Top 10 Proven Ways to Rank #1 On Google Search Results in 2020

Rank #1 On Google Search Results is like a dream of many creators.

You may already know that Google uses over 200 rank things in their algorithm. But what are they?

Well, you are in for a treat since I have assembled a whole list. Some have solid proof. Some of them are not so proven. But they are all here.

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How does it feel to Rank #1 On Google Search Results?

It feels fantastic when myAd-sense approval case study got ranked on page one.

I can not even put it in words. I used that ranking as a weapon to justify my blogging success.

My friend circle and relatives started knowing about my blog.

That gave me some attention. However, I have started realizing the facts about Rank #1 On Google Search Results.

That article got DE-ranked in just a few days. That’s how search engines work. It was a massive setback for me.

Unlike movies, blogs do not have a happy ending. This realization helped me to get back my rankings within a month.

Before you rank on the first page of Google, you have to do a self-speculation. Do you belong there?

We all talk about the searchers’ internet. However, creators’ intent is also vital when you are trying to beat all your competitors and be there at the top.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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You may ask, what did I do to get the ranking back and make it more reliable?

Well, when you want to be there at number one, you have to perform a series of things to get the results.

Let’s get into some more details.

What does Google do to Rank any page/post number one in their search results?

Well, Google can do anything and everything to rank any article.

They have over 200 ranking factors. And trust me when I say this, I am not interested in explaining the 200 ranking factors here.

We all know what to do. But there are very few people who talk about how to do it.
Lets’s see some important factors that can improve your search ranking.

Target Keyword in the domain

Keyword in the title tag

Keyword in the meta description

Table of Contents

Keyword Stuffing

In-depth Topics

Page Loading speed

Mobile Friendliness

Duplicate Content

Social Media Profile and Shares

Link Building

Grammar and Spelling

Syndicated Content

Target Keyword in the domain

Keeping the target keyword on your domain gives you a little edge over your competitors.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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As per my recent search result on Google, the top 2 websites have the keyword “Car.”

Those of you do not know the word “Gaddi” is used for cars in the Punjabi Language.

So I believe that you can understand the importance of having a domain name with the keyword. It makes your life easy.

Don’t just leave the remaining parts of the article and buy a domain with your keyword now. Don’t be demotivated either  if you also have a domain without the target keyword like me.

If I can do it, there are no reason that you cant do the same.

Keyword in the Title Tag

Using keywords on the title tag is the best way to showcase your intent to search engines.

If you are writing about “Red Shoes” and you are not mentioning this word in the title, then the search engines will have a hard time understanding your intent.

There are many tools available online which can give you title idea with the keyword. I do not think there is no harm taking advantage of those tools.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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I have received 700 title ideas with a single search. What are you waiting for? Start including the keywords in the title tag.

Keyword in the meta description

Google does not consider meta descriptions as a direct ranking factor. However, a well-written meta description increases the chance of getting a user. As we all know, more clicks equals more revenue.

Table of Contents

If you have not noticed already, then scroll up and check the quick navigation area.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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And yes, that’s my table of content. We use a table of contents on our posts to let search engines know about our content in a better way.

It’s presenting the heading tags. There are many plugins you can use to get the table of content visible on your posts.

I have created this using elementor pro. It’s not mandatory to keep it colorful. But I like that way.

Keyword Stuffing

There are many things that you have to do to Rank #1 On Google Search Results.

However, you do not have to do one thing, that’s keyword stuffing.

Before telling you more about keyword stuffing, let’s understand how does the search engine work.

Search engines like google are an integral part of our life, and all the search engines want to be relevant for the upcoming years.

We can’t ignore the fact that search engines like google are directly or indirectly influencing our decision-making manner.

So if your target keyword is red shoes and you are writing red shoes like this, “Red shoes are best. The red shoes are fantastic. Hence, we should all go for red shoes.”

If you follow a more analytical approach and write like this, “I have checked a few shoes, and I must say that red shoes are the best among them. Yes, you can surely give it a try to the blue and yellow ones. The best part i like about these red shoes as they are comfortable, long-lasting. It’s unquestionably worth the money.”

If Google has to choose between these two articles based on quaily content, it will surely consider the second one.

In-depth Topics

Half cooked food and incomplete information taste awful.

Why would you even do that?

Want to write complete information about anything?

Then spend more time in the research.

If you can’t cover any topic, then add a trusted link on the site, which will give users the complete information.

How would you feel, if you want to know about Donald Trump(My favorite character, I Follow his tweets to find a new source of content ) and the blog post does not say anything about Ivanka? You will feel bad, huh?

