Do Skilled Writers Earn the Most Money through Blogging?


Skilled writers are skilled writers.

Bloggers who earn the most profits simply get clear on receiving money.

I see highly skilled writers who put me in my place writing-wise – I admit it – make peanuts to zero dollars through their blogs. I respect their writing skills but know their money fears guarantee their financial failure on the blogging front. Skilled writers position themselves to make money blogging but writing is a different skill than making money through your blog.

Think of it this way; if you practice writing but never learn how to sell your products and services, you cannot make money blogging. But if you are a mediocre writer with a money mindset you will make a pretty penny through blogging. I recall observing a 6 figure blogger nearly 10 years ago when I began blogging. I fell stunned. He peppered his writing with grammar errors. Typos seemed prevalent. How did this dude make 6 figures? He highly developed his money consciousness.

He grew a massive, loyal tribe who bought his stuff and hired him because he thought, felt and behaved like a super rich blogger. Feel rich. Act rich. Receive riches. Even if you do not write particularly well you will make a ton of dough by developing your prosperity consciousness.

Park Your Ego at the Curb

I recall thinking as a penniless blogger a decade ago how even newbie me wrote better than many top earning bloggers. I soon learned how happy, wealthy bloggers park their ego at the curb and stop judging bloggers, proceeding to work with these top pros.

Never be foolish enough to equate your writing skills with blogging income. I have seen bloggers who have a dash of Hemingway in them go completely broke, making 0 dollars through blogging. I have seen simple, clear but plain-sounding writers make 7 figures through blogging. Making money is a completely different skill than writing well. Do you want to become a full time blogger? Practice writing to become a skilled writer but first and foremost, be super generous, trust in yourself, trust in the process and develop your prosperity consciousness.

Release money freely; even if doing so feels uncomfortable. Appreciate your money. Charge progressively higher rates for your products and services as your skill set grows. Stop trying to squeeze money out of every interaction with people online. Help as many people as possible daily. Promote other bloggers.

Never Ignore Honing Your Writing Skills

I strongly suggest you practice writing to own your skills. Being a skilled writer does position you to earn money but it is one of many factors in the blogging profits game. Never correlate how well you write with how much you earn. Money is in consciousness. Feeling rich precedes being rich precedes becoming rich. Blogging money flows to abundant, generous, trusting bloggers who help people all day long, who open multiple sources of income and who promote the heck out of themselves on a daily basis.

Money flows to bloggers who help people freely, trust in the process and increase their skills and exposure to the point where the credibility they earn boosts their blogging profits.

Example; people buy my eBook:

13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine

.because I gained credibility as a networker. Bloggers trust my networking advice based on the content I publish and size of my network. But most of all, I do not stop promoting my eBooks and courses. My eBook and course links show up in a gazillion places daily because of my abundant, persistent, consistent mindset. Whether I am a super skilled writer or not, people are buying my stuff.

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Ryan Biddulph
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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 eBooks, courses, audio books, paperbacks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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2 thoughts on “Do Skilled Writers Earn the Most Money through Blogging?”

  1. Chayan,

    From my prospective blogging is a opportunity to share your knowledge with masses but if you surrounds with money it may be bound your knowledge level.

    Trust is significant part of overall blogging process, we should always try to loyal with our work and people too. Eventually, thanks for motivating us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  2. Becoming successful in blogging is definitely more about your ability to build relationships and promote your site properly rather than simply writing and hoping people pick it up. Blogging success takes hard work, far beyond your ability to write. I agree that you should never stop working to improve your writing, but the focus should be more on adding value for your readers, building relationships with other bloggers and influencers, promoting your blog on social media and other channels, etc. If you become good at those things, that’s where blogging success comes in.


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