Nichesss Review [2021] The Best Affordable Ai Content Tool?

Writers Block? Sounds familiar? Well, I have been there too. Unfortunately, no matter how creative we are, it can come anytime and destroy our creative side. But there’s a workaround.

How about getting a helping hand that gives you an upper hand on a bad creative day? Appsumo is a messiah when it comes to solving our content marketing needs. And I was lucky enough to grab this wonderful tool as low as a pair of earphones.

In this unbiased nichesss review, I am going to share a few details about this tool. You will also get to witness how Nichesss can scale your content marketing game.Let’s hop in!

nichesss review
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What Is Nichesss?


The content creation industry has been growing rapidly and is set to continue to grow steadily over the next few years. The expanding industry has effectively created a niche within the workforce that has become incredibly valuable to all businesses, both big and small.

The value of an effective content creation service is not limited to large businesses but is a service that can positively affect any business, no matter how large or small.

Blogs, newsletters, and media releases are a few examples of the types of content available to businesses.

From the picture below, you will get to know a few essential details about Nichesss.

Nichesss Review
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This is what Malcom Tyson(Founder Of Nichesss) has shared on hisΒ Linkedin profile. This guy has been in the web industry for more than ten years, and nichesss is his latest venture. He knows what he is doing.

Content-creation-machine-nichess is a seo-content-creation-machine that has been created by ai so that it can create a different set of contents with ease. There’s been a lot of fuss about GPT 3. Let’s understand that first, and then we will slowly move into the features.

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What is GPT-3 ?

While GPT3 is a new system, it has evolved from the original Google Places system. You can think of the Google Places system as a template: it’s the blueprint for the design, structure, and functionality of a website. That’s the way Google wanted it, and that’s how Google wanted it to work.

The Google Places system is great for finding information from local business websites. But if you want to make money with your website, you need more functionality than the Google Places system provides.

Found it too technical? Here’s a video that simplifies GPT 3. You don’t need to go into the technicalities if you are a non-techie like me, but it’s good to know stuff.

Nichesss Review [2021] Is it Worth It?

Gpt 3, ai these things look really good on paper. But how can it help you with your content marketing? First of all, do you need it?

Let’s think about it. If you are a blogger or a small & medium business, you have to have a lot of content in multiple channels; after that, you have to do a lot of copywriting, research etc. Content isn’t cheap, so if you have to set yourself apart from the crowd, you must focus on quality content.

But is it possible for a small business to hire a dedicated content writer/copywriter? I don’t think so. At the same time, there are plenty of article rewriting tools in the market. And trust me, those tools are not worth it.

They don’t know human feelings; they will do the job done but leave you with a copy that’s hard to read. So how could that copy satisfy your users? So before you purchase any content generation tool, you have to make sure you are getting copies that look natural and not plagiarized.

Here is a sample that I generated from Nichesss and the plagiarism report attached to it.

Nichesss Review 2021
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Did you see that? Nichess gave me 130 unique words in less than a minute. And the copy looks tangible. Is that it? Not at all. Nichesss grants you a whole content marketing solution.

Here are the list of things that you can do with Nichess.

  • Marketing Plan
  • Blog Tools
  • Ad Copy
  • Short Post Generator
  • Image Post Ideas
  • Get Feedback
  • Youtube Tools
  • Email Tools
  • Product Tools
  • Career Tools
  • Pin Related Tools
  • Sales Copy Tools
  • Coding Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Books & E-Books
  • Faq Tool
  • Poem Writer
  • Course Tools
  • Realty Tools
  • Dialouge Tools

Let’s explore all the features and see how you can leverage Nichesss.

Nichesss Review [Marketing Plan]

What do you understand by the word marketing plan? There is a thin difference between sales and marketing.

A marketing plan can be the essential details about your product or services. It can also be the email newsletters that you send to your prospects. Can be Ad-Copies on differnt channels like Google and Facebook.

How much time do you take to write a list, email subject and a few ad copies? What if I tell you that I took less than a minute to obtain all these?

Sounds interesting? Let’s see what I got with Nichesss marketing plan.

Nichesss Marketing Plan
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Not only that, but you can also accomplish things like landing page headlines, image retargeting outreach messages and many more.

Nichesss Review [Blog Tools]

Let’s simplify the simplest thing in Digital Marketing that is blogging. Blogging is not easy, but it is not rocket science if you follow a system.

But when you start, you have to produce many great blog posts in a short period. A blogger has to do a lot of things other than publishing the blog posts.

