The Ultimate Guide To Do Guest Blogging Effectively

Are You Ready To Explore The Guest Blogging Secrets?

If you have started your blogging career, then you must have heard about guest blogging, and you may also know many guest bloggers.

But what is Guest Blogging Secrets? Let’s Discuss Now.

 You’ve heard of Guest Blogging in someone’s SEO lecture. SEO experts describe it many times that you should do Guest blogging on high authorized websites to get quality backlinks. 

 Guest blogging helps when you have a brand new blog. I also suggest you the same, to do the guest post (blogging) because it not only gives you quality backlinks but also sends some interested readers to your blog. 

The readers who have been sent to you will be genuine readers of your blog as they are impressed with your work.

Thus, you must know everything related to it, which would be very important for you. This post will help you to start your guest blogging journey; it will help you to do guest blogging effectively so you can earn quality back-links for your blog.

Basics Of Guest Blogging Secrets

Guest Blogging Is No More Secret In 2020. Guest blogging is a vital SEO Strategy in which you write a blog post on someone else’s website (or third party website) to promote your brand.

Guest blogging or a guest posting provides you with high authorized backlinks as well as some genuine audience to your site, which had been impressed by your work on someone other’s blog where you published a guest post.

Those particular readers or audiences will now help you in growing your blog.

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Why is Guest Blogging Important?

Guest Blogging is essential for your website, as it promotes your blog. It is even more crucial if you are a new blogger and trying to rank your site.

Pro tip: You should always choose a significant authorized and a well-rated website to do your Guest Posts. There should be 0% Spam in that third party blog.

 A high authorized guest post accepting blog will give you quality backlinks, and you already know that the backlinks are the backbone of SEO.

The importance of Guest Blogging is not only limited to backlinks but also some different factors like – Branding, Authority, Trust, Traffic, etc.

 Let me describe to you all these factors in detail.

1) Backlinks

As I described to you many times above that, you get backlinks from Guest Blogging. Backlinks are a connecting link given from other blogs to your blog.

Backlinks are the most critical factor in SEO that helps you to gain ranking quickly, even if you are in a highly competitive niche.

For me, Guest Blogging is the best method for quality backlinks building. Most people think that Guest blogging is dead now. But this is a misconception, it still works, and I am using it to build backlinks.


By writing about your expertise on the well-established blogs on the same niche, you can build authority for your brand or personal brand.

The audience of that particular blog where you published your work will start knowing you as an expert in that specific topic/niche.


Writing about a specific topic on others’ blog helps in gaining the trust of their audience.

It shows that you have expertise on that particular topic/nice.

They will prefer reading your content rather than reading others for the same topic/niche.

Guest Blogging helps in making a professional bond among your visitors. A genuine and interested visitor will improve you profiting your own business.


Guest blogging also helps in generating tons of traffic to your blog.

When you write quality content on others’ blogs and their audience also like the content, you wrote.

They come to your blog to read more articles like that one.

It allows you to steal traffic from your competitors to your blog just by writing a post on their blog, isn’t it cool?

How To Find Blogs That Accepts Guest Post?

Now you have understood what is guest blogging and it’s importance? 

 But you don’t know where to submit your guest post.

The blog you are going to submit your guest post should be high-authorized, should have a high DA score, etc.

And the most important thing it should in your Niche which your blog is focused on and also have a good no. of active users daily that visit those blogs.

You can easily find blogs that accept guest post by using these Google search queries:

  • Your Niche + “write for us.”
  • Your Niche + “guest post guidelines.”
  • Your Niche + “submit a guest post.”

 Just add your Niche instead of “Your Niche” and hit the search. For example, I have made a search Blogging + write for us.

Guest Post Secreats
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You can use this simple method to find guest post opportunity within your Niche and submit your guest post there to earn quality backlinks.

Here is a bonus for you, I’ve researched and created a list of 300+ blogs that accept guest posts with their Niche and their DA score.

Things To Do Before Writing Your Guest Post

1. Find Your Topic

Your first step in writing a Guest Post must be finding a keyword on which you will be writing your guest post.

 By spending some time on keyword research, you can find highly profitable keywords that can help you to take most out of guest blogging.

I use SEMrush for keyword research which helps me to find easy to rank keywords with massive traffic. 

2. Note All Your Ideas

It’s good to have more than one blog post ideas before pitching guest post requests to the blog where you want to publish your post.

Note down all the blog post(guest post) ideas you can write on; there is a trick which I always follow before sending the guest post request to the guest blog.

I always scroll the entire blog where I want to submit my guest post and try to find out the topic they didn’t cover so far on their blog. That always helps me to come with the ideas that get instant approval.

3. Do Much Research

Research is fundamental before writing a good article. If you write even a 2000 words article and do not have any correct information in it, how will it be helpful to visitors?

As guest blogging helps in building trust and expertise in any topic, but it can impact negatively also. Content without proper research always contains false information that affects user experience adversely.

Ultimate Guest Post Secrets-Write A Prefect Guest Post Now!

Writing a guest blog is as same as writing a blog post on your first blog.

Just the difference is that the guest post you do on someone else’s blog or to say, a third party website and blog post is done on your blog.

The steps to writing a perfect Guest Post, are as follows :

Know The Basics Of On-Page SEO

Writing an article is an easy task. But writing an SEO optimized article is tough.

There are lots of factors that you must keep in mind while writing a blog post or a guest post.

You must even have some basic SEO knowledge to compete in Search Engine results or SERPs.

Put The Keywords In Your Writing

After Finding Your Keyword. You need to put that keyword into work in your next step. Your keyword must be used in the correct format. 

