Pro Blogging Mindset Every Pro Started as a Beginner

 “Ryan… make it look so easy!”

Some bloggers make this observation. I appear to do things easily now.

10 years ago, I struggled horribly because I had no experience, practice or skills. I doubted myself.

I doubted my blog. I wanted to quit blogging 2 days after buying my domain and hosting. But I saw the journey through and here I am today, circling the globe as a professional blogger.

Guys; I know how easy it feels to assume pro bloggers always took an easy, effortless path to succeed but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Never assume pro bloggers had it easy because most pros faced obstacles 10 times harder than the obstacles you face now to BECOME pro bloggers. All the fears you fear facing, pros had to face, to succeed.

Plus, pros had to face even deeper fears and bigger obstacles to become successful, established, professional bloggers.

All Pros Start at Zero

Did you ever think about that? All pros start at zero. Every single professional blogger had 0 page views, 0 visitors, and 0 profits before starting their blog because every human being starts at zero before becoming a hero.

Every blogger has no visitors and no profits through a new blog because it is impossible to get 1 visitor or 1 cent before the domain name appears online. Ever thought that one through?

If you never blogged before, and have zero blog traffic, and zero blogging profits, and no blogger experience, and no blogging skills, and no blogging practice, how good do you expect to be, in blogging?

Pretty bad, right? Sure. We all struggle as newbies. Every blogger who blogs professionally now once had no blogging experience and no blogging practice. My writing sucked 10 years ago because I never practiced writing for a blog. My video presence sucked because I never filmed a video of myself speaking to a camera.

10 years ago, you never would have said, “Ryan….you make it look so easy!” But you would have said, “Ryan….you are terrible!”

The same human being. Same guy. But I practiced blogging for 10,000 to 20,000 hours between being terrible, scared and inexperienced to making blogging look easy.

I bridged the gap between terrible at blogging and skilled at blogging by spending 10,000 to 20,000 hours of my life blogging. Of course, blogging feels pretty easy to me now; do something for 10,000 plus hours, and you become highly skilled in that area.

But if you foolishly assume I skipped my struggling beginner days and coasted seamlessly and easily to becoming a skilled, confident blogger, you will make the terrible mistake of believing you do not have what it takes to blog successfully, because you are not a natural, like me.

Based on these assumptions, you do not even bother practicing blogging, never putting in your 10,000 blogging hours, and you struggle, fail and quit, falling into obscurity as another blogger bites the dust.

Almost every pro blogger you envy lived a much more difficult life than you live now because the top bloggers need to go through, feel and experience the deepest fears, to become top bloggers. Stop assuming pro bloggers blogged on easy street for 10 years and start putting in your 10,000 hours of blogging to become a blogging master, and you will be just like the top pro blogger that you envy.

Do you know what separates you from top pro bloggers? 7000 to 10,000 hours of blogging work. That’s it. Pros began as struggling newbies just like every single blogger who ever blogged. But the top pros simply saw the journey through on their way to becoming successful.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 plus eBooks, course, audiobooks, paperbacks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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8 thoughts on “Pro Blogging Mindset Every Pro Started as a Beginner”

  1. I am awestruck with your beginner’s days and with your present days. May the glory be with you and make you conquer the world of blogging #continuemotivating this really helps beginners like me to feel positive and continue the journey of Blogging.

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome Thought Ryan, I too feel the same.

    Being a newbie in Blogging I also have the same feeling like how pros do it, but then after looking at it as the long term strategy, I realize that blogging is a long term process than a Quick Rich scheme.

    We need to be developing skills like content writing, Networking, and all the other works needed inorder to be succeeding and being successful at blogging.

    Just like any other skills, Blogging is a skill and it requires Just 10,000 hours of work as you stated in the blog post.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome though with us 😊

  3. Thanks for sharing amazing inspiring post Ryan.

    100 % agree with you. We need to put so much time and effort to make it easy and successful.

    I still remember one of your advice you wrote in Quora answer- ” write daily 1000 words and just delete”.

    Thanks Again ❤️

  4. Hey Ryan & Chayan,

    In world of blogging every one to struggle because it provide you experience. And worthy experience will help you to get success here.

    You have said correct that every one at their initial phase – beginner. But it depends upon you and your strategies at what time you will become pro. Thank for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar


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