5 Benefits Of Guest Posting That Can Grow Your Blog Faster

You have landed on this page to know about the benefits of guest posting.

Hell yeah! You have come through the correct URL. You have started a blog; Now you want to get your blog known and recognized by the pro bloggers, you want to establish your authority online.

Then the guest posting is the key. In this content, you will have a vast idea about guest posting. 

This is my first guest posting on the SimpleFactsOnline . I have started this fantastic task because I have come to know there is some extreme usefulness of guest posting. I will try to elaborate on the benefits of guest posting that can grow your blog faster. 

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is publishing your content on other websites or blogs.

It’s a great strategy to get the opportunity to connect new users and make yourself known to others. 

When you are thinking of guest posting, make sure that the website you are posting your content should be in your niche.

If you are trying to post to a blog or website that is irrelevant to your blogging niche, you are going to get some traffic, but they won’t add any value to you. 

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Benefits Of Guest Posting

Guest posting is well known for establishing a strong footprint over the internet among the same niche.

Bloggers and internet marketers are insanely looking for high-quality sites to post their guest posting.

Many websites offer this opportunity for free, whereas maximum high DA sites do charge for publishing guest posting.

The point is why people are desperately looking to publish their best articles on other sites.

Here is the twist, my friend. I will try to figure that out by the following points.

01) Backlinks

One of the most amazing benefits of guest posting is having backlinks.

Yes, my friend backlink is playing a vital role in this link building strategy.

Earning backlink has a significant impact on SEO.

If many blogs refer to one website, Google appreciates the site. It becomes easy to rank for that website.

Backlinks play an essential role in search engines and search intent.

It helps to determine which of the relevant article should be ranked.

Google understands your item is authentic because many of the high domain authority sites are referring Google to your site.

02) Increase Traffic

Backlinks are the most critical factors you will need to rank your website.

If your website ranks, the website traffic will increase.

But to increase traffic, you have to keep in mind that you are posting on the blog that is relevant to your niche.

A visitor visits a site because he wants his desired information to collect.

Only when the visitor jumps from one website to another if he finds the site relevant to his query. 

So, Targeting the same niche website means you are targeting your categorized audience.

If you are guest posting on irrelevant niche sites, you may get traffic, but you will not be able to increase conversions.

For example, I am running a blogging niche blog, where I share blogging tips to help newbie bloggers.

I have posted an article on a fitness blog about “how to lose weight in a month.” People loved my article.

They are looking for some more tips and visits my blog to know more about fitness.

But I am running a blogging niche site, not a fitness blog. Will it add value to my blog? Of course not!

They will visit your site for the first time, and last time if they find your site is irrelevant to their purpose because they have visited my blog to get some fitness tips, not blogging tips. 

So, my recommendation to you.

Don’t invest your time and afford something that will not be useful for you; put double afford for something that will be good for you. 

03) Increase Subscribers

Sounds juicy, ha? Yeah, I know, dude! You have successfully built backlinks; your traffic has increased; the expectation of rising subscribers is not a sin now, buddy.

This is possible when your audience will love your article.

If you can make them fond of you, they are going to subscribe to your blog for sure.

Now the point is why your readers will love your article?

Why will they subscribe to your blog to stay updated about the latest newsletter?

It is possible when they will find answers they are looking for.

So, I recommend you to do guest posting, when you have made your blog resourceful enough.

04) Great Connection With The Blog Owner

Guest posting creates a bonding between the poster and the blog owner.

It helps to establish a long term good relationship. If you can provide creative and in-depth content for the blog owner, they will undoubtedly want you to work with them more.

This is a good practice for both parties. Google loves it when many websites refer to one site. 

 I have seen there is an excellent relationship between Ryan and Chayan.

They are posting on one’s blog and helping each other to grow.

Actually, I was inspired by them.

This is the only way where you can work with the Word’s pro bloggers efficiently if you want and capable of. Like now, Chayan is working with Ryan Biddulph.

05) Build Your Authority

If you want to build your authority online, you should post on a blog that has good fame on the market.

People have faith in them because they provide the correct information to them.

They are well known for their knowledge and skills.

When they refer their readers to your blog, the readers will start trusting you, and you will be able to build your authority online.

If you are going to post your article on a website that has a bad impression, you’re going to destroy your brand image.

So, this is very crucial for you to choose an authority site.

Your authority will depend on the type of sites you are going to post your article.

Wrapping Up

You’re thinking of starting your guest posting from tomorrow.

Yeah, the benefits are so amazing and will help you insanely to grow your business.

But there is a simple trick you should follow. Don’t try for the Pro Bloggers from day one to post your article.

Sometimes it works trying at the first attempt. But the maximum time it does not!

All you need to do is start writing for the blogger who has a great connection with you, and they have good fame as authentic bloggers.

Then send the sample of your works to the pro bloggers you want to work with.

They may accept your request. Once you are on their blog, trust me, you are going to enjoy the above benefits of guest posting.

These are some of the fantastic benefits of guest posting that can help you and your blog faster. I hope you have loved this article. Don’t hesitate to share with your blogging buddies then.

Sayem Ibn Kashem
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Sayem Ibn Kashem

Sayem Ibn Kashem is a passionate blogger who helps newbie bloggers to grow like a pro by sharing effective blogging tips, SEO hacks, and affiliate marketing tricks.

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9 thoughts on “5 Benefits Of Guest Posting That Can Grow Your Blog Faster”

  1. Hello Sayem & Chayan,

    Great and very informative post. Guest posting is one of the best and natural ways to make backlinks. It also help you to build authority online. Today bloggers are using this for building backlinks and authority online. Great tips you have shared here.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. I really appreciate your efforts in posting a valuable blog. Yes I agree that guest blogging do gives results but at the same time, you need to make sure that whatever you are writing is relevant. By understanding your guidelines I have understood the mistakes which have to be ignored.

  3. Hey Vishwajeet Brother,

    Thanks brother for your valuable feedback. I am glad you have loved this content. Keep sharing your valuable feedback and keep inspiring like this.

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

  4. Hey Chayan and Sayem ,

    Great post with good information. You have described the benefits of doing guest posting very well.

    Guest-posting is one of an effective way to increase website traffic, generate backlinks and to build an authority. Guest-posting provides us an opportunity to get connect with other great bloggers by sharing our ideas and knowledge and will also build trust upto some limit. I totally agree with your each and every benefits that you have included on your post.

    Truly informative post and thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Sayem & Chayan,

    Awesome and informative post.

    Many thanks for sharing this with us and making the concept more clear. Yes, well explained Sayem, guest posting is one of the best way to make backlinks, getting the opportunity to connect with new users and make yourself known to others.

    Today many bloggers are using this for creating backlinks, increasing traffic, making connection with the blog owner and yes building their own authority. This article is definitely going to help many new bloggers. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

    Thanks & Regards,


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