How to start a blog in 2020:The Ultimate Guide for beginners

This guide is about the best way best to start a blog in 2020 that will allow you to set up and ready to begin blogging in half an hour or less.

I will explain to you just how you can think of an idea, select your blogging platform, decide on a domain name, find hosting, pick a topic, and write your first article.

Why is blogging the very best method to cultivate ANY business, and how can you earn money out of blogging? I will cover that also.

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5 Key Points to Remember Before you start a blog in 2020

Follow these five key points for your blogging success in the upcoming years.

1)Choose Your Niche

You wish to start a business. However, the thing that is holding you back is that the market niche you understand you want to pick.

 And, frankly, this is sometimes tricky: You can list all your pursuits and passions and come away feeling as if you have not struck upon the singular item you’re supposed to do.

Here are some essential factors you should be looking at before selecting your niche.

  • Identify your passion and interest
  • Be a problem solver
  • Analyze the competition
  • Explore money-making opportunities
  • Experiment

2)Get the Necessary tools (Domain, hosting, plugins, themes, etc.)

Treat your blog as your business. Like any other business, blogging also requires some investment. However, it’s decidedly less than getting a franchise from a reputed brand. Yes, you can start blogging on free platforms like bloggers.

But, if you are serious enough about blogging and want to establish your brand, then I would recommend you to go with WordPress.
To make money online, you have to have an investment mindset to grow,

I started my blogging career in 2019, and I have seen decent growth right after I start investing money on my learning and tools.

WordPress is a free content management system, which allows you to do a lot of customizations. And you do not need any web designing skills to develop a functional website on WordPress.

All you need to do is get a domain and hosting and start writing in less than 30 minutes.

Here is the list of tools that I use and recommend to any blogger.

Bluehost Hosting

Blogging in 2020 requires a lot of advancements.

The most critical part is an excellent Web-hosting, which has excellent support.

I didn’t know much about websites before a few months, and still, I can manage multiple sites in a day.

Let’s Discuss the pros and cons of Bluehost

Pros: Price, features, speed, security, and supports. 

Cons: website migrations are not free and paid backup and restore services.

My recommendation

Am I recommending Bluehost? 

Well, yes and no, since it is dependent on what you are after. It is a fantastic web hosting choice for private and small business websites and blogs (i.e., for making your very own first site ) since Bluehost is cheap (very cheap), dependable, secure, and features a free domain name. But for high traffic websites, it (or some other shared server for that matter) is not an excellent option. Additional significant letdowns are that electronic copies and website migrations arrive as paid updates.

Generatepress Premium Theme

This theme needs no introduction — a robust theme with many customizations options.

The generate press theme is free. However, you need to install the GP premium plugin to access all the exciting features. The best part about the Gp-Premium plugin is that you can use it for unlimited websites with very nominal renewal charges.

Elementor page builder

 The number one page builder. It has many exciting options.

The best part I like about this excellent page builder is that it has a fantastic pre-made template that can help you to design a stunning looking webpage in minutes. You can also import an entire site and develop it as per your requirement.

Wp Rocket

User experience impacts SEO, Paid Research and Paid Social, which explains precisely why website rate is indeed significant because it plays a substantial part in the consumer experience.

The website rate is a massive reason people bounce from websites. … If a site has a slow loading time, People Won’t stick around, and They’ll jump. Wp rocket takes care of my website speed concern. An amazing plugin.

I have managed to get their trial link for you all


A tool for serious bloggers. I do not want to leave the growth of my website to any unknown factors. The Digital Industry is becoming more competitive, and a blogger has to focus more on the keyword strategy and content creation. This tool as many exciting features that you should explore.

I can write all day about semrush features and benefits. But, I would recommend you to explore the features here


No one will value you if you are writing incorrect phrases with a lot of spelling mistakes. Grammarly comes into play here.

It automatically corrects your writing. As a blogger, you should sound confident. And I have no shame to admit that Grammarly helps me a lot with my writing.

