[7] Preparations You Should Make Before Blogging In 2020

Think about it. You are planning to start blogging in 2020. There are around two billion websites on the internet.  That’s roughly one blog for every eight or nine people in this world.

There are over four million blog posts that are getting published every single day.

Let us and try to find the answer. Is blogging still worth it?

Now, the short answer to this question is no The long answer to the question is yes. Now don’t get demoralized and close this article. And stop blogging if you have a blog.

Those days are gone, where you are just creating text-based content, and thinking that it will do magic for you. Here are the seven practical solutions that you should follow if you want to grow your blog.

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Blogging in 2020
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Blogging in 2020. Solution Number one -Don’t just focus on text-based content.

Before blogs were just text-based content, and that’s what people used to publish. And they would share the link here and there. That is fine. But you know what? In 2020, text-based content isn’t everything.

We all use a mobile phone. People are using a mobile phone to view videos, listen to podcasts. So when you’re blogging, do not completely rely on text-based content.

Create video and audio-based content. Publish them on your blog. Also, publish it to other mediums as well. Your content should be everywhere.

For example, I put you tube videos. And recently I have also started a podcast. Re-post your content in every possible platform. If you are making video content. Then share it on every social site and grab more attention.


Blogging in 2020. Solution Number Two-Update your old content

For example, look at Wikipedia. In most cases, whatever you search, they are coming in number one because they keep updating their content and getting more relevant.

If you keep updating your content and providing more values, then, eventually your ranking will improve.

Blogging is getting harder day by day. So, you have to do proper research to give the best value.  

Blogging in 2020
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Blogging in 2020. Solution Number Three-Think before you write

If you want to grow your blog, then you have to keep on thinking about your writing. I observed that many bloggers write for the sake of writing.

They are more concerned about things like traffic, conversions, etc. Let me ask you one thing here. What would you do with the traffic, when your writing is not providing the value?

It’s not that difficult. Ask yourself, “Why, I am writing?” The moment you will get the response, it will be easier for you to focus more on the writing part and be more creative.

Follow these steps and grow your blog faster.

Do not just rely on Text based contents. Start podcast and you-tube

Optimize your posts to ensure that you are giving the best values

 Not getting enough ideas for content?Try to solve one problem and create a content out of it.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Social Media Presence 

Blogging in 2020. Solution Number Four-Don’t ignore SEO

What is On-page Optimization, and how do we do it? It’s an essential aspect, and don’t ignore it. Off-page SEO, backlinks are also relevant. However, on-page SEO can do wonders in terms of your SEO score.

Keep the most critical lines in the Heading one. Keep the sub-points in heading two. Let’s try to understand this website.

I will write Welcome to simplefactsonline — a perfect H1. Today we’ll talk about (Topic). The experts’ recommendation to keep the H2 like this. Other details will be in a paragraph if I make more subheadings. Then those will be for heading 3. Remember H2 will always come under H1.

For successful crawling, we need to provide more and more headlines.H1 big, and H2 means small. You can even make H1, H3 look the same by increasing their size.

Yoast SEO is a perfect plugin for WordPress SEO. This plugin will tell you about the quality of the content(headings, etc.). Keyword density, readability.Whether you’ve kept your focus keyword in the beginning or not. Focus keyword like I need to write a blog on red shoes. So red shoes will be my focus keyword. It’ll automatically recommend you to write your focus keyword.

Write catchy lines in the descriptions so that you will get more clicks.

Think about it whenever you search for something on google. You open the site after reading the description, right? If that description is not appealing, you won’t open it. Sometimes we don’t even open the page because we got our answers from the description itself.

Let’s talk about internal and external linking. Internal linking means that I am adding my links to other posts/pages. If I link different pages of my blog, Then chances are very high that the visitor will check the other contents. Website engagement will increase.

Another thing is external linking. Let’s say I wrote Digital Marketing, which has its meaning. How does google know? What am I trying to express about Digital marketing? So I can link any relevant article in my blog post. That is external linking. 

Solution Number Five-Don’t just sell, provide a solution

You are trying a lot. But results are not going in your way. Has this ever happened to you? It happens a lot when you overdo something. Remember it’s not okay to over-promote.

People are getting smarter every day. The moment they will realize that you are pitching something, there is a high possibility that they won’t return to your site.

So, here is the solution. Try to provide a solution, instead of selling.

For example, you are writing an affiliate article about a washing machine. Don’t just write a review and share your affiliate link. Try to make it a case study kind of content. People love case studies.

Solution Number Five-Don’t just be limited to blogs.

Competition is constantly increasing. Focusing on one thing can’t help you to create your brand awareness. Publish content in different mediums. It’s effortless.

Remember, I mentioned that I am doing the podcast. Which is a different medium than a blog?

So, how do I manage to get my contents for the podcast?

It’s easy to get content for your podcast.

All you need to do speak up your ideas.

The podcast market is growing day by day. This is the right time for you to start a podcast.

Do Visit  anchor.fm   And create your first podcast

Solution Number Six-Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

Try to address a problem and provide a practical solution to it. Ask your readers about what they want. Create a survey.

Always think about growing your blog. Keep thinking about new ideas. Keep on exploring the new things.

Remember, your blog isn’t just limited to only one URL. It is your brand.

I think it’s the passion that keeps you growing in blogging. At the same time, a long term goal always helps.

It’s not easy to make 💰 online. You have to work really hard, and at the same time, smart work also plays an important role in blogging.

