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How to use Google keyword planner: Keyword research is the first step for writing SEO optimized articles and good quality content.

It’s the keyword research that helps you to find targeted keywords on which you want to create content around and rank for top rankings in search engines.

Even most bloggers know the power of Keyword research, which is why they spend a three digit amount every year on keyword research tools.

But when the word comes out for keyword research, most bloggers forget to use the most powerful keyword research tool from google itself.

And the best part is it’s totally FREE!

Which is Google Keyword Planner, previously known as Google Keyword Tool.

Google Keyword planners is the most trusted and accurate data-provided tool that google shows us via their keyword planner.

Even keyword research tools get their data from Google to show the users but all they did differently was their data showing format and use of ease.

Basically this tool is made by google for advertisers so they can find keywords for their ad and cpc bidding strategy.

But we as bloggers can use it for keyword research,

In Google Keyword planner every keyword that you searched shows the keyword’s 

  • volume for every month, 
  • competition 
  • CPC- cost per click (get the money information behind it)

You can use filter results to see your desired keyword data.

But the problem is most newbie bloggers don’t know how to use Google keyword planner for free keyword research and get the most out of it.

That’s why I decided to write this article on which I will show you how you can use Google keyword planner to find keywords with high search volume and low competition.

What you learn in this article,

  • How to access Google Keyword Planner
  • How to use Google Keyword Planner
  • What is the best method for you to do Keyword research?
  • How to filter and sort out results
  • Get keywords exact search volume
  • Get Keywords list out of your competitors’ links
  • Finding top Questions related to your keyword- searched by people on google

So let’s get started!

How To Access Google Keyword Planner?

google keyword planner
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Use of Google keyword planner id free of cost.

To use this tool, you will need to access GoogleAds via your google account.

That’s easy just head over to- GoogleAds and login with your gmail – email id.

Please sign up for a new gmail account if you don’t have one.

After logging in, click on the tools and settings.

google keyword planner
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On the left side under planning, you will see keyword planner, just click on it.

google keyword planner
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That’s all you successfully accessed Google Keyword Planner too

Quick Navigation

How to use Google Keyword Planner

After clicking on Keyword planner, here you will find two different options. “Discover New Keywords” and “Get search volume and forecasts”

google keyword planner
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  1. Discover New Keywords

google keyword planner
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This will help you to discover new keyword ideas that are related to your search query or main keyword.

  1. Get search volume and forecasts for your keywords

This feature is just helpful when you already have a list of keywords and want to know their search volume.

google keyword planner
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But here’s a catch: no matter which feature you use, you will end up on the same place – keywords results page.

Like different paths for the same destination.

However, what is the best method for you to do Keyword research?

To do keyword research from scratch we will start with Discover New Keywords.

As I told you above, for using the second option we need a keywords list.

So click on the 1st option of keyword planner which is Discover new keywords and enter your keyword ideas that you have.

As a result, you will see every keyword that is related to your Keyword idea.

Their search volume, competition, and CPC.

Let’s understand with an instance,

For example, I entered here “Blogging”

google keyword planner
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After a few seconds, results appear with related keywords to “blogging”.

Below your searched keyword, GKP also suggests some keywords from it’s database to broaden your search.

This is very helpful if you are lacking ideas on your main keywords.

Google Keyword Planner
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Tip: You can also enter multiple keywords by putting comma (,) after each one at the same time.

google keyword planner
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How To Filter And Sort Out Results?

You can use filters to find more specific keywords like low competition with high cpc, language and specific location wise keywords, seasonal keywords etc.

After getting the keywords result page, you can choose the keywords that are fitting for your keyword research criteria by sorting them using filters.

Here’s what type of filters you are getting in Google keyword planner.

On the top of the page you can see  four aspects available on which you can change your keywords results.

google keyword planner
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1. Location- Filter keywords country wise

google keyword planner
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2. Language- Get keywords data to a specific language region

google keyword planner
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  1. Search networks- You can select results from only Google or Google with search partners (my suggestion: select second: google with search partners)

4. Date range- You can select this filter to get results in a specific time period like in the image below August month selected.

google keyword planner
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Moving to below the result page, you will see “Add Filter” features, which provides amazing filter options to sort out the list.

google keyword planner
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Let me go through everyone so you can understand the function of every filter better.

Note: I will only cover filters that will help you in keyword research because many of them for ad publishers. Describing them only confuses beginners.


Keyword filter lets you get the results list with keywords containing the word that you entered in this filter.

For example, in your results list you want to see only keywords that contain SEO then just enter “SEO word” in this filter and apply.

Boom! Now all the keywords in the result list contain SEO words.

google keyword planner
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You can also use this feature to filter the list that doesn’t contain your entered words.