It comes with free and paid plans, but the free program is sufficient enough to rectify any mistakes. You can download their chrome extension or access it via their web portal


A must need a tool for all the bloggers. It lets you create amazing info-graphics, blog banners, social media posts, etc. I am not a designer. But I have designed the following info-graphic using canva.

blog post
  • Save

Apart from the tools mentioned above, I also use many other tools. But, I would highly recommend you to get these tools while starting your blog.

3 Design your website

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular content management system around the globe. However, here is the list of things that you should consider before designing any WordPress website

  • Do use paid themes and plugins
  • If you can’t afford, then leave with the limitations.
  • Never go for a cracked version of theme or plugin
  • Don’t compromise the health of your website
  • Focus more on learning

Check this video to understand the basics of WordPress designing

4)Understand your writing voice(Mission Statement)

The entire population won’t read your blog. Everybody is not your audience. I know that you are struggling to understand your target audience.

A mission statement can help you overcome all this struggle.
Think about it. Every big brand using its mission statement, and I am also following the footprints.

The mission statement of the simplefactsonline is “Realistic Digital Marketing.” It will continuously remind you about your purpose of starting a blog.
If you are a blogger and not using any mission statement, then I would recommend you to use it.

5) Start Writing

I am not someone who writes a lot. However, I was able to write more than 8000 words in the last weekend. Have I found any magic wand?

Yes, I am. It’s consistency. And it has helped me a lot to write at a faster pace. I do not have to try, and it’s that natural.
Write consistently on all the available platforms to spread your ideas.

But the question is, do I feel exhausted after writing 8000 words in two days. Yes, it was a bit tiring. However, my mission statement did a great job of keeping my focus.

Pro Tip: Blogging is the same as life. There are challenges, expectations, fear, negativity. Etc. As a blogger, it’s your responsibility to focus on the essential things. Start write as much as you can across all the platforms. Eventually, your writing will be flawless.

Why it’s important to start a blog in 2020?

I want to share my personal experience here. It was in 1998. Our family was traveling to a different state. I have seen my father calling one of his friends and ask for his recommendation. That person influenced every spending that we made, which was close to $1000.

I have no idea how many people are doing the same now. If I need to get any details about anything, I do a google search. Read blogs, watch youtube videos, and listen to podcasts.

We are living in the digital era. Want to scale up your small business? Start a blog. You are not happy with your recent purchase. It’s the best way to educate other people about your thoughts on a blog. Want to promote your products and services online? You need a blog.

Blogging is not a secret anymore. People have started believing that online money making is possible. I have begun seeing significant awareness about blogging. If you are not starting your blog in 2020, then you will have to face more competition in the coming years.

Start a blog in 2020 with these topics and get the most revenue

The notion here is that you would like to go to a broader market that’s longevity.

Should you concentrate on business around the fitness center and weight loss market, you will always have an audience.

It is possible to market and encourage the hot trends of the evening, and however, if people go off, you can readily move onto the upcoming big thing.

If you visit narrow and construct a website and audience only about the Keto market, once the health fad ends, so will your business.

If you would like to start a profitable online business with all the very best odds of success the gate out; you can not go wrong entering a market that’s already proven to be rewarding.

All these are the ten most lucrative niches on the Internet:

  • Fitness and Weight Loss.

  • Health

  • Dating and Relationships

  • Pets

  • Self-Improvement 

  • Wealth Building Through Investing

  •  Make Money on the Internet

  • Beauty Treatments

  • Gadgets and Technology

  • Personal Finance

Start a blog in 2020 and use multiple channels

Blogging in 2020 requires a lot of hard work and smart work. 100 % of text-based content will not work in 2020. Diversify your content around youtube. Start a podcast. Do not limit your blog with just a single website.

Be regular and be consistent. Decide your frequency. I am not a full-time blogger. However, I have decided that I will write publish two blog posts every week on my blog.

I could have decided number 5 and deliver 2 to 3.

I know my strengths and areas of improvement. My blog is not only limited to this website.

I have a youtube channel with over 700 subscribers. I have recently started a podcast, as well.

