11 Simple Ways You Can Write Your Next Blog Post 5x Faster

11 Simple Ways You Can Write Your Next Blog Post 5x Faster

Do you want to write a fantastic blog post fast? Are you looking to hit the publish post button faster? Then stay tuned. You have landed on the correct page.

Now Write A Blog Post Faster with my secrets.

If you have just started your blog in 2020, then you must have been taking much time to find blog post ideas.

I can feel you. And trust me, I have been there before.

In this post, you will know about the 11 simplest way to write any blog post faster as I have shared my best practices here. So, let’s get started. 

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Steps to Write Good Blog Post faster

Are you rushing into your blog posts, and because of that, you are compromising the qualities of your writing? If it is yes, then do not worry.

Blogging requires much multitasking, and at times we try to do everything at the same time.

I remember when I was writing my second blog post from my home, and I was rushing with the keyboards as I wanted to watch one series on Netflix.

Has this ever happened to you? Most of our decisions evolved into our past and the future. And most of us are ignoring the present.

Trust me; it won’t help you in blogging. The least you can do is not inviting more troubles while writing. 

So now, I will be going to share the 11 best practices that helped me to write my blog post faster.

Do you remember the first blog post of mine in 2020?

It was a detailed 4000 plus words guide, and it took me only 3 hours to write that post about Top 10 Proven Ways to Rank #1 On Google Search Results in 2020.

And I will be sharing step by step about the whole writing process which will help you to write your next blog post faster.


STEP 1: Find Blog Post Idea

How do you find your blog post idea? As mentioned in my previous post, I have plenty of ideas to write a blog post.

However, things are not that straightforward when you are writing your first blog post. Many types of research are required. And most of all, you have to be confident that you can provide the best possible value.

Here are the few additional resources that I use to get my next blog post idea. And they are always stand by me.

Let’s explore them.


I am in love with Quora.  It is like a magic wand to me. 

I still remember the days when I was desperate to get web traffics. 

My google search was evolving around keywords like “How to get free traffic?” “How to get cheap traffic?” and things like that.

I knew about quora, but I thought that it would be a complete waste of time as I get very fewer hours for blogging. Why should I write an in-depth answer on quora? I can write it for my blog.

But things got changed very fast, and now Quora is the primary source for my referral traffic.

Apart from giving you web traffics and appreciations, quora also help you to get endless blog topics.

It’s one of the popular question-answer websites, and it’s effortless to get your next blog post ideas by Quora. 

Write a blog post faster
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All you need to do is type the name of the topic as I selected “Convertible Cars.” and it will give you several questions to start with your next blog.

Answer the public

This tool is also getting very popular, and this tool can give you endless questions around your topic. 

Just type the topic, and hundreds maybe thousands of questions will be there in front of you.

Write A Blog Post Fast
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Competitor Analysis

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to get an idea about your next blog post.

If you are someone like me who believes in taking action instead of spending countless hours in researches, then this should be your ultimate goal.

You and your competitor are working in the same niche. And he has already done the hard work by creating his popular post. All you need to do is create better content than him. 

Use the free tool Ubersuggestt and enter the competitor’s domain.

Write A Blog Post fast
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Now you will have access to his top-performing pages. The pages and articles are driving most of the traffic and social shares. I am sure that it will make your blogging tasks easier.

Step 2:Write An Attractive Heading

Enough about the blog post ideas. Its time to move forward. We all know that attractive headings are essential to gain more user attention.

But how to find out that the title you are writing is engaging enough? We can add an odd number and use modifiers like

  • Free
  • Best
  • Top
  • Guide etc

Step 3:Keyword Research

Wait, don’t leave the post. I know that you have heard many opinions about the keyword research till now, and when you try to apply them on a real-time basis, you struggle.

And the people will make you realize that you are wrong. I have been their before.

So as expected, I will only be sharing those steps which can be adopted quickly.

Write a blog post fast
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Image Source https://www.twinword.com/blog/long-tail-short-tail-keywords/

Do you know the differences between a short-tail keyword and long-tail keywords?

I have seen many bloggers ignoring the long-tail keywords.

Now how to find long-tail keywords? And most important, how to identify long-tail keywords?

It’s simple, long-tail keywords are consists of three or more words. An example would be”Best Free Games To Play On Android Phones.”

It’s easy to rank and get more conversion using long-tail keywords.

Now how do we get the long-tail keywords?

write a blog post faster
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So we are getting a hard competition with the short-tail keyword.

So why don’t we use this fantastic feature of Ahrefs and get a few long-tail keywords in less than a minute?

All we need to do is select the keyword difficulty, volume, and word count, boom!

Write a blog post faster
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Try to select 5 to 6 best keywords for your article.