So do not miss on anything related to your topic. Cover as many details as possible.

Now I am not telling you to go to Oxford, Cambridge and Havard to do your research and right one single post in the next 2 to 3 years.

There is a more straightforward way. And google will assist you in that. Sounds crazy?

Not at all. Just enter your focus keyword and analyze the top 10 ranked sites. They have already followed everything, and because of that, they are ranking.

Read the posts, understand the content delivery style. Keep an analytical approach if you believe that they are missing on something, Please make a note of them. It will help you to create five times better content.

You can also take the help of the discussion forums such as Quora. Also, do not ignore the tools like Buzzsumo to understand the trending topics and know more in detail. 

Page Loading speed

Improving your site speed is no brainier at all.

All the creators out here are working day in and out to improve their site load time and page speed.

Why are they doing that? It’s because they are working according to the searchers intent. 

Imagine yourself as a user, and like me, you are also a football fan. I mean soccer, not American football. 

Haha, jokes apart. Let’s be real for once and think of yourself as the user who is desperately trying to find a solution.

It can be for anything. Maybe he is finding the cheapest i-phone. Or he is planning to buy is a dream car or house. He also might be like me and keep checking luxury things but do not buy anything.

Are you ready to cater to all of these users? I am sure you are, and you have the product/services that are worth his money.

And a study says that 75% of impulsive buyers have an attention span of fewer than 8 seconds.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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So in less than 8 seconds, you have to convince that user.

It’s strange but true. We are making a constant effort to assure that user not to bounce early by telling them commenting on our site. We are appealing to them to share our content. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are convincing them each day.

The sooner you will understand this, your site speed and rankings will improve. I won’t go into technicalities here if you are a non-techie person like me. I believe that we all are experts in one thing. And we should appreciate each other’s expertise. I have been using Wp- Rocket premium version to achieve this speed. They make my life easy.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is also going to be one of the most crucial parameters to Rank #1 On Google Search Results.

Make sure your website contents are visible on mobile. You can try AMP(Accelerated Mobile. Page). However, I am fine without the amp.

Google can help you to check if your site is mobile-friendly. Type this keyword “Is your web page mobile-friendly?” on the google search.”

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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Duplicate Content

Writing quality and informative content is not so easy.

A creator has to plan and organize it, and someone like me takes around 4 to 5 days to write a blog post like this.

Now, why am I not choosing the easy way? Just copy bits and pieces from each article and paste them on my blog? I can play smart by using an article spinner.

Trust me, the spun articles won’t give you any values, and search engines like Google are too smart to find an original piece and a copied one.

Eventually, it will harm your rankings, and you will be losing out on benefits.
It’s okay to write less. But writing original stuff would help you to create your credibility.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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Social Media Profile and Shares

I am glad that I will not have to explain many things about social media here.

Probably, you are reading this post as you have seen it on social media. Now don’t just share on facebook groups without adding any values.

Social media can give a massive boost to your online business. And yes, Google checks social media profiles and shares as a ranking factor.

There are many social media platforms where you can share your content and give a signal to the search engines.

I want to request one thing here. Add values when you post on social media.

It can not be taught to add values. You have to introspect. Shared content with some benefits can get you more mileage.

Link Building

Link building is another crucial parameter to Rank #1 On Google Search Results.

Backlinks give a direct signal to the search engines about the quality and relevancy.

I have seen people write meaningless content and then ask for backlinks.

No one will compromise with the relevancy of their website by mentioning an average or bellow quality content.

So what would a new blogger do?

It’s better to think about possible solutions instead of worrying.

Focus more on the quality and promote your content.

Improve your writing quality with every new post.

And eventually, you will see people will link back to you.

Don’t buy the spammy and low-quality backlinks.

Things I do when my posts do not Rank #1 On Google Search Results

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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I love to work on the things that are in my hand. So I do not panic when I see the rankings are drastically down.

I take a deep breath and try to find a solution.

There will be N number of reasons and justifications to know the root cause of the issue. Some are simple. A Few are complex. And there is plenty of guesswork.

If anyone is giving you a ranking guarantee, do not trust them.

I have seen so-called pro bloggers are confused and desperately finding for solutions after the Google Bert update.

Let’s find out what you can do to improve the rankings.


Analyze your competitors to Rank #1 On Google Search Results

Blogging is a profitable business model. But it is also a severe profession at the same time.

If you think that writing whatever you wish will gain you success, fame, and money, then you are still living in the fool’s world.

I have been writing this blog post instead of doing something else at this hour.

