Why Help Bloggers For Free? Tips You Need To Learn Now!

Every single cent I made online flowed from helping bloggers for free.

Every single cent you make online flows from helping bloggers for free.

Does that sell you? As to why you should help bloggers for free? All content you create and connections you make via social media and blog commenting set you up to receive blogging income. Although you can invest in paid marketing methods to earn a profit, helping people for free boosts your credibility, increases your blogging skills, expands your exposure and sets a profitable blogging table, for you.

Every single dollar I made over my 10 years as a pro blogger flowed to me because I wrote blog posts, guest posts and broadcast live on Facebook. I made money because I made free content. I also podcast and blog comment and talk to blogging buddies on Twitter and email my readers, all helping people for free. Helping people for free allows you to help people for pay. Why? Imagine how skilled you get and how much exposure you gain by helping a gazillion people for free? Let’s see; you appear to be everywhere, plus you are super skilled after writing and publishing 400 guest posts, so people see you as an authority and buy your course or eBook.

See why it only helps you to help people for free?

Gary Vaynerchuk explained how doing 2000 free interviews with folks on YouTube helped position him to become the icon he is today. Now THAT is helping a lot of people, for free. Can you understand why he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, now? When he was not nearly as wealthy, he was still serving people like a billionaire. You BE, then you BECOME.

Important Note

Be generous with others but be equally generous with yourself. You cannot help EVERYBODY for free ONLY or else you will never build a viable blogging business. Offer people helpful content in the form of premium courses and eBooks to increase your cash flow while serving folks. But do keep helping people for free, too, to boost cash flow.

I never self-publish an eBook and sit there, watching the eBook collect cyber dust. I promote the living hell out of these things by publishing 10 or more posts daily – between blog posts and guest posts – to help people for free and to give my courses and eBooks and blog and brand exposure across all types of online channels.

I do not play around. Being generous helps you become super skilled in a billion spots. Being super skilled in a billion spots helps you get paid, as people buy your stuff and hire you when you become a respected, credible, known commodity in your blogging niche.

How to Help People for Free

Publish posts to your blog. Guest post. Blog comment; genuinely. Promote other bloggers. Record a podcast, and publish that sucker. Broadcast live on Facebook. Record and upload a video to YouTube. Keep helping people for free. People see your skilled, credible self in a gazillion spots. Big time blogging traffic and profits await you.

Do not panic, though. Most bloggers help people for free with 5 or 10 blog posts, see no profits, panic, quit and it is over. Most bloggers suffer from exposure problems because most bloggers panic when they see zero profits, being generous for a few weeks or months, then, bailing. Do not be like these folks. Keep helping people for free and you will soon begin to help people for pay.


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Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 plus eBooks, 2 blogging courses, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

10 thoughts on “Why Help Bloggers For Free? Tips You Need To Learn Now!”

  1. Hi,
    great work and lovely writing. I seriously admire the way how well you write and communicate with people.
    Lastly, the lines which you have mentioned in your blog about helping others for free but be generous to yourself towards earning is really great.
    I should certainly not quit very easily as at times I do feel like giving up very easily. This post has surely given me motivation
    Kudos to the team and for this lovely post.

  2. A great read today and you are really a great blogger Ryan Bro. I am Myilraj.G, reading your post here and the admin Chayan had done a very nice job. Really, helping others for free will put us in a place where everyone can see us. Instead of just asking money for consulting, suggesting will make us go away in this crowd. This post says how much you are involved in your passion. Thanks for the Great writing again.

  3. Hi Ryan,
    Nice to see you on Chayan’s blog writing for free 🙂
    You are right helping others and connecting does help ourselves as well. Being involved and help to solve problems makes skillful. Also the more we write the better we get.
    People learn to know and trust and get interested in what you have to offer even if it is not free because you proved already your knowledge with your ability to help.
    In our time not many do help for free, most people expect something in return or pay. But this is not the right mindset and will not bring the results you write about.
    Helping people for free is giving, and only if we give freely it will come back to us. “The law of prosperity is generosity. If you want more, give more.” Bob Proctor
    Thank you

  4. Hey Ryan & Chayan,

    Indeed, we should really generous with others – It has overall good impact on your character. It will helps you to gain healthy relationship with mass.

    Podcast gaining day by day engagement, you know people like podcast due to its simplicity to understand whole topic in less time.

    In world of blogging, if you are successful to craft a well helping and problem solving content, this will help you to make your face in lime light. Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar


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