Consider them as your topic and include them in the subheadings.

Yes, you are getting me. I am talking about “Topic Cluster.”

Step 4:Check Top 10 Ranking Articles

I have seen that many new bloggers avoid these steps. Checking the top 10 articles will make your life easy, as those articles are following a standard parameter, and because of that, they are ranking.

Why not follow the best and learn from the best?

There are times when google ranks ordinary content because there is not enough content around that topic.

So you can create a 10X better content and rank quickly.

Let’s share a live example here.

Let us analyze the keyword “Sugar Free Food,” the one we got from the Ahrefs in the above screenshot.

Write a blog post faster
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Did you see the number one result?

A list post is ranking with that keyword. Now you can also create a better list post and rank.

And if any, how to post is ranking them at the top then write a how-to post.

Do check what is missing on those articles and include them and create a better piece.

Step 5:Create The Layout First And Write Later

Many new bloggers do not follow this practice. And this is why they take more time to complete a post.

I understand that you want to write, and you have just got a fantastic thought that will help you to create viral content.

So, you have started writing without thinking of anything else. Is it possible to complete the article quickly?

No, it’s not.

Because you are not following any proper method, all you are doing is writing whatever you need.

And human minds can process many things at the same time, and a slight little distraction can be fatal in your case.

You will forget the context, the kind of message you want to deliver, and eventually, you will stop the writing.

Try to create a layout like this

  • Feature Image(Optional)
  • Title
  • Headings
  • Sub-Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Lists.
  • Images/ Screenshots

It will help you to start writing from where you have left.

Step 6: Collect Images And Optimize

That is why I was focusing on creating a blog post layout. After creating the layout, you will be able to understand which image will justify your post.

So now, action time!

Collect the images and screenshots that you will be using on your blog post.

Don’t forget to compress the images. 

I am using the “Awesome Screenshot.” free chrome extension to take the screenshots and also using https://imageresizer.com/ to compress my images without losing its quality.

I believe I will not have to explain the benefits of compressing images and the process here. The image resizer tool is quite self-explanatory.

Step 7: Write The Article In Free Flow

Start writing once you are done with the layout and collecting images. Don’t break this process.

And now write without any distractions.

Here is the list of things that I recommend you to do while writing your next blog post.

  1. Don’t Include the image/screenshot when you are writing. You can add the name of the image file. And after your writing, upload the file.
  2. Don’t try to finish everything at one go. Try not to read the article while writing; it will reduce your productivity.
  3. Don’t use WordPress editors while writing; I have been using google docs to write any post, as it has an auto-save feature.

Step 8: Time To Add The Images

After you are done with your writing, then add the images.

Make sure you are giving a proper name to your images; it will help search engines to understand the image in a better way.

Do not use filenames like untitled.jpg.

These kinds of names hurt your image SEO

Step 9: Check Grammar and Spellings Now!

And we are in the last part of the article creation process.

I am using the tool Grammarly for checking the spellings and grammar.

I am not a native English speaker, but Grammarly improves my writing and make me sound better each time I am writing something.

You can also get its free chrome extension and check your spellings and grammar.

Please also read the article from start to finish.

It will help you understand the content once again, which can be very helpful while promoting on social media.

11 Things I Follow To Write A Blog Post Faster!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then by now, you must have understood that I believe in sharing real-time examples to make sure it’s doable for others.

Yes, I have given you nine examples before, and anybody can implement them.

But you should also know my best practices which are helping me to write any blog post faster.

01-Research First, Write Later-- How to research?

Research is my favorite thing to do. I love exploring all over the internet and try to find something unique.

But, you can get the research done by just following the top 10 articles.

I am a slow reader, so I took around 4 to 6 hours to research those top 10 results and analyze them and try to find the right keyword.

Make sure you are not writing while you are doing the research.

You may like a point or subject, and it’s very tempting to write those in your article and sounding pro.

Don’t do that. You will invite more and more trouble by doing it.

02-Free-Flow Writing

Free-flow writing is the key to Write A Blog Post Faster.

I usually write during the day time during the weekdays and at midnight at the weekends.

And it helps me to be more productive with my work.

As I said earlier that I do my research before, and in the process of the study, I collect all the required images and screenshots.

It helps me to write in a free flow.

It takes around 4 hours to write a post like this.

Now you must have a question on your mind that what is the ideal environment for writing?

I usually prefer a quiet place while writing, but due to my strange schedule, I can’t get the ideal blogging place every time.

So I start writing whenever there is an opportunity.

You must have noticed that I have not posted anything on this blog for a long time.

It’s because I didn’t get any opportunities to write due to some unavoidable circumstances.