Publishing great content is only 50% of the work. After that, the blogger will promote, optimise, check analytics, and many other things.

Let’s review the Nichess Blog Tools and see how it works.

Nichesss Review
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So, all you need to do is give inputs, giving you an output like this.
Isn’t it amazing? And you can always add more to it. If you are blogging alone and can’t afford to hire a team, this blog tool will surely help you.

Nichesss Review
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Nichesss Review [Ad Copy]

Ad copies are more expensive than an article. But its inevitable that a small or medium business can’t afford a dedicated content writer or copywriter. So does that mean they can not do paid ads. Well, that’s not the case.

Nichesss has come up with this amazing ad copy tool. You can play around with Facebook ads, google ads, retargeting ads, short post ads etc. Let’s see an overview.

Nichesss Review 2021
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Some of you might know about the source- blogging; I purchased the domain as I wanted to simplify blogging.

So, here I shared an example about the upcoming blogging course. And how do we promote it over google ads?

In online advertising, if you provide a solution to a common problem, that attracts more people.
Let’s see the ad copy that we received.

Nichesss Review
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I won’t say that this is an amazing copy, and it can replace industry-leading copywriters.

Understand one thing, sorceblogging pro does not even exist. It’s an imaginary business as of now.

So the Ai could not do much about it. But still, it gave some wonderful suggestions that you can tweak and make a better copy.

Nichesss Review [Short Posts Tool]

Short posts are essential. It can be a small tweet about your business, can be an article on Facebook or Linkedin. And trust me, creative things take time. So let’s see what the options that we are getting are in this Nichesss short posts tool.

Nichesss Review
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So it gives us three options. And the options are bird social, inspirational short posts and short post ads. So let’s see the inputs that we got.

Nichess Review Of Shortposts
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So these were the responses that I got, and I must say its satisfactory. You can always click on add more and see more results.

Nichesss Review [Image Post Ideas]

Image posts are also essential for brands. Let’s see what kind of output we get from the Nichesss image tools.

Nichesss Review
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So, it gives some catchy captions to your image ads. however, there’s one catch. As a business owner, you have to explain it well that what your business does. That would help you to get relevant lines.

Nichesss Review [Image Post Ideas]

You can get feedback on sites like Reddit, Hackernews and Producthunt.

So if you need a lot of testimonials and feedbacks about your brand, then you can surely use this feedback tool.
Here is a short demo.

Nichesss Review
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Nichesss Review [Youtube Tools]

You will love these templates if you are a YouTuber, so you have keywords to a video title. If you have one keyword that you need to target in your youtube, you need to enter the keyword, and it will suggest the video title and youtube opening line.

If you are struggling to find some really good hooking line for your youtube introduction, then this tool will easily help you to open your video with a bang.

And you have random video ideas and video outline, and much more, so they don’t have video description as of now, but you may need to make use of some of their other templates as a substitute to a youtube video description so here you need to enter in the keyword.

Lets explore.

Nichesss Review
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I think by now, you all have understood that Nichess gives you the best output when you give a proper description. It’s like ordering from the subway. First, you have to let them know the choices of slices of bread, sauces and meats.

Likewise, you have to tell them about your channel, what you do there, your focus keyword and title and boom!

Nichesss Review
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You will get almost everything that you need to cover in a video. Just record and upload.

Nichesss Review [Email tools]

Building an email list is important. But at times, we get confused about what to send to our email subscribers. You can use this Nichesss email tool as a harpoon to get plenty of ideas.

This is how it works.

Nichesss Review
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Nichess is a pretty new tool. I highly recommend you tweak your newsletter before sending it out.

Here is the output.

Nichesss Review
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Nichesss Review [Product Tools]

What would you do if you have a product launch and don’t know how to present it. You don’t have writing skills and dont have enough time to access and hire a copywriter.

Then all you can do is mention a few details about your product and let the Nichess Product Tool get the job done for you.

Nichesss Review
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To give you the demonstration, I came up with an imaginary company name ABC Electronics; they deal with refurbished iPhones and let’s see how the product copy is looking.

Nichesss Review Product Tools  Output
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I must say that I am pretty much impressed with the outputs of this result. However, again there is one key secret. Describe your products properly.

Nichesss Review [Career Tools]

Outreach Marketing can be tricky at times. Most businesses hire people to outreach. But all of them do not have a fair idea about the proper outreaching.

