How to start a successful blog without leaving your job-An Exclusive Interview With Navin Rao

In This Navin Rao Interview, We Will Know That How To Manage Your Blog Along With Your Full-Time Job.

Navin is one of my favorite bloggers. He is the man of his principles—a humble guy with a lot of dedication. And most important, he is very compassionate.

I like his explaining style the best. If you need his help for anything that he is a master, he will never show off his knowledge and make you feel low; instead, he will be sharing actionable steps.

Want To Start A Blog In 2020 But Not Sure About The Time Factor? Then This Interview Is For You.

Who Is Navin Rao?

Benefits Of Reading This Interview

Navin Shared The Secrets Of Choosing A Perfect Domain Name.

Know Navin's Opinions About WordPress Themes And Plugins.
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Blog?
Blogging And Content Writing Tips.

Exclusive Digital Marketing Strategies.

Let’s Start The Interview!

Welcome To Interview With Simplefactsonline. Tell Us About Yourself & Your Blogs.

Answer: Answer: Thanks for having me Chayan, and letting me and share my thoughts with your audience.

I am Navin Rao, born and raised in Kolkata and now living in Hyderabad. Though I am in a full-time 9hrs job as of now and living my interest through writing on

And a Calculative Side hustle to succeed in digital marketing.

I generally, share useful information around SEO, Technology, Blogging and WordPress relevant articles.

So that this one blog could be a perfect fit for any new blogger to learn and scale their blogging career.

Now, along with QuestionCage, I have another WordPress blog where I put my heart and soul i.e, which is specifically built and provides helpful articles on WordPress only.

QuestionCage Is An Unique Domain Name. What Was On Your Mind While Selecting This Name?

Answer:  Great Question. And yeah, uniqueness is the key in blogging, it should start right from the domain name.

 Honestly, I like branded names and which would sound a little unique to anyone.

And moreover, easier to remember.

And I would say, this is one of the important considerations anyone should do while choosing a domain name for their blog or websites.

 Whereas, while going for this domain, I had a simple thing in mind to answer all the techie questions which are being raised on the internet.

 Over time, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and deal with a lot of techie stuff, so it could be unfair if I don’t give it back to the community, and blogging was the best way.

Is It Possible To Blog Along With A Full-Time Job?

Answer:  Certainly, it is!

Just don’t let the negativity ruin your dreams. I am managing my blog well with my job. You can also do it.

Everything is possible, and if someone says it won’t be. I would insist on them not make any excuses and start blogging if you are really interested.

Chances are, managing and doing some multitask could be tedious initially, but eventually, they will get habituated and bring more out from them.

It dramatically increases your knowledge over the internet, technology stuff and makes you a better writer.

One would start feeling more confident and make more money from multiple sources. At least, that’s what my experience is.

Tell Us About 5 Best Free WordPress Themes And Plugins

Answer:   I am a WordPress savvy, I like to build generic and custom websites. That means I do a lot of tests.

I have tried a lot of themes and plugins while my journey. And I am a fan of minimal WordPress themes. Simple and attractive.

While choosing any theme or plugin, I make sure to install and test those on the locals before making it live.

Because Poorly coded themes and plugins will simply bloat the website. And I don’t want mine or my client to go through such issues.

My Favorite Free WordPress Themes so far,

Sydney from

Neve from Themeisle


Astra by WPastra

Schema Lite by MyThemeShop and many more.

My Favorite Free Plugins

Rank Math SEO Plugin

WordFence for Security

NinjaForms and Tables

Thirsty Affiliates

W3Total Cache

Updraft Plus and many more

What Motivated You To Start Your Blog?

Answer:  Well, I am a self-motivated person. I always try to dig new things and learn from them.

Eventually, I was doing the same one fine day and landed on a blog to get the techy solution.

The way I got the solution made me delighted and raised a question in my mind, why I shouldn’t start a blog to share my acquired knowledge.

So that it could be helpful for many folks. Just the way it helped me now.

That was the day, I started exploring the blogging industry further and realized that blogging can make you money as well.

Hell, ya, what could be better than that. So, I realized that for sharing my knowledge I will get paid too.

That pushed me even further into blogging.

Of course, why not. We all want to make passive money.

Though, I didn’t start right there. I tried leaning more about the blogging procedure.

Usually, Many Blogs Fail For Not Being Relevant. How Are You So Successful With Your Blog?

Answer:  As I have mentioned before starting I have learned about blogging to some extent.

  • How a website should look like for better user experience
  • How to share the tips to make the reach better
  • How to perform SEO for individual posts
  • How to Monetize the content and more.

 Though, that was not enough. I too struggled to make money online from my blog for 7-8 months.

 But, meanwhile, I was still consistent. As I don’t believe in leaving things which I started.

 I have shared that small story in My Facebook Group as well, “My Patience Level.” I am sure your readers want to go through that. 

 It’s a free community for people who want to join to get helped about blogging, WordPress and SEO.

According To You What Should Be The Digital Marketing Strategy For Any Startup?

Answer: Well, you might have observed a lot of startups are pulling up their socks to get into the Digital Arena.

