[7] Proven Ways to Increase Your Social Media Shares. Number 4 is Absolutely Stunning.

Do you want to increase your social media shares?

But do not know how to create quality content that is worth sharing on social media.

You might be thinking that you do not know anyone on social media, so why people will share your posts?

Then you should not miss this detailed guide. In this guide, I will go ahead and explain how to create content for different social media?

I will also let you know about finding your target audience and build a community for free. So let’s go ahead and talk about your content marketing strategies.

Types of Content That Can Increase Your Social Media Shares

You must have been thinking that you have already tried a lot to increase the social media shares of your content, but you have failed miserably, so what exact thing you can do on social media platforms?

Well, there are many things that you need to remember while using any social network.

Your profile should tell a lot about yourself.

increase your social media shares
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People should know the source of your content.

So I created this description for my Quora Profile and currently working to give my Facebook profile a professional bio.

My latest blog post link is always there on social media.

Writing on the trending topics can increase your chances of going viral, but at the same time, you have to be ready to face criticism.

We will talk about that later.

Now let us see how we can increase our social media shares in these few easy and actionable steps.

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Top 7 Actionable Steps To Increase Social Media Shares

Let’s discuss the top 7 factors to boost your social signals

01 Use Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing buttons can help you to track and see the performance of the content which you are sharing on social media.

Like in my case, my piece of content was getting more shares on Facebook and twitter than any other social media, but I was clueless about the stocks as I was not using any social media sharing buttons on my blog. 

Adding a social media button can help users to

  • Engage More With The Content
  • Share Easily On The Social Media.
  • Come Back To The Same Post Again Directly From Their Social Media

There are many social sharing buttons that you can use. I have been using the free WordPress plugin “Social Welfare” as of now as it’s a free tool; it’s showing me almost accurate analytics and also giving me features like click to tweet and many more.

Increase your social media shares
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So if you are still not using any social sharing buttons, consider to use them now, as it will help you to increase productivity.

Also, make sure you are placing the social sharing buttons correctly if you can present it as a call to action button, then it will increase the share count over time.

02 Update Your Profile To Get More Shares

Updating the social media profile is the first thing that you need to do to get more and more shares. For instance, I am a guy who is a technology and gadget freak, and my profile talks about the same. So when it’s my time to post something on social media, I will act as per my bio.

If I share anything related to mobile phones, laptops, etc., that will get more engagement and shares instead of me sharing images of tesla.

So we have our challenges, and we need to work accordingly to hit that home run. Here is how I optimize my social media profile. At least your connections should know with whom they are interacting.

You can take a look at this image to understand the things you should do while writing about you or bio on social media.

increase your social media shares
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03 Be Generous And Create A Community

Online business requires collaboration.

Either the product and services you are offering are excellent, and you are targeting only 5% to 10% premium customers, then you can get away with paid campaigns, but at the same time, you have to keep in mind that the organic reach creates more trust.

So how to gain trust when you are new? 

Things get more tricky when no one knows you. So you have to work hard to build a community.

Do not push your products too much at the beginning. You can start doing outreach, and you will witness significant changes in terms of social media shares.

Is it easy to build a community? It’s not easy, but the straightforward way to start is to help others.

And you have to do that without thinking about what you are getting in return.

Understand one thing here, what you are offering now is not new and unique, so people over the internet must have heard about it before, and it’s simply not easy to amaze them with another product and services that say the same thing.

So as a creator, the least we can do here is fulfilling the mission statement; we also have to limit ourselves with our ego.

The primary purpose of building the community is to create more and more values.

It is why on my Digital Marketing Forum, you will see helpful content, I was the one who created that group, but slowly and steadily, this group is growing because I intended to help others.

Yes, many admin and moderators in the group are sharing the same mindset and helping me to manage this community effectively.

Here are some insights of our Facebook Group

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04 Three Essential Tools To Increase Your Social Media Shares

Yes, there are a few tools that you can consider to use if you want to get good engagements on your social media handles. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. Let’s understand why we should use them.


increase social media shares
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It is an amazing tool, buzz sumo will let you know about the trending posts around your niche, you can repost or recreate the same type of content to get more attention. This tool also helps you to channelize your efforts and work more effectively.

Social Pilot

The social pilot can enhance your social media efforts, you can include multiple social media accounts and also do things like bulk sharing and also get support from their experts.

I have started using this tool and it’s giving me these many customization options.

Increase social media shares
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Viral Content Bee

This tool is resolving the problem for many content creators. Plain and simple interface with the feature of connecting more than one social media account. This tool gives you a great opportunity to connect with likeminded people.

You can start getting shares and targeted traffic from day one.

And you can get all these benefits for free, this brand has a huge database of the targeted audience which can be very useful when you are new into the business. ViralContentBee has got you covered with almost everything.

Don’t forget to check this informative video

05 Increase Your Social Media Shares By Content Repurposing

Your content should be everywhere on the internet.

Understand one thing here, you are new into the business and nobody knows you.

So why can’t you use social media to gain some attention? 

And you do not have not to spend a lot of money to re-purpose the content

I am going to share a few platforms where you can repurpose your content to get more and more social traffic and shares.

  • Quora
  • Medium
  • Linkedin


Quora has never let me down. Remember by days when I started Quora.

I was answering the questions with my knowledge and understandings.