Other than that, I have to do a lot of writing to promote my contents online.

So I decided on two posts in a week.

How many posts can you publish in a week? Comment below.

What is it to start a blog in 2020?

If you are still in the dilemma of starting a blog in 2020, then this piece of the answer will assist you in making a decision.

Blogging is not just writing. It involves many crucial steps like designing, promotion, branding, SEO, communication, and the most important, be happy.

Are you someone who always complains about the unconquerable factors? Then, I am sorry, my friend; blogging is not for you.

Blogging is no less than life. And you have to follow these four things on every day of your blogging journey:

  1. Listen
  2. Acknowledge
  3. Validate
  4. Re-Focus

How to get attention for your blog in 2020

It’s not easy to get attention as a new blogger. You will have a hell lot of flaws inside your content. Your blog design may not be impressive. However, it’s your intent, which can help you to get some attention. 

Get in touch with other bloggers. Talk to them. Exchange ideas. Understand their blogging journeys. Be relevant and try to provide value.

Be humble and be grounded while approaching pro bloggers. Blogging is like a society. Always give more than you take.

Three essential characteristics of successful bloggers

1) Be relevant


3)Helping Others

How to use content marketing strategy for your blog in 2020?

What’s content marketing, anyhow?

The term”content is king” has created plenty of buzz among internet marketers. When there are absurd arguments to be had within the truth of this phrase, the purpose is that articles are somewhat distinct than other regions of advertising like social websites and SEO, because lots of them are only around since of items.

Consider it.

For starters, without articles, SEOs would not have anything to optimize for search engines. The metadata that they add to items is an endeavour to assist robots such as Google and Facebook in wrapping their electronic minds around the intricacies of the material they are indexing.

Every email, every tweet, each landing page, and each item description–they are all examples of articles. And all you need to do is spread your articles across all the web platforms.

Start a blog in 2020 versus Starting a you-tube channel in 2020

I would recommend someone to start a blog and you-tube channel at the same time to gain optimum growth.

Yes, blogging is indeed competitive. However, it teaches you many valuable lessons.

YouTube algorithms are easy for creators as compare to search engines.

However, in countries like India, you do not get much from you-tube when you do not have a large number of subscribers. And it takes longer to gain subscribers in you-tube.

In blogging, you can start earning money in a shorter period. Even if you are not getting direct revenue from Adsense. You can choose different affiliate programs. Write sponsored posts etc. The opportunity is endless.
The same opportunity you will also found on youtube. However, it will be more time-consuming.
So my recommendation will be starting both and continue both till the time you are not noticing any significant growth.

Start a blog in 2020 and create your own product

You can create n number of products and services and sell them via your blog.

It can be anything. Remember, you have to be good with the concept of products and services that you are selling via your blog.

Or else your conversion will take a hit.

You can also create a media kit and allow sponsored posts on your blog.
Blogging is the next level of creativity. So open up your mind and create something new, something worth buying.

Tips for New Bloggers

  1. Be regular.
  2. Publish parallel contents on platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, LiveJournal etc
  3. Continuously work on the UI and UX.
  4. Improve website load time.
  5. Understand the basics of on-page SEO. Especially the heading tags
  6. Read blog posts
  7. Do Blog Commenting.

Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to address all your concerns about blogging.
Blogging is a beautiful business model and a great career option too.

Don’t rush and try to achieve everything that you could in minutes. Be patient .

Comment below if you still have any concern about blogging.

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  2. Hi Chayan Chakrabarti,

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  3. Hello Chayan,

    Blogging is not just a passion it’s now become a mainstream business that can generate thousands of dollars per month. However, To achieve this milestone you need to work hard and keep up the patience. I have seen many newbie bloggers quit blogging in their very first 3 months. I think it does not make any sense. Blogging needs time and proper strategies. Choosing a niche is very important. Choose something that you are passionate about. Choosing a niche for just the sake of money-making is not going to work at all. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

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    If you want to increase blog traffic, the best thing you can do is quite simply create better content.

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