What is Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

Omni Channel Marketing is the best way to get more and more attention when a new online business starts.

Our mind is like a spider-web for most parts of the day. We, being netizens of 2020, are distracted very easily.

If a website is not able to grab our attention for more than 5 seconds, we start surfing through the rest of the internet, and there are a lot of possibilities that we might never lay our eyes on that site anymore.

Introducing different types of channeling for your marketing strategy is one of the best ways to ensure growth in your business firm.

Multichannel marketing is one of the most advanced tools for upgrading your marketing strategies. So, let us find out more about omni channel marketing.

What is Omni Channel Marketing ?

The word Omni means universal and connecting the word channel with it starts making sense in itself for a lot of people.

The people who are well versed with the retailing system of Omni channeling find it amusing that a large part of the population is still unaware of it.
Making a website and expecting to expand one’s business through just the site is not enough anymore.

Let’s say you are a blogger; if you are thinking about what you will gain with omnichannel marketing, the answer is simple, followers, visitors or subscribers.

Omnichannel marketing means creating the presence of a brand across multiple online and offline channels, which will ensure a seamless experience for the users.

Omnichannel marketing in straightforward terms means that you will use all the possible sources on the internet to sell your content, writing, making videos, podcasts, social media, etc.

There are different types of content consumers across the world; your job as a content creator is to cater to their needs.

So there are people who like to read, people who want to listen to podcasts, people who like to watch videos, people who like to read highlights and people who like to gather information from social media.

Now, if you cater to all of these, you will surely have a more significant base of consumers and also more prominent support for potential consumers for your blog or business.

Will have high reach-ability and will be able to target a much higher number of people than you would have by just using one single platform.

Take examples of many big brands, even clothing brands, they have their websites, they have a strong presence on social media sites, they produce fashion blogs, and some of them also maintain a video blog (vlog) showing various aspects of their making or something interesting. Most big brands today believe in omnichannel marketing, because of higher reach.

Now let’s explain how it will work for your website or blog.

Let’s say you have written a blog on your site and you post about it on your Twitter account, someone who came across that tweet might end up at your website via the link and tweet and end up being a subscriber.

Similarly, let’s say you post an interesting video on youtube, this might lead to someone following you on instagram and visiting your website following the content.

This is how omnichannel marketing helps you, and it takes your viewers/subscribers/followers from one platform to another.

From a platform, you have posted to the platform the user is most comfortable with.

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How to Create An Omni Channel Strategy ?

Just because you have different channels doesn’t mean you need to have entirely different content on these channels, that would be incredibly tedious and eventually impossible for one person to manage.

The Omni channel system of digital marketing is basically reusing your content in different formats. Here is how you go:

1. Start with a Blog/ Website

The basic form of content creation is writing. Create a blog, and post regular content on it. Be regular with your blog posts and make sure you follow a niche

Remember, just because you will be using different mediums for marketing, doesn’t mean that the basic rules of blogging will not apply. The very first and basic rule of blogging is picking a niche and sticking to it.

If you think you will write on technology and create videos on fashion and use omni channel marketing and gain followers, you will not succeed.Remember your basics. Create quality content, use SEO tools, get high google rankings, don’t plagiarize, be regular and be committed.

One extra thing that you should be doing with your blog is, when you create the “About Us” page, make sure you are adding links to all the other platforms you have created your account on, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Soundcloud etc.

2. Create a Youtube Channel

Now that you have a blog, that means you have the written content ready.

All you have to do to create videos is using your blogs as a basic script and creating videos on that base.

Remember, the niche across all the platforms is and has to remain the same and thus using the blog as a basic script will help.

Make a clear, good quality video and be regular on Youtube as well.

Make sure you mention about the blog in the video, probably during the end and also mention the links to other platforms in the description section of the Youtube video.

Do you see the connection now?

There might be some people who will watch your youtube video via the blog post as they might like to watch a video of the content and there might be some people who will reach your blog via the youtube video.

Remember to use the marketing tools for Youtube individually as well, which involves using proper tags, being regular and using appropriate Adwords.

If you pay attention to your Youtube channel properly, not only will this lead a way for you to gather more followers/subscribers, you will also be able to monetize your videos and basically have two streams of income, both from the Youtube videos and your blog.

Thus, omni channel marketing not just helps you with increasing followers and gaining more income from that but it will also help you increase your sources of income.

3. Create a Podcast

Creating a podcast once you have a Youtube video is very simple, all you have to do is convert your video into audio using multiple of free softwares available.

While of course you can use this shortcut, make sure you are still editing the audio to make it sound like a podcast and not a clear conversion of the Youtube video.

Now if you are wondering who will listen to a podcast when you have a video, let me tell you a lot of people prefer listening to podcasts than watching videos. 

Also, remember you can listen to the podcast anytime, let’s say even while driving, whereas for a video, you need to pay more attention. Remember, audio books were a new concept but a lot of people have now moved from reading books to listening to these audio books.

4. Create Accounts on Social Media

How many hours a day do you spend on Social media and how many times have you been interested in a product or some content and the first you came to know about that was via social media?

The power of social media in this day and age cannot be ignored and cannot be denied.

It is upto us how we use this medium which might be comparatively new but we know that is here to stay. Even if you don’t want to create an account on all the platforms, it is advisable to create accounts on both Facebook and Instagram at the very least.

Both these platforms now not only have a huge number of users, but they have also evolved to turn their social media platforms and marketplaces.

Even if you don’t take advantage of the marketplace platform, both Instagram and facebook have a high number of users and provide a platform where it is easier to gather followers than on other platforms.

You can post snippets from your blog on these platforms or create attractive images related to your post for instagram and use some excerpts for the caption.

Both the platforms provide amazing insights in your posts and help you even advertise on these platforms, of course these advertisements are paid.

Eventually if you have enough followers, you can even monetize these pages through use of promotions, collaboration, paid posts etc. Thus, your income can now flow from three sources, thanks to omni channel marketing.

Final Words

Remember, whether you use a single channel or multi channel or omni Channel marketing, the basics of content creation and promotion remain the same.

Post regularly, be original, take feedback seriously, use appropriate adwords and hashtags, follow a niche, keep your audience in mind and don’t plagiarize.

As mentioned above already, Omni channel marketing helps you gain followers and also helps you earn more money. It is easy to use and more importantly you get to be more creative with your content as you get to use it in different manners on various platforms. 


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