Trustely Review, Is It The Best Social Prof Software?

Social media is not just to chitchat with your friends. It’s becoming a market place, and a good social media presence can help you to reach the right goal.

In this trustely review, we will discuss this software. Its functions. And the most important if you should need it?

Let’s get started.

Trustely Review
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Trustely Review: Why Social Proof Is Essential For Any Website?

Do you know that more than 80% of the buyers are checking peoples opinion before they are making any decision?

Hence sharing social proof alongside your product/content can help you to get more attention.

In this Trustley Review, we are going to know these things:

  • What Is Trustely?
  • Useful Features
  • Pros & Cons
  • Plans And Pricing

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What Is Trustely ?

Trustely is a social proof notification software that gives you 14 amazing features and conversion widgets. It’s a subjective technique of showing your visitors your social proof and make an impact.

This tool shows some stunning social proofs. Email subscription alerts, live visitor counts and many other things.

With their free plan, you can let the visitors know about the latest offers, deals, announcements etc.

Lets read this review before you purchase.

Honest Trustely Review 2020

I believe that you have a basic understanding of social proofs. In layman’s term, social proof is an advanced marketing technique, which is influencing other users by showing the social media progress for your products and services.

A robust social proof will give you that site edge over your competitors.

A study says that more than 70% of the buyers check social media before their final decision. Which means your visitors will look for your feedback and reviews on the social media to gain his trust in you.

Trustely Features

Trustely Reviews
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So by far, you have understood that trustely is a tool to gain trust. But how does it work? Let’s explore its features.

  • You Can Display 14 Types Of Notifications Using This Tool.
  • Available In Free & Paid Plan.
  • Easy Set Up.
  • Compatible With Leading Content Management Systems.

Let’s explore these 14 notifications.

  1. Informational Notifications Can Display A Fully Customized Message On Your Site.
  2. Conversions Counter Helps You To Show The Latest Pop Ups To The Visitors.
  3. Live Counter Displays The Live Users Data.
  4. Email Collector Is Like Any Other E-mail opt-in Form That Helps You To Build And Grow Your E-mail List.
  5. Countdown Collector Helps You To Put A Countdown Clock In Your Content.  
  6. Video Notifier Can Help You To Set Up A Video Widget On Individual Posts Or Pages.
  7. Social Share Allows You To Add Well Optimized Social Share Buttons.
  8. Emoji Feedback Helps To Collect Feedback From The Users.
  9. Coupons Can Help You To Customize Your Offerings. 
  10. Cookie Notification Tells Your Users That This Site Is Using Cookies.
  11. Latest Conversion Is Used To Gain More Trust By Showing Recent Purchases On The Site.
  12. Random Review Works As A Feedback Notifier , That Helps You To Show The Reviews About Any Page Or Post.
  13. Social Feedback Helps The User To Rate You Between 1 to 5.
  14. Request Collector Is Used To Collect the Phone Numbers. This Is Highly Useful,If You Have  A Calling Sales Team.

Trustely Review
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Some More Details About Trustely

Free Plan

The best thing I like about them is their free plan. And Plans are flexible. You can easly upgrade in future. And you can always use the free features with the free program.

Easy Set-Up

Easiest set up. All you need to do is insert the online pixel code in your site header.
Is it too much technical for you? Then this video is a must-watch for you.

Compitable With All Leading CMS

Trustely works fine with every cms like wordpress, shopify, zapier and others

Affordable Plans

Trustely has 4 plans. Let’s look into them.

Trustely Review
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Free Plan:

This plan includes one domain/campaign, and you can get upto five notification display and 1000 monthly impression limits. However, there will be no custom branding.

Starter Plan:

This plan starts with $4.99 monthly, and you can include up-to 10 domains, 25 notifications and 20000 monthly impressions. And the best part, you are getting custom branding.

Pro Plan :

By the name, you can understand that it will be different than the starter plan. Well, the features are the same as the starter plan. There are a few significant difference. It costs a monthly $9.99, which gives you 20 domains, 50 notifications with up-to 50000 impressions.

Ultimate Plan:

The word ultimate gives you more options. And the same goes with this plan. You will get everything as mentioned in starter and pro plan, and that too for unlimited sites. The price for the ultimate plan is $19.99 monthly.

Avail 20% Discount On All Trursely Plans

As a reader of simplefactsonline, now you can get a 20% discount on monthly and yearly plans of Trustely. Just enter the discount code SIMPLEFACTSONLINE, and you will be able to avail of this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequent Asked Questions & Answers About Trustely

What's The Use Of Trustely?

Trustely is a freemium(Free And Premium) social proof tool to boost your conversions.

How Much Do I Need To Pay?

Spend as per your requirements. Their paid plans are starting at $4.99 per month. But, if you are a beginner, then you can use their free plan, which will get you upto 1000 monthly impressions for one site.

The Best Trustely Plan

It depends on your web site traffic. If it’s a new site, then I think 1000 impressions would be more than enough. The more traffic you will get, the more you pay.

Does It Offer Discount?

Yes, they are offering a 20% discount on all plans for a limited time. Do click on get trustely button on this page to check the recent pricing.

Do I Get Support & Money Back Gurrantee?

They have 14 days money-back guarantee with no questions asked. They also have a decent support system.

Can I Use It On Non-Wordpress Sites?

Yes. Trustely supports all major cms such as shopify, woocommerce, squarespace,zapier etc

SimpleFactsOnline Rating

Chayan Chakrabarti
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Chayan Chakrabarti@lazychakrabarti
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Affordable, easy to use. Trustely looks promising. Will dig deeper and share more insights soon.

Final Words

Social media is influencing our lives. It’s already has started influencing the human brain, and this trend will go up in the coming years.

I have no shame to admit that more than 80% of my buying decisions depend on social media. The other day I had to buy a smartwatch, and I visited their social handles and websites. And after seeing the positive responses, I finally got it.

Didn’t I know that the brand wants to sell anyway? They are not dedicatedly giving me more values. But I saw the experiences of the other people who already bought it and using it. And I can live with that.

I hope this will help you to understand why a strong social profile is necessary to get more sales.

And trustely can give you a good experience with your social media and business.

If you are an existing trustely user, comment and let us know your experience so far.

If you have used any other social prof notification tool, let us know the name of that tool.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, that means if you made any purchase , I would get a small commission without charging you anything extra.

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3 thoughts on “Trustely Review, Is It The Best Social Prof Software?”

  1. Hello Chayan,

    Social Media definitely plays a great role in online advertising and marketing. I have tried many social media tools but haven’t heard about the Trustely. I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing this amazing review.

    Viswajeet Kumar

  2. Trustely seems interesting, Chayan.
    I’ve never heard of the company, so they must be new.
    I’ll definitely give them a try in the near future, so thanks for drawing my attention to it.

    Btw, how this you make that beautiful hero image? Canva?


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