But the community was kind enough to accept me with all my limitations.

And  I started getting more traffics via quora and eventually those traffics increased my social media shares.

There is one simple thing you can do is go to quora and write answers based on your keywords or topics.

Make sure you are writing a detailed answer which is worth reading and adding some values to at least one person.


Medium does not need an introduction.

According to them they have a database of 85 million to 100 millions active users.

Think about it, if you are publishing quality articles on Medium on a consistent basis, then you will surely see the difference on your website traffics and shares.

Getting success with medium is not a big deal .

All you need to do is write a short story related to your article or blog post. And you are good to go.

I am pretty new in medium. So, I am doing the basic things now.

If you have not started writing on Medium yet then you can check one of my stories


A very well known professional network.

Where you can get in touch with many professionals. But how do those professionals know what to do? So, it’s essential to create content for LinkedIn as well.

But, when it comes to LinkedIn content marketing. I have seen many confusing answers. Someone will tell you to go for paid plan, someone else will tell you to ignore LinkedIn as their paid ads are costly.

I get that, but there should be something that can help you to start from the scratch.

The best thing that you can do is share video content on LinkedIn and at the same time write an unique article on LinkedIn and you can leave your  link at the end of the post.

I have written a few articles on linkedin and they are getting more views and engagements.

So you can’t ignore the LinkedIn either.

06 Use Twitter Effectively To Gain More Social Shares.

Twitter can be highly useful to increase your website traffic and get more social media shares.

Recently I have gained  more than 1k twitter followers in less than a month.

increase your social media shares
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And here are some simple steps that you can follow to boost your twitter followers

  • Follow Other Influencers In Your Niche
  • Observe Their Twitter Activities
  • Share Things That Matters The Most In Your Industry
  • Mention Your Connections While Sharing On Twitter.
  • Be Regular

07 A Few Prerequisites To Increase Your Social Media Shares

First thing first, you should have a web page that loads fast. No one has the patience to bare a slow website. Apart from that you will have to be active on social media.

Make sure that you are placing the share button at the right place so that it will be convenient for the user to share.

You also have to create some eye catching info-graphics and images.

Post During Peak Hours. Yes this is highly important. Lets understand how?

Increase your social shares
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Picture Courtesy sproutsocial website

I believe that the above image has given you some insights to post on a specific time.

There are plenty other factors that you can use to boost your social media shares.

But most importantly you have to create content that’s worth sharing. So based on our discussion here are the things that you should work on to increase your social media shares.

  1. Your Social Media Bio Should Tell A Lot About Your Work.
  2. Your Content Should Be Worth Sharing .
  3. Place The Social Media Button Properly
  4. Help Others
  5. Outreach
  6. Share Content Related To Your Industry
  7. Be Regular

Final Words

If you are someone who has not got his first 1000 shares on social media, then I can understand where you are coming from.

I won’t say much, but I want to tell you that I have been there when my posts did get zero likes and comments even after a week. I almost believed that I am not capable enough to drive traffic from social media.
But after following these seven things, I was able to increase my social media shares. So cheer up and focus on the next social media post.

If you are already following these steps, then share your inputs in the comment.

Share this post on social media if you think it’s helpful.

FAQ Related To Increase Your Social Media Shares

You have to share your content on all the social media channels, and from there, you can get the maximum shares as your connections would be able to view the content.

Make sure you are including social sharing icons on your post so that it will be convenient for the user to share.

Social share is another matrix to evaluate your content. The more share a content gets, the more valuable it becomes.

It’s simple. Make sure you are keeping these 7 points on your mind before posting your next content on facebook.

  • Know Your Target Audience.
  • Analyze Your Connection.
  • Optimize Your Facebook Profile.
  • Observe Other Facebook Influencers.
  • Create Your Own Facebook Group
  • Create A Facebook Page
  • Share The Best Possible Values

The moment you share a post, your followers or the community members will get notified, and based on that they will interact. So make sure whenever you are posting anything on social media, it should create more and more values. Social signal is also a very crucial factor for rankings. So, you should not ignore it.

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  1. Hello Chayan,

    Engagement is a huge part of social marketing. It’s one of the main metrics marketers turn to when defining the impact and effectiveness of social marketing campaigns.

    Social signals like Retweets and Facebook shares are key drivers behind popularizing blog content. It also helps to generate things like brand awareness, leads and customer engagement.

    But generating social media shares isn’t as easy as tweeting something out and asking for Retweets. In my opinion – people are more likely to trust what their friends share than what a company directly tells them.

    Online sharing leads to an increase in website traffic.

    Eventually, thanks for exploring these amazing facts for us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  2. Hi,
    I am using social snap sharing plugin till last 4 months, It is awesome.
    Want to know about the use of buzzsumo too.
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    • Hey Sekhar,
      Buzzsumo is an amazing tool which helps you to increase your social media shares and also give you some cool link-building techniques.You can also find the trending contents in based on your keywords.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  3. Hello Chayan,

    Awesome post as usual. Social media plays a great role in web promotion. Promoting and sharing your posts on social media helps you to give initial visitors and engagement to your content. Many newbie bloggers won’t to this. You have shared some excellent and proven tips to get more traction from social media sites.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

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    You have shared some amazing tips to increase social media shares that will definitely help everyone.

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