I get around 30 to 40 outreach proposals daily, and I must say that most of the proposals are not impressive.

Remember, while outreaching, it’s equally important to respect the other person and share the benefits that he will get by collaborating with you.
So, here is a sample input that I gave in the Nichesss Career Tool.

Nichesss Review Career Tool
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To make the message more personalized, you have to give a few details about your business and the person, and then boom!

Nichesss Review -- Career Tools Output
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It gave a decent outreach copy. If you are smart enough, you can edit these automated responses and get a really good format for your outreach messages.

The Career Tools only have the networking outreach option as of now. However, I think in the future, they will include more options here as well.

Nichesss Review [Sales Copy Tools]

A problem-solving business can sustain itself in the long run. Think about it. Evey big brands started by solving a problem that needs attention.

If you are a new business, you have to find a problem in your niche that you can solve.

And Nichesss Sales Copy Tools can help you to write amazing sales copies. Here are what the interface looks like.

Nichesss Review Sales Copy Inputs
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So here is another fictitious business of mine. It’s a car mechanic business that provides one solution.

Here is the sample sales copy that is generated.

Nichesss Sales Copy Output Review
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Those were some brilliant catchy lines that can grab attention fast.

Nichesss Review [SEO Tools]

Nichess SEO Tool can help you to do three things.

First, you can do things like writing a seo title, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. SEO is not rocket science, but it gets tiring at times, especially when you are the only one taking care of seo and writing.

Let’s give our inputs and try to generate a meta description for this article. Stay tuned. I am revealing some on-page seo stuff here.

Nichesss Review Meta Description
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Sorry to disappoint you. I am not quite satisfied with the outputs.

Nichesss Meta Desription Outputs
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Nichesss has to work with this meta description part. I think the developer team will fix this in the next update.

Our Input About Nichesss

Nichesss is a promising tool. However, it has its fair shares of advantages and limitations that we will talk about in the coming section.

But they don’t have long-form content generation, and according to the founder, it’s against gpt3 guidelines to create complete blog posts out of the open ais technology.

But conversion ai and Shortlyai are doing that by making ai write paragraphs and then again wait for your prompt we will see the same kind of feature in niches in the future.

.So many people are worried about the future of niches because you will be paying a one-off fee, and you get lifetime access to all their features with unlimited credits and whatnot.

I am also a member of their Facebook group, and you can get amazing support over there.

Nichesss Review- Pros And Cons


  • All In One Solution
  • Great Solution For Small And Medium Businesses
  • Email & Sales Copy Available
  • Ai Works Really Fast
  • Awesome Support
  • Lifetime Deal
  • Constant Updates


  • Long Form Of Content Not Available
  • Interface Needs To Be More User Friendly
  • At Time Ai Generates Irrelevent Copies
  • A Lot Of Manual Intervention Is Required

FAQs | Nichesss Reviews​

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Nichesss

What Is Nichesss?

Nichesss is a content marketing tool that helps you find niches and generate content and market them effectively.

Is There Any Risk Of Getting Copyright?

Nichesss uses GPt3 Ai Technology. So you can expect to get plagiarised free content. However, we would recomend you do a plagiarism check. All you need to do is click on edit and do a plagiarism check.

How To Access Nichesss?

You can visit it directly from or from your Appsumo products list.

How Ti Avail The Lifetime Deal?

You Can Click Here(Affiliate Link) to activate the lifetime deal on Nichesss

How Do I Get Support?

You can email their support at Also you can join their facebook group and ask for help from the community.

What If I Do Not Like The Services After The Purchase?

Please refer appsumo refund policy.

Final Thoughts On Nichesss

Undoubtedly Nichesss is a tool that gives you the bang for your bucks. However, it’s a new tool, and they are constantly updating.

Make sure to give your inputs correctly to get the most out of it.

Did you find the Nichesss Review helpful? If yes, please share it with others and also let me know if you have any questions about this tool in the comments.

Disclaimer:Β This post contains affiliate links, that means if you made any purchase , I would get a small commission without charging you anything extra.

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    Thanks for sharing this detailed review of Nichesss. It has some decent features that will boost content marketing. Will definitely try it out.

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  7. Amazing review Chayan. I recently tried Jarvis which is great. Now I’ll have a look at this tool too.

    I also tried the Frase AI Writer, but it’s not good enough yet.

    Like you, I bought it during the AppSumo Lifetime deal.

    Thank again for this valuable piece of content and keep creating!


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