Benefits Of QUORA For BLOGGERS In 2020. 6 Easy Steps

Quora is a Question Answer site, on which people of any community can put their questions in front of people, and they can get their answers and publish their solutions for others.

Today, I will show you the benefits of Quora for bloggers in 2020.

Quora itself described in their own words, “Quora is a place to acquire and share knowledge.

It is an excellent platform to ask questions and connect with other people who contribute to unique, fresh, useful information, and quality answers.” 

This fantastic platform also provides the opportunity to learn from each other and understand the world better in a better way.”

Nowadays, Quora is a popular and trending platform worldwide, especially for bloggers. The screenshot below will show you the global rank of Quora’s website.

Benefits Of Quora
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You can check the rank of the United States and India, which is very high. It makes Quora’s popularity very clear.

Quora is ranked in top positions on a lot of keywords in Google.

Most organic traffic in Quora comes from Google Search Engine and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

See the screenshot below; most of its traffic is organic. The Ahrefs page below clarifies my point.

Benefits Of Quora
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You can see that Quora can get 77.1 Million visitors monthly from Google only in India.

You may also see the number of backlinks it’s getting, that is the primary reason for its high search engine rankings.

The screenshot above will show that Quora is ranking on more than 59.0 Millions + keywords.

So, you can see Quora’s traffic and popularity insights.

Let me know in the comment section below that being a blogger, are you getting benefits of quora.

Amazing Benefits of Quora for Bloggers

Quora has emerged a great content promotion platform for bloggers, digital marketers, and YouTubers.

A lot of people ask questions about their problems on Quora every day. It would help if you answered their questions, choosing from them.

By answering the questions of other people, you can improve the rankings of your blog or website. The work sounds quite easy, isn’t it?

This task is also effortless too, but before answering on Quora, you have to keep in mind a few things that you should not just publish one-line answer or put your blog’s link.

These things only matter whether you can take the benefits of quora as a blogger or not. Once you start working on quora, you will know these things very soon, but first, let me explain to you its benefits.

As you may be aware that the SEO of any blog or website is divided into two parts, one On-Page SEO, two Off-Page SEO.

Quora helps you in Off-Page SEO of your blog or website. And it gives you amazing results.

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Backlinks-building is the toughest part of off-page SEO for newbies bloggers.

But when you answer a question on Quora, you can give a link to any of your related, relevant, and useful articles in it.

But keep in mind that, give the link only if it has any usefulness and relevance in the overall answer.

Do not spam. It will not be of any use. And Quora can block your account.

Here is an example of it, my account was banned from Quora

By giving links to such useful articles in Quora’sQuora’s answers, you are getting a backlink from Quora for your blog, which has very high value.

If you get more backlinks irrespective of Do to follow or No follow, your Domain Authority will increase. If you are creating backlinks through profile creation, Web 2.0, Commentluv, and blog submission sites, then don’t underestimate the power of Quora. 

And if you get a backlink from Quora, then it has more importance, which is a High-Quality backlink with more value as well. 

According to MOZ, its domain authority of Quora is 89, which is very high. 

So, in this case, if you are getting a backlink from different pages in Quora. And there are chances that it will improve your blogs amazingly.


It is another significant benefit of using Quora. So as you know that Quora is a website with very high traffic, and its ability to send referral traffic to another website or blog is equally high.

As I mentioned above, you can include hyperlinks to the useful, related, and relevant articles of your blog or website in the answers.

When your answer to a popular question will be at the top in Quora, and your link will also be in the middle, then a lot of people will redirect to your blog or website by clicking on that link.

In such a situation, you will be able to get a lot of high quality targeted referral traffic from Quora on your blog or website.

It is always painful for newbies bloggers to get initial traffic on their blogs. And Quora can play a vital role in it.

So, if you are a newbie, then you must grab the benefits of Quora.


To ask and answer questions on Quora, you have to create your account.

Now your identity in the account is from your name, your photo, and your area of ​​interest or qualification.

Whenever you answer a question or publish a post, your identity is mentioned in it, as you can also see mine in the screenshot given below.

Benefits Of Quora
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I am not yet trendy on Quora. But if I answer a lot of questions and my answer leads to a lot of views, then my overall popularity and uniqueness increase amazingly.

In such a situation, if you have a blog or website or a brand and you can establish your own separate identity on Quora as your brand and in this way, you can create your authority or branding as well.


If your blog is about Digital Marketing, then people related to digital marketing should answer the questions asked on Quora and in that answers you can give links to useful, related and relevant articles of your blog.


  • Make sure to answer questions that have no answers or fewer answers.
  • Create or answer questions that may become viral in the future.
  • Never add any unnecessary links or spammy irrelevant links in the answers.
  • Your answer should be useful, related, and relevant, according to the question.
  • Don’t use Quora for backlinks.
  • Use screenshot or Images in Answers.

To understand the interface of Quora’s website and its implementation step by step in the right way, you can watch the video below.

Final Words

Quora is a fantastic platform for bloggers. I have explained to you in detail the benefits of Quora for bloggers. If you properly use Quora, then you can get the best out of it.

Proper use of Quora can give you high-quality backlinks, referral traffic, branding, and identity.

And if you are a newbie blogger, then it will help you decrease your frustration of not getting visitors on your blog or website.

Now it’s your turn.

If you liked the information, then consider sharing it with your friends on social platforms so that if they don’t know the benefits or quora for bloggers, it will help them.

If you still have any questions or doubts, don’t shy away from mentioning it in the comment section below.

Thanks for your time.

Have a fantastic blogging career and life.

Ramesh Rawat
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Ramesh Rawat

I am an author and the owner of Blogging Ask. I answer the questions of newbie bloggers and business owners to grow their website and make money online. I am blogging for the last 3 years.

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17 thoughts on “Benefits Of QUORA For BLOGGERS In 2020. 6 Easy Steps”

  1. Awesome post thanks for sharing this. I’m a new blogger but I’m one of the popular writers on Quora. My content is read millions of times there. Quora gives no follow link so I was ignoring it. Even my answers gets lot of views there. I also have 900 approx followers there.
    Now I’ll use quora for my blog as well.

  2. Hello Ramesh,

    Great Post Bro. Quora is definitely not a simple question and answer site. It has a lot of potentials to drive traffic, bring conversions and also help to find out blog post ideas. I am a big fan of Quora and using it for the past few years. It is an amazing platform to grow your blog traffic and getting quality backlinks. Glad to see you on Chayan’s blog. keep rocking!

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. Hello Ramesh & Chayan,

    In my opinion too – If you are thinking to establish your expertise as a blogger then quora platform is the right choice to exhibit your skills.

    It helps you to nourish your knowledge and insights about a particular topic. We bloggers help to write persuasive content to help our readers with their problems and for this quora is amazing place.

    When you provide informative answers to questions users pose, you’re automatically increasing the credibility of your brand.

    Quora allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with your target audience and establish your brand as an expert in your field and this makes Quora a powerful SEO tool to drive organic traffic to your site.

    Eventually, thanks for adding much informative thoughts regarding Quora.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  4. Hi Ramesh & Chayan

    Quora is a big pot for referral traffic. Just know how to serve it well.

    I remember earning 100 visitors from quora, it’s super exciting.

    This is an interesting piece to read. You nailed it.



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