This is why I am connected to all my posts. I can commit to all of my posts. Can you do the same?

Like every other business, you will get competition in blogging too. And proper competition analysis can take you there.

Use tools like Ubersuggests and Ahrefs to check the link profiles of your competitor.
If you see that your competitor has got a link from an authority website, then try to create an infographic and outreach the admin of the other site.

An infographic will surely add more value and increase the user experience of that site.
Don’t focus on the numbers; give some values.

Outreach Marketing helped me to get my rankings restored for this post.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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I have given enough resources here. Now it’s time for your action.


Be regular on other mediums to Rank #1 On Google Search Results

A proper content marketing strategy can help you to break the barriers.

Forums like Quora, Livejournal are designed to appreciate the creators.

If you are not posting on sites like Quora, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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The views I got from quora is nothing. Some creators got millions of views on quora, and there is one secret to that. They are regular on these mediums.

On page and off page seo to Rank #1 On Google Search Results

Search Engine optimization is indeed very crucial to Rank #1 On Google Search Results. But, SEO is controversial, and it gets more complicated with the updates on Google algorithms. Let us all understand a few basics of BERT.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results
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Courtesy Search Engine Land.Read the Entire Post here Welcome BERT: Google’s latest search algorithm to better understand natural language

So all these updates are rolled to improve the user experience. And as a content creator, it’s your responsibility to keep working on the user experience.

You will not learn SEO in one day. But all the activities you are doing on your blog is for SEO.

And SEO takes time. Do not get disheartened if you don’t see early results.

Focus more on the things in hand. Do not segregate the SEO into the off page, on-page and technical. It will increase your workload and reduce productivity.

Here are the few common mistakes that a beginner do in SEO

  • Write anything without doing proper keyword research.
  • Write meaninglessly.
  • Grammatical errors.
  • Copied Contents.
  • Lack of research.
  • Inactive on social media.
  • Unaware of the SEO updates happening around the globe.
  • Focus only on backlinks and purchase low-quality backlinks.

Try to convey a story. The introduction and conclusion should be related to each other.

Use SEO plugins to get some help and suggestions around your writing.

I have been using Rankmath, and it’s working for me so far.

I am not an SEO expert who will tell you what to do and what not.

Infact, I would recommend you to identify the SEO issues and fix them on your own.

It will increase your knowledge, and you will not repeat your mistakes.

Importance of Rank #1 On Google Search Results

Every creator wants to rank on page one to get more and more attention. We all know that every user/visitor is not a potential buyer.

Some will buy the product, and many will buy the concept.

Articles/pages that ranked in number one get more visitors, traffic, and sales.

You can also get freelancing opportunities with your ranked articles.

So far, I have written four sponsored posts, and I did not apply to write any.

Different Individuals/organizations approached me after seeing the ranked articles.

In a nutshell, you will get plenty of opportunities if your article is ranking, and you are providing any values.

Why it's not always important to Rank #1 On Google Search Results

We all have different goals with each post. In this post, I am trying to share more and more and trying to add values.

Let’s face it. There are multiple things that you have to do to be relevant in this online world.

So, work on your priorities.

If you use the google search option, you will see that there are many keywords where an established site is not ranking in the first place.

The primary thing for creating a blog/website is that either you want to earn money or you are promoting your existing business to make more money.

I have been reiterating one thing so many times, focus on the things that you have in hand, and explore the opportunities.

Be honest with every post you are writing. Fell connected towards them.

It’s okay to get more referral traffic than the organic traffic when you have just started.
Remember, no one can guarantee to rank. All we are doing is trying.

Yes, some strategies may work for a few posts. However, it will not work for all.

Improve your copywriting skills. Try to write more and more. It’s okay to take an idea from the renowned bloggers. But, don’t just copy and paste.

Use social media effectively to Rank #1 On Google Search Results

I am not here to tell you about when is the ideal time to post on social media.

Yes, there are certain times when your post gets more reach and engagements.

But, is it right to be dependent on that?

I do not think so. Google considers social media presence and shares as a ranking factor. And things get more comfortable when other people are sharing your content.

But why would someone do that?

Your intent plays a vital role here. Are you here to scam, or you still believe in the legitimate business process?

Take advantage of platforms like Facebook groups. Also, try to focus on creating a parallel series of contents.

Managing social media can be hectic at times. You have to plan your social media posts and interactions.

I am not going to talk about my social media achievements and reach here. That won’t help you.

And to be honest, I am not able to use all the social networks because of my schedule.

I love to plan and take action. Maybe at some point in time, I plan.

