the internet and being online.

So it kind of stems from that, I loved being online, and although it wasn’t initially in a commercial role, I was enjoying interacting with people online, and things just evolved from that.

You Have Been In The SEO Industry For 18 Years. How Did You Learn SEO?

Answer: When I was learning SEO it was on the old forums in the early 2000s, there wasn’t so many online guides or anything like that.

So it was all trying and testing what people on the forums told you, there were a few books out as well which I had bought, but it was as easy as studying on the forums and implementing what I was told and seeing if it worked out.

But back then, it really was just content and links, and when I say relationships, any old link will do so it was a hell of a lot easier than it is now.

There weren’t many other places you could learn though, SEO wasn’t SEO as it is known now, the main forum I learned stuff on was The SEO Chat Forum, which has since been taken over by The Internet Marketing Ninjas.

But there were some great guys on there who helped me a lot, guys back then used to go under nicknames rather than their own names though.

I recently learned one of the main guys on the forum ” Fathom ” was his nickname died a few years back which was a shame I never got to meet him and have a beer.

I did find out his real name was Rod at one point, but I have met a few others from the forum in real life since.

How Did You Use To Optimize Your Content For SEO When You Started?

Answer: So back then when I started people used to talk about keyword density, so it was a bit spammier back in the day.

People used to try and get the balance of spamming the content with the keywords while trying to make it semi readable.

Google clearly wasn’t that smart back then, and people used to highlight keywords in bold and things like that too.

Someone on the forum told me to have the keywords 3-4 times every 200 words and work like that.

This method seemed to work out well for me, but I’m all honesty.

I think it was the links that took sites the distance back then, as I saw un-optimized pages that used to get links thrown at them and could pretty much rank for anything in just a few weeks.

You Have Your Own Courses As Well. Tell Us More About Them.

Answer:  Yeah, I Have course, there are a number of them to suit a few different audiences, but they are all aimed at the beginner to the middle of the road market, they are all there in text format. 

Still, I do have videos on most tutorials, too, as I think people can understand videos a lot better, so I try and ensure that there are video tutorials where possible as its a lot more straightforward to demonstrate things visually that way.

The main aim of the courses is to ensure that people don’t waste years of their life like it did going around in circles listening to the wrong people doing the crazy stuff. As its no fun going the long route to learning SEO or doing tons of courses that offer no value.

You Are Doing Videos, Podcasts, SEO. How Do You Want To Define Yourself?

Answer: Videos and Podcasts are there to help people learn more about SEO, and as training is a big part of my day to day business, we need to make sure that we continue to put out content that demonstrates knowledge.

But I do also enjoy giving back to the community, and the podcasts and videos are an excellent way to give people some tips to move forward with their websites.

Seo In 2020, Your Roadmap For A Beginner?

Answer: To begin with, you need a quick loading clean mobile-friendly website; you need that solid foundation no matter who you are or what you do.

Going on to doing on-page and making sure you research and target your keywords correctly, go into on-page SEO ensuring that all metadata is on point, internal linking is essential, and having the right calls to action on a page is vital.

Do not move on until you have all of this done, as there is no point in driving traffic to a site that isn’t optimized to build yourself up.

Link Building is still important, make sure you do this properly-getting good quality relevant links to your website, don’t use automation or low-end links from Fiverr, no matter what anyone says this doesn’t work well and won’t help you long term.

Blogging Vs. Youtube In 2020?

Answer: I think regardless of who you are, you need to do a bit of everything, people out there prefer videos.

But equally people also still like reading blogs too and then you do have people who also like listening which is why I even now do a podcast, as it allows me to capture as much of the market as I can.

So the answer here is to do both; don’t just do one or the other as you will be missing out on potential opportunities, so cover as many platforms as your time and budget will allow you to.

There Is A Lot Of Fuss About Guest Posting In 2020. People Are Getting Scared To Mention External Links. Your Thoughts On This?

Answer: Guest posting is just one way to get links because one guy said something online doesn’t mean its real. 

It’s the safest way to get links; in my opinion, you are getting posts on other relevant spam-free websites, it’s no different from doing this interview in reality. 

I actually can recommend as one of the leading vendors out there who do a great job. 

There is always fuss about different topics all the time, but you need to use a common-sense approach.

It would be complicated for Google to control guest posts.

How Can A Newbie Blogger Stay Update About The Changes Happening In The SEO World?

Answer: There are tons of podcasts, webinars, conferences, and masterminds out there, I spend a lot of time meeting people, attending masterminds and going to meetups and so on, and it’s all to keep up to date and better my knowledge. 

In a continually evolving industry, it is essential to get yourself out there and surrounded by good people; the information very rarely drops onto your lap sitting at home.

 So get up and get out and pick up the knowledge that’s out there.

How Much Time Does It Take For A New Blog To Rank Organically?

Answer: The answer to this question varies on several different things, keyword difficulty, sites current domain metrics, and backlink profile, and many other factors.

So it is tough to give an accurate answer; however, in a lot of cases on my blog, I can rank for low to medium competition keywords in a few days.

But you can get quick results for long-tail keywords and would encourage anyone out there to make sure that they target these first as it’s essential to get some traffic as a blogger to keep your confidence going.

Your Feedback To Our Readers? Most Of Them Still Do Not Know How To Get High CPC Keywords For Their Blog.

Answer:Most people who can’t get good keywords are not building enough links.

Make sure you don’t just rely on technical and on-page. You have to make sure you get links too.

 All the big players are getting links, and if you want to compete with them, then you must replicate what they are doing.

Your Feedback About simplefactsonline

Answer: Blog more, your site has some content on there, which is a good thing, but look at any other digital marketing blogger there is a lot more content going out.

Videos, blogs, social shares everything must be done on a massive scale, be consistent, and make sure every last blog post offers value to the readers.

More content means more keywords and more traffic, which will lead to more money for you.

In January 2020, I Wrote a post about how to rank one on google search results in this blog. It was a simple case study mentioning my ranking experience and a few analytics.

That post went viral, and People appreciated it.

However, I was unable to convey the intent of that post to a small portion of the users. 

Let me reiterate the same thing once again. SEO is like life, and you have to treat it like that. 

And after seeing Craig’s response about SEO in 2020 will make you understand how crucial SEO is, and everybody has room for improvement in SEO. The sooner we will adapt to the changes, then better our stats will be.

Thanks a lot, Craig, for your precious time. I enjoyed every bit of this interview. 

So, what have you learned from this interview? Drop A Comment.

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  1. Hello Chayan,

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    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. Hi Chayan & Craig

    The main beauty of this interview is the perfection of questioning. You have questioned Craig all the of the question that is must to be learned.

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