And why not, it has become the easiest and economical way of marketing the brand.

But, though it requires a few things for better execution.

A Proper Market Research (know what is on-trend)

People Intent (What people are actually people looking for and plan your strategy)

How to leverage Social Media for better exposure

Email Captures and effective marketing

Roll up your sleeves and invest in SEO

Don’t Hesitate to do PPC Marketing

Although there are several things to look upon, the above ones are good aspects to start on.

Tell Us About Your Hobbies And Passions.

Answer:  On an honest note, I don’t have too many hobbies. But, I love to write and read.

 Apart from that, when I am free I please my soul by listening to songs. And I sing too.

 Whereas passion is concerned, I love blogging. I realized it when I don’t feel stress at all being on the laptop whole day doing so at the weekends. Time passes on just like that, and still have the desire to create more content. 😀

What Would You Do If You Haven't Started A Blog?

Answer:   Right now, I am working in a full-time job. And an honest note, I haven’t thought any day I could be a blogger too. But, certainly, I like the way blogging makes me passive money, by educating people.

Any Piece Of Advice To Our Readers? Especially On blogging And Content Marketing.

Answer:  Buddies have faith in your self. I don’t say blogging is easier and you can make money instantly.

But, it’s not that difficult if you are determined and be consistent with what you do.

 Moreover, don’t start blogging for money, that will eventually come after some time. I say that because, if you start blogging just for money, you get demotivated after some time as the money won’t start flowing overnight.

Growing in blogging takes time with your continuous effort into it.

 Start making friends from the very first day with people in your niche.

Provide them exposure by engaging with their content on Social Media.

 Keep answering questions on Quora for better content marketing.

I am too very active on my Quora Profile and answered more than 250+ questions.

 Build a strong network around your blog. It’s like a boomerang. 

 What goes around, that comes around.

 You guys can also reach me out through my social profiles Twitter, Facebook and FB Group if you would like to connect.

 Stay Focused and Happy Blogging!

Over To You

That was Navin Rao for you guys. A man with excellent blogging vision.

He is working with a full-time job. But at the same time, he is producing quality content for multiple blogs and helping others. We wish him all the success with his blog.

 Comment down below if you have any questions for Navin. We will surely get the answers for you.

 Liked this interview? Then share it with your blogging pals. 

 Join our Digital Marketing forum and get updated with the upcoming posts.

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19 thoughts on “How to start a successful blog without leaving your job-An Exclusive Interview With Navin Rao”

  1. Navin Rao, I know this guy from a Facebook group. His helping mind towards to guide newbie bloggers is a fruitful quality I seen in him. I wish him more success and at the same time would like to wish simple facts online to host many interesting interviews like this on your blog.

  2. Such a great interview with navin Rao I ever read in my life.
    This great knowledge will inspire me a lot and also a motivation for the bloggers.
    Keep working navin sir you are doing great😊

  3. Hello Chayan,

    Amazing interview with lots of featured key points. Interview with other blogger is great to know their individual ideas – how they handle things with creativity.

    And this sort of thing makes other people dominate. Most of things I’ve learned from this interview and will helpful to implement on my blogging career. Eventually, thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  4. Love this interview with Navin, Chayan!
    I always wondered what the name “Question Cage” means, and now I know. And it’s an excellent choice as answering questions is what people need more than ever.
    Enjoyed the read Chayan and Navin!

  5. As always, Navin shares rocking tips here. We should note how successful bloggers keep doing the same thing and offering similar advice; create helpful content and build strong connections. Success is simple but scary to attain sometimes because we need leave our cozy comfort zones. Super interview, Chayan.


  6. Hello Chayan

    Loved the interview and the knowledge of how can you start your blog along with your job without giving any excuses. Blogging is about passion. If you are passionate enough then you can do it for sure along with the job.

    Great interview of Navin brother. Looking forward for more like this.


    • Hey Mangesh,
      Thanks A Lot For Reading This Post And Comment. Blogging Is A Beautiful Business Model, And Like Any Other Business It Also Needs Hard Work, Smart Work And Many Other Things. But Most important, a blogger should be prepared for everything , nothing can stop him to blog. Navin Is a living example of that.

  7. Hello Chayan,

    I know Navin from 2017 and He is one of my best friend. He is an awesome fun loving guy that always help people by sharing their content and commenting on blogs. In these couple of years we have created a strong bond. He is a versatile blogger and knows how to leverage and grow a blog. Doing Part time blogging is not an easy job when you are on a full-time job. Time management is a big concern here. He has managed everything so perfectly. Thanks for bringing up his interview here.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    • Hey Vishwajeet,
      Thanks, A Lot For Your Comment.Yeah, part-time blogging is hard, but when you have a proper schedule to follow and a proper mindset. Then everything else will fall apart. I have been doing parttime blogging for six months and its awesome.

  8. Amazing interview, before reading this I was also thinking that how to manage my office time with blogging as I am also in full time job. But as Navin said if you have passion you can manage it. I love the way he explains everything. Thanks chayan for bringing this interview for us.


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