10 ways to boost your Digital Marketing Productivity –An interview with SUFYAN SHAIKH

In this interview, Sufyan Shaikh has shared his true feelings about blogging and digital marketing.

Welcome to another Interview of our Interview series.

Digital Marketing Productivity is a concern for a lot of

Digital Marketers. However, today we have someone with us who is a seasoned Digital Marketer.

SUFYAN SHAIKH, The founder of bloggingindian.com.

This interview will be different.

Watch this interview until the end, and I am sure it will answer many of your questions. It took us very long to feature him in this interview with simplefactsonline series. The only reason is he was busy with his prior commitments.

Sufyan Shaikh is known for his dedication and transparency. Finally, we were able to meet him and get some valuable information about Digital Marketing Trends, Blogging, E-commerce, and many more.

Welcome To Interview With SimpleFactsOnline. Tell Our Readers About Yourself.

Answer: Hello, Chayan. First of all, thanks for inviting me to your interview series. You are doing a great job.

I am Sufyan Shaikh, Founder of BloggingIndian.com blog, where I write about WordPress, SEO, and Blogging stuff. I am an SEO Executive
currently working in an e-commerce company, along with it being a part-time blogger.

What Was The Reason Behind Starting Bloggingindian?

Answer:  To be honest, the primary reason to start my blog was to earn a passive income online.

However, after learning Digital Marketing, I came to know about the endless career options.

That was the turning point of my life. I started learning basic to advance of Digital Marketing. Earlier it was not that easy. However, with time, I became more confident.And now, I can say one thing; I am very passionate about bloggingindian.

Recently we have started our blogging course, and we are getting an excellent response. I am thankful to my blogging community for this.

Tell Us More About The Strategies That You Use For Your Business.

Answer:  Currently, I am focusing on SEO for my blog to get more traffic, subscribers, and loyal readers.

I do have some posts ranked on Google, but I want to leverage more and help people who are new into blogging and need genuine help online.

I am a huge fan of Bill Gates and Ratan Tata.

I am not blogging for some short time goals. I am here for the long run. No business can succeed without collaboration. So
let’s grow together 🙂

According To You, What Will Be The Future Of Digital Marketing?

Answer:  The future of digital marketing is very bright, as everything is going online. People are coming online to search for the information
they want.

Till the time, there will be online websites/apps; there will be digital marketing. However, the Digital Marketing approach should

You have to understand one thing that you have to have to be relevant to your products, contents, and marketing approach.

Let’s value the customer and the upcoming customers. Be passionate about your brand.

If you aren’t passionate enough about your brand, then you are not doing the business.

You are merely wasting your time. I always follow the following ten things in my Digital Marketing strategy. And it’s working for me

Before making a product or creating content, think that you are going to solve a problem. Now all you need to do is finding a problem.

Back up your product with excellent after-sales service. Look at Amazon and Flipkart.

Be kind, be generous, and share your vision whenever is possible.

Digital marketing is not an overnight process. You have to keep pushing your limits.

Don’t go for aggressive marketing in the beginning.

Just go with the flow and create your brand value.

Integrity is a critical factor for any business. I hope the readers are matured enough to know what business integrity is. If not comment down below 🙂
Constant quality checking. If you are blogging on WordPress.

Keep checking your website load speed, da pa, spam score, etc.

Time management is also important. Make a routine and follow it for 21 days. It will be your habit by then.

Don’t ignore email marketing. With my experience, I can say that more than 70% of my loyal subscribers came from email marketing.

Be active on social media, and get yourself updated. After that, plan your social media strategy accordingly.

Are You Actively Publishing Your Content In Any Other Medium?

Answer:  For now, I am currently publishing content on my blog but my future plans are to publish video content as it is an amazing way to provide useful content.

How Did You Feel After Receiving Your First Online Income?

Answer: It is an amazing feeling when we receive our first income online. I remember I got my dollar via the Siteground affiliate sale (worth 50$).

Job or Business? Your Point Of View.

Answer: At the start, you are very new to things about how they work, so I would recommend anyone to start with the job.

Understand how things work, how they are implemented.

Later on, if you want financial freedom and hate doing 9 to 5 stuff, you can start your own business.

Let me take this chance to share my real feelings. Job and business both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t let the peer pressure control you. You are the best judge of yourself.

Invest in your learning. Learn people skills. Improve communication skills.

Try to be master in Two or more topics, read books, learn a new language if you can do all these, then you can be the person you always wanted to be.

That should be the aim of your life. Once you have taken care of these things, then choose a job or business according to your choice. be positive 🙂

Let Our Readers Know About Your Future Plans. Any New Venture That You Want To Start?

Answer: As of now I want to focus on my blog and leverage to its maximum potential and help people with their solutions in blogging.

Let Our Readers Know About Your Future Plans. Any New Venture That You Want To Start?

Answer:  A bit of straightforward advice I want to give those wishing to start a career in digital marketing is that focus on one thing it can be either SEO, SEM, or SMO.

 Don’t just blindly follow people who are already into this niche. Also, remember success needs patience and practice.

 Keep yourself updated with the latest trends going on in the market.

 Think long term and not the short time, which is always helpful not only in blogging but also in life.

Happy Blogging!


Sufyan Shaikh

PS: If you beginner blogger or facing blogging related issue, then you can ask to join my Facebook group, Join Here!

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