But, I kept creating the outlines and collecting the images.

It gave me a fair understanding of my writing flow. And right now, I have some quality time for writing. So I will write and publish.

03-Write A Blog Post Faster By Writing The Conclusion First

You will found it strange, but it helps at times.

I am not saying that doing this would help you to Write A Blog Post Faster.

But it’s something that helped me many times.

So, why it happened to me? Even after creating the outlines and researches.

Don’t worry, it’s natural.
Maybe you are not attentive while writing the post. It can be a writer’s block as well. In my opinion, it’s a temporary phase.

So, when I get stuck with the writing, I prefer to write the conclusion first.

Because we may not know how to write it now, but we should know how do we want to end this post.

If you are working on a vast niche like me, then you have to explain a lot, and because of that, at times, we get stuck.

So writing the conclusion first helps to write any blog post faster.

04-Want To Write A Blog Post Fast? Then Keep It As Real As Possible!

The things I have shared until now are the best practices to Write A Blog Post, Faster.

It should be the ideal approach. But do we all follow the perfect method?

At times, we could not apply it to our blog. A lot of times, we could not comprehend what the post is all about.

My goal is simple here; this blog is my way to deliver the maximum values, so I am sharing these 11 Best Practices Of Mine.

Comment and let me know if you would like me to share more steps like this, or I can get things done by dividing the key elements.

I am real with my blog, viewers, and my writing. Are you doing the same?

Don’t just add meaningless words without any reason as some SEO experts have told you that you have to write 2000 words post to rank.

Don’t write for the sake of ranking. Write like you are talking to a friend and try to explain your thoughts around that topic.

05-Want To Write A Blog Post Faster? Then Write Daily.

There is no shortcut for this point. You have to write daily to master the art of writing, and it will be going to help you to write faster and more apparent.

I was not fond of writing, but now I write 5000 words every week. It includes writing for this blog, writing on sites like Quora, Medium & Linkedin, and also writing for my clients.

Is it tiring? At times, yes.

But I am developing my writing skills to complete all my writing projects as quickly as possible.

The more you write, the more you know about your writing style and many other things. So write daily.

Try to write 150 to 200 words to express your thoughts and slowly increase the number of words.

Make sure you are using simple language to express your thoughts. It will give you more control over your writing.

06-Involve With Co- Bloggers Helps You To Write Your Blog Post Faster.

During my earlier blogging days, I used to talk to other bloggers to get a direction about my work. I still talk to them, and they always appreciate me for my improvements.

Yes, mistakes are part of life. But, you don’t need to keep on performing the same error on your blog each time.

If you know me personally, then you must have noticed that I love talking to people and try to understand them.

Talk to other bloggers and share your next post idea. Also, tell them in brief about your next project, and how are you trying to justify your thoughts with the real-time examples.

It helps me to create my blog outline faster.

07-Thinking About The End Result

Don’t get me wrong here; I am not asking you to do daydreaming and forget about your blog post.

But, thinking about the end result of my blog post helps me to write it faster. And it also motivates me at the same time.

Don’t lose your focus. If you have any second thoughts on your mind, then think again. It’s always better to remember why you have started.

08-Being Prepared

Preparations help to write a blog post fast. But how should you be prepared to write?

I do a few best practices to write my blog post faster.

Some of them are listed here.

  1. Keyword Research For The Future Posts.
  2. Analyze The Top 10 Articles & Understand Their Way Of Conveying The Message.
  3. Please make Sure That You Are Through With The Topic Before Writing.
  4. If Possible, Implement The Small Steps They Are Mentioning In Their Post And See If That Is Working For you. It Will Help You To Write In-depth Content Easily.

09-Goal Setting

Like everyone, I also took some new year resolutions and out if that one was post frequently on this blog.

So I have written 6 posts so far, and this is the 7th post of this month.

I could have written more, but I believe in setting realistic goals, which helps me to maintain the frequency without compromising the quality of the article.

So, goal setting is most significant if you want to write your blog post fast.
You can take the help of online schedulers like Trello.

It’s super user-friendly, and you can also schedule your pending tasks and manage your upcoming tasks.

Write A Blog Post Faster
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10-Enjoy The Blogging Process

How do you rate yourself as a blogger? Are you still in the struggling phase, or have you eliminated the new blogger fear by now?

Remember, all good things take time, and if you are a new blogger, then it’s not advisable to expect a lot during the first year.

Yes, blogging is a successful career option, but you can not just expect to achieve the things that a blogger with ten years of experience has made.

During the first three months, you will have to face a lot of challenges. It can be on the website. It can be with the traffics. At times, you will feel that nothing is going well for you.

