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Hey There! I am Chayan Chakrabarti. I am a professional Digital Marketer & Blogger. I love online marketing as it can give new horizons to anyone.

Digital Marketing has helped me to set a goal for myself.

I have no shame to admit that I was living according to the metrics of my job. Then one beautiful day, I got to know about blogging. And after that, I never looked back.

Today, I am helping my clients with their Digital Marketing Needs and starting from building a website to improve their search visibility, social media, and many more things.

What Is Simplefactsonline?

While working with my clients, I have observed that they are lagging, and there are many scopes to educate them about digital marketing, blogging, and seo. And I can’t be everywhere at the same time, Which is why simplefactsonline is there. Spread awareness about Digital Marketing.

Why am I doing this?

I got to know about Digital Marketing in early 2015, but it took me a lot of time to understand the workflow. It may be because of my understanding. But you can’t also ignore the fact that there are very few ideal roadmaps we can see in the Digital Marketing industry, which is why more than 65% of people struggle in this field.

And trust me, I was also one of them. But the difference is that I kept trying to find a solution for each issue. And eventually, I started developing my strategies. Some of them work, some of them might fail, But, it keeps me going. Can no one claim to be 100% correct, right?

So here is the deal, in simplefactsonline, I will let you know about things like Digital Marketing, SEO, Blogging, etc. You can gain your knowledge and apply them to your existing business or start a new business.

Here is what some of our existing readers are saying

I have been following SimpleFactsOnline site from last few months. It’s one of the best websites for bloggers to learn blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing related stuff. ~ Sumit Sao

Chayan is an excellent blogger & marketer. The way I know Chayan: He is present everywhere and scaled this Simplefactsonline Blog in very shorter spane. I loved the contents on this blog and the way Chayan is helping Blogging Sphere is commendable. I’m regular reader of this authoratvie blog & I recommend all to read it. Thanks Chayan, keep up the good work. ~ Amol Chavan

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I was not that much aware about digital marketing. Once I found Simplefactsonline I got to know every little bit secrets of Blogging as well online marketing strategies. Now I am a big fan and daily readers of it. If you  are planning to start blogging  I hope Simplefactsonline will make your online journey much more productive and profitable. Stay connected with it and improve your digital knowledge for free. ~ JoyDhar

Chayan is an excellent Blogger who is doing blogging in the right way. I love reading his inspiring post. Chayan’s every post is informative and has tones of value which he offers for free on his blog. If you love reading great content, do visit his blog and grab the premium quality information absolutely free. ~ Santosh Gairola

Chayan is a great blogger no doubt about it. The work he is doing is really awesome and inspired me .If you’re looking for digital marketing tips, blogging strategy you should definitely read his blog believe me you don’t regret. ~ Soumodeep Sikder 

Whenever I am looking for actionable Blogging tips, simple facts online is that blog that cross my mind. Chayan is really producing some helpful tips on his blog. Kudos man. ~ Folajomi Ballo

Chayan is super helpful to anyone. We barely knew each other and still, he helped me with a lot of stuff. And when a person like him tries to provide value to you by creating a website like Simple Facts Online, you know it’s going to be amazing and super valuable. He is very knowledgeable and is actively learning and sharing knowledge. Keep an eye here! ~ Bishnu Mahali

Chayan is a good friend of mine and an emerging blogger of India. He loves to share his knowledge with others through his blog SimpleFactsOnline. If you are the one who is planning to start a blog and earn a living online, you must follow Chayan Chakrabarti. ~ Ravi Dixit

Chayan is an awesome blogger. I meet him twice personally. And he is sharing amazing experiences through his blog simplefactonline.

He is too good at networking..he just made an important place in most known professional bloggers. This is the reason he is growing so fast in a small span of time. I’m a fan of his networking and the experiences that he shares on his blog. You must check out his blog once. ~ Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Hello my name is Debdutta Saha.

I am an Engineer turned marketer.
So coming from a technical background I had no prior knowledge about digital marketing until I came across the website, simplefactsonline.com

I always rush to this website to gain knowledge about digital marketing. Also I am a Facebook member of this community where there are lot of marketers sharing their knowledge.
The owner of this website, Chayan bhaiya as I say is a very helpful person and I am connected to him on messenger where he helps me with all my doubts on digital marketing. ~ Debdutta Saha

But I need something in return!

Wait, don’t worry. I spend around 70 hours a week, creating content for this blog. If you have been creating content even for a few months, know-how is time consuming it is?

So if you think you like the content, then interact with us. This will help us to improve. And you can communicate with us via commenting on our posts & following us on social media. This will help us to create more contents.

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Your friend,

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Chayan Chakrabarti
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