Do You Follow Or Ignore Blogging Inspiration?

NYC time.

OK; even though I am in New Jersey, we are in the same time zone, being a short, 40 minutes bus ride from NYC.

I am writing my second guest post of the day. Why?

Inspiration struck. I woke up energized. For the past week, I’ve been doing 40 to 50 minutes of Kriya yoga daily, in addition to the 2-3 hours, I spend meditating, doing yin yoga, exercising, and yes, spending 40 seconds in an icy cold shower.

When energy flows, you better honor it. Energy flowing usually manifests as inspirational blogging ideas that knock on your mind’s door at any moment.

Either follow the inspiration, move into action on the idea and position yourself to succeed. Or ignore blogging inspiration and fail. You choose.

Beware Talking Yourself out of Blogging Success

I wrote one guest post at 4 AM and this guest post for Chayan because the Universe loves bloggers who take inspired action the split-second ideas arise in consciousness

Of course, I write and publish 5-6 guest posts daily. Toss in publishing 5 posts daily on Blogging From Paradise – between video, podcast, and articles – and you have a kinda prolific guy.

So no, I do not talk myself out of blogging success.

But imagine if I struggled to drive 5 people daily to my blog.

Picture me waking at 4 AM with a blog post idea hammering my brain, knocking on my mind’s door, like a jackhammer pounding the street.

That idea needs to be acted on! NOW! Inspiration works like that; it does not stick around for long.

Most bloggers completely ignore such inspirational ideas or talk themselves out of acting on the idea.

Too tired. You’ll record the idea tomorrow. Maybe you’ll write the blog post next weekend. Yeah; put it off.

Can you see why most bloggers never live their dreams?

Most bloggers ignore the specific ideas they need to act on RIGHT NOW to live their dreams, or to position themselves to live their dreams.

Bloggers seem so filled with fear that loving, profitable, prospering ideas feel alien to them, or, feel like, pipe dreams.

Guys; if I can share one thing with you after being a pro blogger for 10 years, it is this: the Universe absolutely loves speed.

The split second you get a cool blog post idea, write the title down in your back office immediately.

Better yet; write the post. Everything else can wait.

Unless you are at your 9-5 job or driving, give yourself some time to at least write the blog post outline.

I circle the globe as an island-hopping blogger living in absolute paradises because I act immediately on inspired ideas. No delays. No hesitating. I never talk myself out of inspired ideas.

I could have said to myself at 4:00 AM; “Hey, it’s the middle of the night. I need my sleep. I’ll write the blog post tomorrow.”

But tomorrow is too late because right now, the idea screams at me, like a Banshee in a horror movie.

Strike while the iron is hot. Make hay while the sun is shining. Guaranteed, you will outshine virtually all bloggers in your niche because most feel so weighed down with fear that they rarely if ever act on inspirational ideas immediately.

You will sprint past these folks with their feet stuck in concrete. Of course, you’ll run laps around most bloggers; bloggers who act on inspired ideas immediately are like world-class sprinters.

Meanwhile, the majority of bloggers who put off acting on inspired ideas, try to run wearing cinder blocks on their feet.

Blogging feels scary sometimes because inspired ideas pull you outside of your comfort zone.

I feel energized now but know a full workday awaits me in about 6 hours.

Oh well. Such is blogging success, fun, freedom and the dream life I chose for myself.

Act inspired! NOW! Do not wait, hesitate or ruminate on inspired ideas.

The more quickly you act on inspiration the more quickly you lay a successful blogging foundation.


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