Take care of the keyword density. An average keyword density, in my opinion, must be between 1.5% to 4%.

And make sure you include your focus keyword in:

  • First paragraph
  • URL of your post
  • In the Title of the post
  • Subheadings
  • SEO Meta Description
  • In Image ALT Text

 You can use a WordPress SEO plugin like RankMath SEO or Yoast SEO. It will help you to write an SEO-Optimized post.

Write About Something People Care About

As per some of the SERPs reports, A page having detailed information ranks higher on Google. You should have articles on an average about 1500 to 2000 words. 

But this often doesn’t mean that you will unnecessarily write a long post with unusual words or sentences instead write only what people really want.

Use Tag For Heading And For Sub-Heading

Do a proper use of HTML heading tags, that is <h1>, <h2>, <h3> and so on. Search Engines like Google, are also designed in HTML language.

Thus a proper set-up of HTML on your website will help Search Engines to understand your content in a better way.

<h1> tag is used for the title. (It is set as by default when you enter your title). <h2> tag is used for subheading and similarly <h3>, <h4> and so on, are used for further subheadings.

Make it long enough to count

As described in it much time above that, your article should be long and detailed enough to be different and more knowledgeable than others.

You are making a long and detailed article.

You are providing a unique and different material than your competitors, through which search engines will trust you more and rank you higher.

Try to cover the complete information about the topic you are writing.

Tools or Applications To Use For Guest Blogging

Some of the tools which are essential for writing Guest Post (or even your regular post) are as follows –

Keyword Research Tool

An article would be evidence of any topic or to say a keyword.

A right and high volume keyword must be your goal, which would make you profitable.

Thus, a keyword research tool is essential for you to find a profitable keyword.

I use SEMrush for keyword research and for finding the profitable topics to write on.

It’s easy to use interface makes keyword research easy, and you can easily find less competitive keywords with high traffic using its advance filters.


If you know how to write a complete SEO optimized article, but your language and grammar are inferior.

There is no use of such a piece then.

In that such trauma, tools like Grammarly would help you.

Grammarly will not let you make any grammatical mistakes.

Almost all the bloggers and online content writers use

Grammarly to improve their writing skills.

On-page SEO Checker tools

Writing an SEO optimized article is sometimes hard work. In such problems, some SEO tools like Yoast SEO, RankMath SEO, etc., will help you.

Yoast SEO or Rank Math will give a metric out of 100, to check how much percentage you on-page SEO is optimized. Always try to achieve a high score to get high chances of ranking.

Copyright Free Images

Algorithms of Search Engines support the article, which is unique.

Copying a few sentences or even some images from different sites to yours will make your essay Plagiarized.

A plagiarized article will not easily rank high on SERPs. Even you might invite the Google penalty…

Thus, you must write your content in your own words, and you should use copyright-free images (from some websites like- Pixabay) to make yourself 100% unique.

Keyword Density Checker

An article must have keywords in it. That is, you must use your primary keyword for your writing.

For example, if you have a keyword “Best i7 Laptops under 60000 in India”.

It would help if you used this particular keyword on your content multiple times.

A proper keyword density or the repetition of your primary keyword must be within 1.5% to 4% of your total word count.

For example, your keyword is the same as “Best i7 Laptops under 60000 in India”. You had written an article of 1000 words.

Then your main keyword, i.e., “Best i7 Laptops under 60000 in India,” should only be repeated 1.5% to 4% or to say, 15 to 40 times.

You can use WordPress SEO plugins like RankMath SEO or Yoast SEO; it also helps in maintaining a good Keyword Density score.

Use AI Writing Assistants

AI writing assistants are not the cure-all for writing guest blog posts faster. But they are a step forward, especially if you’re fighting persistent writer’s block.

There are many of them on the market, CopyAI, Nichesss, ShortlyAI, Jasper AI…

If you’re just starting out with AI-powered writing, I suggest you do not go with a complicated tool like Jasper; it’s because there’s quite a bit of a learning curve and you could easily get stuck. Instead, you can try a simpler tool like Nichesss or Shortly AI.

Read my Nichesss review to learn more, or read Nikola Roza’s ShortlyAI review article to get the scoop on that AI-powered writing assistant.

Things To Do After Publishing Your Guest Post

The following are some things you should do after publishing your Guest Post:

Revise and edit your work

Do changes or updates regularly on your guest blog. It will make your post latest and updated, and Google loves it.

A regular update will make Search Engine Bots to scroll or index your article multiple times or frequently, which would definitely help you.

Share it on Your Social Profiles.

Share your guest blog post on your Social Profile, and it would help you as your social media friends will get to know about your work.

And also, ask the owner of the blog to share the post on their social media profiles.

Send it to Your Email Newsletter.


Promote your content through emails. You can send emails to your subscribers and can let them visit and read your new post.

That could quickly increase your traffic.

Reply to Comments

Replying to comments will make some close bonds among the blog’s audience you wrote a guest post.

They will interact with you and can trust you even in a better way.

Final Words

Guest Blogging is the most reliable method you can use to build backlinks if it more beneficial if you have a brand new blog.

It will send some traffic from the guest blog to your site. The guest blog will even provide you with high authority backlinks.

But make sure to read the guidelines for guest blogging before sending your guest post ideas, do check how many backlinks they provide, what is the minimum word article they allow, etc.

If you properly do everything, you can get even more than the backlinks only.

So, What Do You Think About The Guest Post Secreats? Let Us Know In The Comments.

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  1. Ravi and Chayan, what a phenomenal guide. You covered all bases. Keep guest posting, keep being generous and awesome things happen. The key is to build friendships by being generous; then, tons of guest post invites will flow your way if you keep writing to hone your blogging skills.



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