Patience will be like the cherry on the top 🙂


Solution Number Seven-Follow the Basics

This may sound cliche, but it is essential to follow the basics. A blog requires a specific time to grow. You have to devote a lot of time into it. There are some basics that I talked about in one of my blogs Ad-Sense Approval Process.

If you are serious with your blog and want to improve the blog, then, follow these tips.

Expert Opinion

blogging in 2020
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Himanshu Ric. Fouder of techootech.com

Hello, My self Himanshu Ric. I am a full-time blogger and entrepreneur who also helps people to know more about making money online tips and tricks.

I have been building blogs and websites since 2017 when I was just 14 years old, and now I am only just 16 Years Old and have many blogs which are going good as well. In that time, I have launched several of my blogs and learn more and more about making money things about blogging in just a few years.

Now you guys think How it is possible in the Age of 15 or 16, So let me tell you guys whether you’re 12 or 16 It doesn’t matter because If you have working skills then you can achieve anything in your life .

So just Start Blogging Doesn’t matters what is your Age Just implement your self and set your goal which helps you in Future to be a Good Man/women.

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3. Get Instant Traffic on your blog. If you are Running your Blog and Didn’t get Traffic From long time Then, This Tricks is for you Because now every Professional Blogger is doing this to instant Traffic in less time called Ads Campaign. If you have some Money and Want instant Traffic on your blog then start running Facebook Ads Campaign, It helps you in Affiliate Marketing, or you want Promotion for Your brand.

There are many ads campaigns like Instagram Ads, Google Ad words But I only recommend you to go with Facebook ads if you wish to More Traffic or want to generate some sales in Affiliate Marketing Because in My Experience I find Facebook ads Better then anyone. Thank you Simplefactsonline, for featuring me on your blog to give this Comprehensive overview About make money online.

Thank you so much, Himanshu Ric, for your suggestions. This will help new bloggers. Do check Off-Page SEO: Full Guide

Final Thoughts

If you want to start a blog and establish your brand, then you should try the steps mentioned above. It will surely help you.

As you can see above, we only talked about the realistic steps that you can follow to grow your blog.

Blogging in 2020 can be an excellent mechanism to build your brand. But are you ready for it?

Share your thoughts in the comments. Join our Digital Marketing forum(A group by simplefactsonline) and get updated with recent trends of Digital Marketing, blogging, SEO and many more.

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21 thoughts on “[7] Preparations You Should Make Before Blogging In 2020”

  1. Chayan,

    Good to see your passion for helping new and upcoming bloggers, with your expertise. Your ideas are incredible and appropriate for beginners. Also, I did come across a few of your interviews with Santanu, Sumit, Navin Rao, etc. It’s exciting. Keep doing!

  2. I love that you are going beyond blogging into other channels Chayan. I broadcast live and even do a bit of podcasting as well to diversify things online. Multi media rocks big time for expanding your blogging success.


  3. Chayan,

    Good to see your preparation and blogging tips for 2020. Especially, I go with your point – don’t just get limited with the blog. As much as diversifying the promotional campaigns, higher and reliable the ROI will be either in terms of traffic, leads or sales too. Thanks for your incredible ideas.

  4. Hello Chayan,

    I work with a team that has different levels of expertise in terms of content marketing, which makes brainstorming more insightful. Running by ideas through different people helps you fine tune your posts and make it more relevant.

    Fiverr is just the right platform that an employer on the hunt for a freelancer needs. Many freelancers have been switching to Fiverr owing to the low fee it charges, which make hunting for freelance work a lot easier. Eventually, thanks for sharing your interesting experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  5. Hi Chayan,

    Great blog post. Google keeps releasing new updates on continuous basis. these algorithmic changes effect the traffic of the website. Being a website/blog owner who makes a living on the web, As blogging is getting harder day by day it is better to be prepared for the future than depending on the past knowledge. I agree with you that it is important that apart from blogging, it is important to create videos and also have YouTube channel. by doing so you will be able to diversify your traffic sources.

    Thanks once again for insightful blog post.


  6. Hey Chayan Chakrabarti,

    Great post with excellent blogging tips.Many thing to consider. I really like the post and especially the points that you have listed out. You have provided a great helping hand to those who are willing to grow their blog post. It is absolutely true that while we are creating a content then it should not totally rely on text based, whereas including videos and audio based content will also works well. Updating the old content by doing any suitable changes and modification will also helps a lot, whereas updating an old content will provide a new and fresh look to it. The old content could be
    updated by updating the headline and making it an eye-catchy, including more relevant images etc. Seo plays a crucial role, hence it is necessary that the content must be optimized for seo. Social media platform have become one of a great source to promote business, generate good relationships, increasing brand awareness and promoting the blog post. Social platforms provides us an opportunity to keep our blogs in front of a huge audiences. hence an incredible social media presence also matters a lot. Your all the suggested tips are effective to grow the blog post hence adopting these tips will be helpful and will absolutely helps to grow the blog.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  7. Great post Himanshu Ric… I just started a blog on technology to give insights to the user about all the tech buzz. I was looking to write and publish my 1st blog post and fortunately I came across this post which I found really helpful to craft my 1st and further posts. With this I think I would be able to write more appealing post for upcoming audience. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge in such a great manner.

  8. Your blog is so great and it is very effective. I love how you put things down in a simple and fun way.

    Best Wishes
    Abhijit C.


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