Want to get only low competition keywords list, then this is the filter you need to use.

google keyword planner
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Avg. search volume

By clicking on this filter you will get all the keywords with high search volume.

google keyword planner
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And if you click once again, you will get all low volume keywords.

google keyword planner
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Top of Page Bid

This filter will help you to find high CPC (cost per click) keywords.

google keyword planner
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Basically this filter for ad publishers to get the bidding amount idea of the keywords but bloggers can also use it to get high CPC keywords.

click on “high range”, and fill the amount then all the keywords with high cpc will appear with above your entered amount.

google keyword planner
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“Low range” will show the opposite.

That’s all the filter you will need as a blogger to keyword research with Google keyword planner tool.

Let’s see filters in action with example,

I got the result page with all the keywords related to my main keyword “blogging”

But I want a list of keywords with high search volume cpc above 100 rupee with low volume.

So I filtered the list with my specific requirements and clicked on apply.

Vola! Here’s the results!

google keyword planner
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01) Get Keywords Exact Search Volume

Most bloggers are frustrated to use this GKP because it does not show the exact search volume of keywords like other keyword research tools in the market.

But what if I told you there’s a way to get exact volume.

Feeling excited!, 

Here’s the hack in 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Select the keywords which you want to get the exact search volume.

google keyword planner
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Step 2. Choose “Exact Match” and click on add keywords.

google keyword planner
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This step will add keywords in plan.

Step 3. Click on “Plan Overview” on side menu

google keyword planner
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That’s all you will get the exact results, plus more amazing data of selected keywords.

google keyword planner
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  • Exact impressions and clicks
  • Forecast for the next year about getting clicks
  • Devices on which these keywords searched most
  • And data location wise 

Google keyword planner is definitely the most amazing yet free keyword research tool, If we know how to use it.

Get Keywords List Out Of Your Competitors’s Links

Did you know?

By using Google Keyword planner you can also steal keywords from your competitors posts or top ranking posts.

Sounds interesting isn’t it.

With alone this trick you never need to do keyword research from scratch because your competitors already did.

Now, you have to steal them.

And trust with this you not only get your competitors keywords, plus you don’t need any other paid keyword research tool.

Here’s how,

Go to “Discover new keywords”

But this time instead of start with keywords we select “Start With A Website

On the search area, enter competitor’s post link and below select “Use only this page

And click on “Get Results”.

That’s all, you will get all the keywords and their data which your competitor’s post consists of.

For example, while I was doing keyword research for this article I found that Quicksprout ranking on top position as my competitor.

So I copied their post link and paste on Google keyword planner for keywords that they researched to make my work easy.

Here’s the results.

google keyword planner
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Now only I need to filter them until I’m satisfied.

See how easy keyword research is this way.

Finding Top Questions Related To Your Keyword- Searched By People On Google

Okay, you want to know the top searched question by users on google related to your main keyword.

May it’s because you wanna get content ideas or add FAQ sections or whatever the reason.

The point is you don’t need a separate tool for this.

Like I said, Google keyword planner is the most amazing free keyword research tool, All you need to learn how to use it.

Filter > Keyword text > contains > enter one of the following: who, what, why, when, where, how.

This will show all the keywords containing these question words related to your main keywords.

Don’t Forget To Watch This Video Guide

Over To You

I hope this article helped you to know the usage of Google keyword planner for free keyword research.

Now it’s your time to use GKP to find profitable keywords with high search volume and low competition for your articles.

And don’t forget to share your thoughts on Google keyword planner.

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  1. Hello Chayan Sir,

    I am a Newbie Blogger From Nepal. I am following your blog since 2 months. and i have learned manythings from this blog. This Article is Too Informative. Thanks 4 This.

  2. Hello Chayan and Basant,

    It is amazing post on keywords research with Google Keywords Planner. Initially I have used it but unfortunately I leave this and shifted to SemRush. Because SemRush gives more in-depth data an package of all in one SEO tools.

    BTW Google Keywords Planner is best and free tool to keywords research for all who can’t afford SemRush.

    Thanks for sharing such informative and detailed article which is well crafted and step by step guide.


  3. Wonderful guide on Google Keyword Planner, Chayan. It’s an excellent tool, it’s free and blow out of the water most paid alternatives.
    I learned a lot and will try out your tips tomorrow (it’s getting late here:)).

    I’ll let you know how I did,

  4. Hi Chayan,

    There are many popular tools available like Ahref & Semrush for keyword research but most of the people especially beginners ignore Google Keyword Planner and they don’t know that, this is one of the most powerful and free keyword research tool. Thanks for sharing this post.

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