I can say one thing here. You have to organize your plan for social media.

Take a moment and think about how you can contribute to social media.

Focus on creating parallel content.

We all know what it’s like when we’re hitting a perfect stride in our business, and we feel like we’ve got a ton of momentum.

Then all of a sudden, you hit that plateau, and you feel like your audience, and your community is bored; they’ve completely disengaged, and you’re kind of in a rut.

It happens from time to time, and I wanted to address this with the three A’s of getting the most from social media.

The first A is Attention. If your community has gotten a little bored with your content, and you seem to be hitting a plateau with your engagement, it’s time to grab their attention. One of the easiest ways to do this is by capitalizing on stories.

The second A is: Ask, and you shall receive. This seems so simple, but the amount of companies, brands, small business owners, entrepreneurs I see who don’t ask any questions on social media is shocking. Just ask a question and see what happens. It’s immediately going to boost your engagement.

The third A is Audit. I can’t stress this enough. If you continue to post the same things over and over and over again, people are going to lose interest. That’s just human nature. What you can do to audit your content is pretty simple. Pay attention to the analytics on every social platform. Or, even more, simple than that, is you can pay attention to the posts that are getting a lot of engagement and which posts are not getting much engagement at all.

Don’t forget to check out this informative video.

10 Actionable Steps To Rank #1 On Google Search Results in 2020

Step number one, make your content insanely actionable.

Google searchers interact with your site in the search results.

If people like your result, Google gives you a rankings boost.

If not, they’ll drop your rankings like a stone.

From my SEO experiments, I found that all Google searches want the same thing, actionable content.

Think about it. When someone searches for something in Google, they don’t want to read some random person’s opinion.

Instead, they want tactics that they can use to solve their problems right away.

If you can give that to them, Google will notice and bump you up a few spots. 

For example, I am ranking with a very competitive keyword like adsense approval, even google support link is coming at number 2.

What extra did I Do?

I made sure that I will try to cover as much information I can with actionable steps.

Step Number 2- Reduce Your Bounce Rate

As you might already know, a bounce is when someone visits your site, and then quickly jumps back to the search results.

If lots of people bounce from your site, it sends a strong message to Google that people don’t like your content.

Like I just mentioned, if people don’t like your content, Google will notice and drop your rankings. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to improve your bounce rate.

No, I am not talking about list buildings. Yes, that’s also important.

However, if people do not find the content is useful. They will not go ahead and subscribe to your email list.

Make sure that you are addressing a concern and trying to show your intent within the first 100 words.

If the user is convinced, he or she will stay back and read the entire post.


Step Number 3- Image SEO

So, the process of optimizing all your images so that search engines understand them and for accessibility issues.

There’s a bunch of reasons why you would want to do this.

Within SEO, image alt text optimization is only one piece of the entire SEO puzzle.

So just getting this right, or just getting this wrong, is not going to make or break you either way.

Do keep that in mind, this is only one component: image alt text and file names.

Search engines are not humans. They do not view or see images the way that we do.

So we as SEOs or we as digital marketers have to do some things to help search engines along a little bit.

To give them some hints on what that image is about. So we help search engines see pictures by naming them correctly.

This is also used for accessibility.

So visually impaired or blind users, they use these individual browsers that read images to them.

And our image alt text and our file names can be helpful for that.

Convenient for users that are using unique browsers like this, so it’s an accessibility issue as well.

So do keep that in mind. When you’re writing your alt text, in general, there’s 125 character maximum.

So you can populate that as much as you’d like, as long as it’s reasonable.

Don’t forget the file name. This happens a lot.

Many people are uploading a file; it’s called home-page-graphic-6.jpeg, right, that’s not good. You can be much more descriptive than that. So please do it if you can.

Step Number 4- Take Rankmath Suggestions very Seriously

If you’re using the Yoast SEO plugin, you might want to read this because I have been using rank math, and I love the features it offers.

Very easy to set up. The best part I like about the Rankmath that it has a clean interface.

They have this modular framework, which gives you back the control of your site.

And their support is excellent.

While writing an article, it will provide you the best solutions to make your writing more SEO friendly. Which will quickly help you to Rank #1 On Google Search Results in 2020.

Rank #1 On Google Search Results in 2020
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Step Number 5- Promote Your Content

We all know that we need to promote our content to get more exposer.

But are we creating our content marketing strategy?

We all have different goals when it comes to content marketing. So our strategies will be different.

Here are the things I do after publishing any blog post.

