Case Study Number 1–How to Get Google Adsense Approval in less than a day

Adsense approval In Less Than A Day.
Sounds Impossible, right?
But the same thing happens with simplefactsonline.

Do You Want to get a decent recurring pay via Ad-sense? However, Do not know how to get the Ad-Sense approval?

Do not worry. You have reached the right place. Let’s see how did I get my Ad-sense approval in less than a day.

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​What does it take to get Ad-sense Approval In Less Than One day?

Welcome to the case study section of our blog — another initiative by simplefactsonline.

You will find many success stories and income reports online, which is why you have started your blog because you want to get some additional income. Maybe, you are planning to do full- time blogging in a few years.

After the response of the interview series, we have begun the case study series. In this case study, I will explain how did I get Ad-sense Approval In Less Than One day.

So why are we waiting? Let’s get into the details.

Why Google Ad-Sense?

There are numerous ways to earn from your blog. One of them is Google Ad-Sense. You must be thinking by now that why Ad-sense?

The answer is simple because it’s from google. Most of the advertisements you see on google are of high quality. High-quality ads are crucial for a blogger..

The reason being let’s say I come to your blog and you are using any third-party ad network, and it’s not Ad-Sense.

Or let’s say if it is Ad-Sense and it’s showing an ad like ‘make money online, e-book’ and since it’s on your blog, I really don’t know if it’s an ad or not, I will click on that, I will go and buy it, and if it’s not a good book, I will be blaming it on you because it’s your blog, you are the responsible guy. 

So with Google Ad-Sense, somehow this factor is not there because most. Of the ads, there are high-quality ads.

So Google Ad-Sense shows ad on a few bases; one is called contextual ad. It shows an advertisement based on what is the context of the article.  So if your content is about food, it will show ad related to food. If you are writing about e-commerce stuff, so it may show ads linked to an e-commerce website, shops, Shopify.

Google Ad-Sense is also very famous for its re-targeting

Get Google Adsense Approval in less than a day

What is re-targeting? So let’s say, have you noticed that whenever you visit one site and whenever you go to other websites, you will see the same ad everywhere.

It comes here and there. Top, bottom, sideways. It feels like the ad is following you. On your mind, you are thinking that from where these are appearing?

For example, I visited your website, I came to know about your site, and I attended. Their ads rise popping from here and there, top, bottom.

Google Ad-Sense operates like that. Because it’s helping the advertiser and at the same time it is helping the publisher.


Google AdSense pays you’ pay per click.’ When a user sees the ad and clicks on it, then you get paid. If the ad viewed and no clicks on it, then you do not get paid. Let’s understand the CTR calculations in the image.

So, Google will pay me for these 13 clicks.



Adsense Approval In Less Than One day

I have done several things with my blog, which has helped me to get Adsense Approval In Less Than One day. I will be sharing each and everything it takes to be there. Before getting into the technicality, let’s know why do I blog?

The Ideal Blogging Approach you should have to get Adsense Approval in less than a day.

Like every new blogger, I also had this question on my mind before creating my first blog. Then I got the life-changing advice from my friend Sumit Sao.

You know Sumit. The founder of . He was also featured in our interview series. If you have not got a chance to read the interview until now, read the interview here: Exclusive Interview with Sumit Sao: Founder of

Reasons That Will Motivate You To Start a blog and the future of blogging by Sumit Sao.

Hello Friends, Sumit here. Many people don’t know the benefits of starting a blog. So, Let’s discuss some benefits here:

  • It can help organizations and businesses to reach many people.
  • It can help you to share your ideas with the world.
  • You can also earn thousands of dollars from your blog. (i.e., you don’t need to do 9 to 5 job)
Get Google Adsense Approval in less than a day

Competition in blogging is increasing day by day. Now, It’s complicated for new bloggers to sustain. Also, 10 Years back, video content was not very popular, but now people are spending most of their time watching video content, listening to podcasts, Etc.


According to my experience, the future of blogging is 100% safe because people will always need blogs. However, in the future, we should also focus on a few things like podcasts, YouTube Videos, Etc. To bring traffic to our blog. Need help with article writing? Then read my latest blog How to Write a Well Researched and Good Blog Post in 9 Easy Steps

Happy Blogging Guys 🙂

Thank you so much Sumit, for your inputs.

Sometimes, the Ad-Sense approval gets delayed due to n number of reasons. So what did I do right to get Google Adsense Approval in less than a day?

I have followed a few necessary steps. It’s not rocket science. I am sure that if you follow them, then you will also get the Ad-Sense approval with ease.

Select Niche after a lot of Researches

You can not do everything at the same time.

The sooner you realize this, the better your blog will be.

Selecting a proper niche is an essential part of blogging. Almost half of your work is complete if you choose the ideal niche.

The most critical part does not get influenced while choosing the niche.

Do your research and understand the potential of every niche.

After that, analyze your strengths. Remember, in blogging; you have to write quality content consistently. If you believe that you have the capabilities to create excellent content for that niche. Just go with it. 

Pick The Hosting Provider Wisely

While choosing the hosting provider, many bloggers overlook the values.

A right hosting provider can be of great help for new bloggers. Like every new blogger, I was also not very familiar with the critical things.

And I even choose the cheapest hosting by following the same trend 🙂

I was satisfied with my online presence. I was proud of myself that I got a website, which was a big thing back in those days.

I had no idea how to make my website profitable. I was utterly unaware of WordPress security.  Everything was going well.

However, after a few months, I came to know that an SSL certificate is an integral part of a website. I knew nothing about SSL, except that it will add the HTTPS before my URL.

