Are You A Small Scale Businessmen? Here’s How You Launch Your Product During The Lockdown

2020 has been nothing but a nightmare for humans, animals, and the worldwide economy in general.

The coronavirus pandemic and a complete global lockdown have been pretty challenging for every one of us.

However, on a positive note, the year taught us the required alternatives for our usual routine. 

Businesses, whether small or large, are implementing numerous efficient tactics to stay active amid the crisis.

If you are a small scale businessperson and looking to launch your product during the lockdown, this article is just for you. 

Here, we will mention some of the practical tips and tactics you can use to launch your product and keep your business afloat during this time of lockdown. 

7 Tips To Launch Your Business Product During Lockdown

To begin with, you need to be consistent as well as dedicated to your business. Every single effort you put in at present will provide effective results for your venture. 

launch your product during lockdown
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As per the current situation, here are some of the best tips that can be followed to launch your business product during the lockdown successfully.

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Do Not Jump Into Sales

As coronavirus spreads across the world, it’s essential to keep certain factors in mind. You cannot be selfish and jump to sales directly, to be honest. This would throw a terrible impression on your customers. 

Thus, you can help or support customers with the crisis through the product you are going to launch. You can also let them know about the support you provided to frontline workers and the government to help with the virus. 

This will not only create a great impression on your audience, but it will also build up your brand image in the future. 

Create Promos For The Product

One of the efficient ways to promote your product is by creating a good advertisement for it.

Advertising in the form of short videos has a lot of benefits combined with it. They are known to enhance brand awareness, provide customer traffic, render more profit and sales, improve marketing focus, and help the clients make quick decisions. 

However, your promo needs to be promising in nature. An engaging promo can quickly increase the chances of your product getting more recognition. 

Such factors will certainly look appealing to your audience. You can also use a promo video maker to do the same. They consist of all the necessary features to create an attractive promo video for the product. 

Organize a Virtual Product Launch

Recently, the number of active users on the Internet has increased due to the pandemic. With a robust online engagement with customers worldwide, you can use social media as an excellent platform to launch your product. 

Launch your Product During Lockdown
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Not only is it going to show your dedication towards work but also show the efforts you have put in regardless of the crisis. You can go live on Facebook or make an IGTV video on Instagram to attain the same.

Besides, you can also organize contests for participation and prizes for winners. This will surely help you get more involvement than any other launch session that you might have followed in regular days. 

Do Not Move Away From Your Primary Goal

While the situation is tough for a lot of us, it’s undoubtedly crucial for you to stay focused on your primary goal. Even the more prominent names are suffering from the crisis. 

However, just like them, you have to be dedicated to your goals. Make sure to implement diverse tactics to make your product promising among the buyers. 

The current lockdown scenario should not stop you from launching your product. Develop your digital marketing strategies to reach your targeted customers. 

Make videos through different platforms like slideshow maker, to create an efficient advertisement. It’s time for you to be consistent with your work and not back off by any means. 

Customize Your Services

The situation that has occurred due to the Coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly different from what we go through on regular days.

Thus, being a marketer, you need to reconsider the services you are providing to your clients. A lot of things have currently changed, and the chances are that your customer needs are one of them. 

You can step up your marketing tactics by only including factors that would work. This involves applying changes to the services, extending the trial period, or transforming the price range. 

Like every other factor, creating relevant content is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to connect with customers.

Thus, you can customize the contents and present them according to your customers’ demands and requirements. 

Increase Your Online Presence

As internet connectivity and smartphones have become more prevalent today, the online presence of each individual has taken a surge.

Moreover, the lockdown has increased screen time for both individuals and businesses. 

Thus, the best way to launch your product is by doing it online. In addition to that, brands need to upgrade themselves and build up their online presence.

For any business, it is essential to be active online. 

To do so, you can implement different techniques like more efforts on your social media handles, upgrading your social media content, or indulging your customer into a virtual fun activity from time to time. 

Pay Attention To Other Factors

Now that the nation has undergone a complete lockdown and we have comparatively more time in hand, it’s best to utilize it. Thus, you can use some efficient tactics before your product launches for a promising outcome. 

Try to focus on things that need more enhancement than usual. Here, we have mentioned some of the areas that might require your attention to deliver promising results. 

  • Implementation of proper SEO tactics on your website
  • Acquiring a CRM system so that you can stand stronger during your selling time.
  • Enhancing your content marketing strategy and checking whether the content you are posting is relevant for your business aims or not.
  • Rendering efficient website tracking and checking if it matches the goals of the organization.

The more you renovate your website and social media handles, the better it will be for your product launch. Focusing on these factors can impact your business positively with excellent results.


To summarize, the above tips can help you to successfully launch your brand and build your business during this pandemic. The list involves distinct modes of marketing, advertising, as well as up-gradation. 

Enhancing your social media handles and upgrading your content can surely do wonders for your product launch and the brand in particular. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to be regular with your implementations. 

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