  • Write an in-depth answer on quora.
  • Create a Podcast.
  • Write a short answer on Linkedin.
  • Share on social media.
  • Share the quora answer on LinkedIn and vice versa.
  • Tweet all the contents that I have created related to that post.
  • Pdf submissions.
  • Participate in the discussion forums.

Step Number 6- Trust your content to Rank #1 On Google Search Results in 2020

Before convincing others with your content, you have to convince yourself at first.

And it gets effortless for me as I do not hit the publish button in WordPress until I am not satisfied with the writing.

It may affect the number of posts and frequency. However, I believe that it’s beneficial in the long run.

Step number 7- Update Old posts to get the ranking back

Remember, I told you earlier about the lost ranking situation? And I created an info-graphic to get it back?

I forgot to mention one thing . I updated that post as well.

It’s ubiquitous to lose the rankings.

If you are working in a competitive niche like me, you have to keep an eye open. See what others are doing.

Whenever you feel like you have some new information that will be beneficial for the user, include that.

Step Number 8- Be Regular

We all know the importance of being regular in life. And the same goes for the blogs as well.

You have to let the search engines know that you are serious about your business.

Decide a frequency and write accordingly.

Eventually, it will improve your authority and rankings.

Step Number 9- Planning Is Required To Rank #1 On Google Search Results

Planning does not mean that you will decide the number of posts publishing in a month or week.

I do not follow numbers. I can leave with less quantity, but not compromising the quality.

I plan to write a post to solve the problem. I do many kinds of research and try to identyfy if there is something unique that I can talk. And how will that help the audience?

Trust me; no one will read your blogs if you still think in the old fashioned way.

Many things can be improved later, like designs, page speeds, themes, plugins, .etc.

But if the fundamental thing of blogging is not there, I have severe doubts about your success in this field.

Always plan for your next post.

Now it’s accessible to Rank #1 On Google Search Results if you are following a few basics ground rules related to On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO.

But things get troublesome if you are not planning according to your blog.

You should know what you are doing and why? Those days are gone where you will ask for backlinks or purchase a few. But you are always in a dilemma because you do not track your top-performing articles.

You should also know which article is giving you a high bounce rate. Do check the page on time results as well.

It will take you closer to improve your rankings.

I know that it’s always not very easy to Rank #1 On Google Search Results.

There will be times when you will not have enough Blog Post Ideas. And at times, you will feel that you are not writing your blog post faster.

We all talk about challenges. But why don’t we focus on a few basics here to Rank #1 On Google Search Results?

 I have created this short video to let you know about the basics of Rank #1 On Google Search Results.


10.Celebrate Your Blog

Haven’t you sound that earlier?

Now you are thinking like”I am a new blogger, I am yet to earn a single $ via blogging. I do not dare to celebrate.”

Your approach will come into here.

Let’s get back to day one when you have started your blogging journey.

That day you have taken a decision that you believe is beneficial for your betterment.

How and  why a sudden change in your behavior?

In blogging, do not ever measure success with the money.

All right, the basic concept is clear now. But how to celebrate your blog?

As a new blogger, I faced many challenges while blogging.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find an idea to write about. There will be many technical issues.

All you have to do is discuss your issues, concerns, thinking’s with your blogging buddies.

We all are human beings, and a little bit of validation helps.

I like to talk about my upcoming posts with my friends. I try to get an idea about what they are thinking.

Conduct polls on FB and twitter to find a gap.

Celebrating my blog helps me understand where I am heading.

Final Thoughts

Search Engine optimization is not like the 100-meter sprint race. It’s more like the marathon. To be there is this race for long, you have to create your strategies. 

I have been following these personalities to learn more about blogging, WordPress, SEO, and many other things. You should also check their content.

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Image source @Neilpatel Twitter

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So what are your thoughts about the ten steps that I follow to improve my rankings? Let me know in the comments. 

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    • Thank you, Gururaj for your kind words. Yes, rank math helps a lot for my on-page SEO. However, like every single product, they have certain limitations. It always recommends you to get a plugin for table of contents. That does not make any sense to me. And because of that, I have achieved 96 out of 100 on my Outreach marketing post. I have already marked an email to their team about an explanation. I use elementor pro to design my table of contents after it’s recent updates and I can live with that. Will update you for sure about their reply.

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    SEO never gets easier but that is good because as more people give up, larger the traffic slice for the rest of us.

    • Hey Nikola,
      I just Loved this comment. People tend to go for the shortcuts but they have no clarity about what they are doing and why? I can see this as an opportunity.At least there is something that we can fill up. All the very best with all your future projects. Cheers.

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