So like an amateur, I tried contacting my hosting provider. And you know what? They were not available! I tried the next day again. I came to know that I will need to pay an additional $5.95 for the SSL certificate.

So, the moral of the story is to get good hosting. See what kind of values you are getting out of your hosting.

After a lot of research, I opt-in for Bluehost. Want to know more about what they are offering at such a competitive price? Click at the picture to the right

Domain name selection

Selecting a domain name is very important to create the initial impact of any blog.

A unique domain name is more likely to get more attention.

The domain name should give an idea about your site to the search engines and visitors.

Changing your domain name after designing the website,can take much time. Which will affect your business.
Points to keep in mind before choosing a domain name :

  • Choose keywords that describe your blog.
  • Do Proper Research.
  • Use Domain Name Generator.


Get Google Adsense Approval in less than a day
Use a Good Theme & Page Builder

A good WordPress theme and page builder can give you many customization options.

As a beginner, I have used several free themes and page builders. However, that did not help me much. There were restrictions on those themes and page builders. I have done nothing but wasted my precious time.

It may come on your mind that after spending so much money on the domain and hosting, you should try with the free resources. Trust me; it is not going to help you at all.

Get a good theme with a good page builder,if you are serious about your blog and want to grow it.

Moreover, a successful business needs some initial investment. You have to do much work in terms of designing.

Create professional-looking header and footer. A good theme and page builder can make your life easy. I have been using generate press theme and elementor page builder for my sites. It has helped me to reach here. I am still working on the design part. And in future, you guys will see a better design for this website.

The best part of these theme and page builder is that they have a free version and a pro version.Click on view plans and explore. 🙂

The best character of these theme and page builder is that they have a free version and a pro version. Click on view plans and explore. 🙂

Focus more on the Content

I am undergoing a roller coaster ride ever since I was born. I hope you understand how does it feel to be in that place.

That’s why I started blogging. I try to make content with every single thing I will come across. That’s my vision.

Be passionate and confident with your blog. Try to create more variety in your content.

Just check my posts. I have started with blog posts. Then we have introduced the interview series. And now this is the case study blog. At the same time, this is a round up post.

The more you focus on the content, the less worry you will have to grow the blog. Try to capitalize on each and every opportunity to create content. With time, you will improve. Don’t believe me? Try this for a month, and you will experience the changes.

Social Media Presence

Are you ignoring social media? Then, you do not know the true potential of social media. You do not get organic traffic when you start te blog. It takes much time, factors, and many other things to get organic traffic. So, what will you do when you have just started your blog?  Here Comes the social media factor. Share your content on social media platforms. Start discussing. Remember, social media sharing is also an essential ranking factor. Let the world know what you are making and why?

Tips to new blogger: Social media presence is not limited to facebook. However, it’s not easy to maintain all social media profiles. So, pick a few social media platforms and start working on them. Check [5] Wonderful Ways to Increase Social Media Shares. Number 2 is Absolutely Stunning.

Be a part of our growing Facebook Group and see how collaboration works.

Social Media can get you the initial  boosting for your blog.

Stay motivated and be regular.

Many bloggers start their blog with so many expectations.

For the initial six months, your blog will be a perfect example of trial and error.

You will plan for something and something else will happen. It happened with me as well.

What would you do if you will face a similar situation?

My advice is, not expect much when you have just started a blog. Be passionate about your blog. Read other blogs. Gather knowledge first and then apply them on your blog.

Do not worry too much. No one is perfect, and with the time you will improve. And remember, simplefactsonline is there to help. 🙂

Things that you should not do before applying for Google Ad-Sense
  • Do not apply for any other ad network.
  • Do not use copy-paste contents.
  • Do not use article spinning and article rewriting tools.
  • If you are getting a rejection, then try to understand why the approval got rejected. Do not reapply until you fix everything.

Conclusion: I have shared all the steps that helped me to get the Google Ad-sense approval in less than a day.

Do follow them and get your Ad-Sense approved.

Google Ad-sense is an excellent way to earn from your blog.

Especially when you are a new blogger. Follow the steps that are mentioned above. It may not be one-day approval for all of you, but it will surely help you to get the Adsense approved.

When I started my first blog, I was very excited and wanted to try everything I can.

That did not work for me.

Blogging is a long-time game. Just hang in there. Success will knock your door at the right moment. Keep up the hustle. Happy Blogging!

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17 thoughts on “Case Study Number 1–How to Get Google Adsense Approval in less than a day”

  1. Hi Chayan,
    Interesting post
    Whoever wants to know how to get Adsense approval in one day will get also a lot of other helpful tips related to blogging. Good for newbies to read about your experiences . Hopefully it will motivate them because always. gives inspiration.
    To your and your readers success

  2. It was reading like a story book, really good stuff Chayan! and happy that you got an approval from Google within a day.
    Keep writing your experience ,it may help others like me those who are stuck at some points where to move. Nice article.

  3. Hello Chayan,

    Google Adsense is considered as best ad network and blog monetizing method to make money from your blog. Now-a-days, am noticing that, Google has changed its guidelines to approve accounts for Adsense.

    Google makes it easy for bloggers to apply and get approval. Well, we know that nothing is impossible and if you follow some basic guidelines by AdSense, you can get the approval easily.

    To get the approval easily, you just have to make sure that your blog is in accordance with the requirements and guidelines set up by the AdSense.

    In my opinion – the most important thing to get Google Adsense approval is to have original and quality content.

    Eventually, thanks for adding value to this title.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  4. Im trying to get adsence approval for my website but i always get notifications of policy violation Scraped Content. My site is based on the blogging. Anyone help me


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