So what would you do? The same thing happened to me while I have started my blogging journey. It was a real test of my courage and patience.

And I have overcome all the obstacles to write a lengthy blog post like this.

Eliminate everything that stops you from blogging and enjoying the process. The best feeling is when you get something unexpected.

11-Take A Break From Writing

You must be thinking that this headline does not make any sense here.

We are talking about Write A Blog Post Faster, and I am advising you to take a break!

Trust me; it helps. Do not exhaust yourself; it hurts productivity — the moment you realize that it’s enough. Lock your system and take a 10 to 15 minutes breather.

Now what will you do at that time, it’s entirely up to you. I browse Spotify, Netflix, and Prime videos to chill. Let me know in the comments about your favorite pass-time.

Final Words

So, I have tried to share everything that I could so that you do not face any challenges while writing your next blog post.

And I believe that if you are not following these processes now, then you will see the difference in your writing speed and accuracy.

Let me know is there any other process that you follow to Write A Blog Post Faster?

And don’t forget to comment and let me know how much time would you take to write and publish an article like this?

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26 thoughts on “11 Simple Ways You Can Write Your Next Blog Post 5x Faster”

  1. Chayan discloses all his blogging secrets on his blog generally to help everyone improve…

    That’s a high level of professionalism. When you give more, you get much…

    Most bloggers would keep their blogging tactics and success secrets to themselves, feeling readers are competitors.

    I love you.

    From this post, I found out I was lagging in some key areas like how to use quora for blog ideas and traffic.

    I confirmed, everything he said in this guide is based on his personal experience which works.

    I know this because I also practise some of the strategies contained thereof.

    Please, keep up the good work.

    I wish you best of luck in all your endeavors.

    Much love from Nigeria

  2. Hi Chayan,
    wonderful post here.
    Writing faster is quit necessary when you’re a one man team and have so much to do. Then you must learn to write faster or you will never make substantial progress.
    For me, the game changer has been that I research the the topic like crazy, so that I really know it inside and out, and then I create a solid outline.
    After that, the article is a breeze and content almost fills itself.

  3. Chayan Chakrabarti sir, thankyou for your super amazing and easy to apply ideas for fast content writing. The clear explanation of tools as well as their applications helped a lot to understand your strategies. I will definitely apply these incredible technics in my blog.

  4. Hey Chayan

    One Again you did a great job with this detailed guide on how to write blog post faster. Its amazing.. Got some new ideas from this guide. Will share this amazing guide with my fb group for sure.

    Thanks and appricate your high efforts for this.


  5. Hey Chayan,

    In my opinion, a good blog post is all about one good topic, good ideas and one interesting story. If you want to make your title super hit it must be interesting, descriptive and engaging.

    Keyword research is considered as crucial when you want to develop magnetic field. Eventually, thanks for exploring your informative experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  6. Chayan,

    Such a explanatory article to come up with a stunning posts. Answer The Public is an awesome tool that tweaks anyone’s thought-process with exciting questions (nothing but it reveals the user intent). A perfect content is one matches the search intent. Great Ideas!

    • Hey Jessica,
      It feels great to see your comment on this post. Writing A Blog Post Faster was one of my biggest challenges when I have started my blogging journey. I had to run from the pillars to posts just to create a blog post. And this post contains the simplest way that can help anyone to write more effectively. I am glad that you have liked this article.

  7. Hello Chayan,

    Great Post. Writing a post quickly is very tough jo especially for the newbies. You have shared some great tips and facts here to write quickly. However, Practicing makes you perfect. In my early days of blogging, I used to practice to write 1000 words daily. It will definitely hone your writing skills. Amazing Post.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  8. Hey Chayan,

    Informative insights or techniques you shared here about to write post fast. I completely agree that Quora and AnswerThePublic are the best platforms to get quality post ideas and referral web traffic as well.

    Thanks for sharing detailed information that helps to write a blog post faster and catchy.

  9. Awesome job as always brother. I find just focusing on hitting a time mark – like, write a post in 14 minutes, or something like that – keeps me on point. I can write 500 words in about 10 minutes roughly. 600 in 12. And a little more, in 15. But going slowly enough to let ideas flow, and fast enough to write quickly, seems to be the sweet spot for me. Tough to find that balance sometimes.


    • Hey Ryan,
      Thanks, A Lot Bro For The Comment. I Need The Ideas To Flow In Order To Provide Better Creative Stuff. These Things Are Helping Me To Write Content On A Daily Basis. Thanks For The Inspiration As Always

  10. The way you lay out the whole post is incredible.
    That’s how you can create the best content that people love to read, this is how you can lower the bounce rate as well (SEO purpose).
    I like the idea of analyzing top 10 results and also the criteria of keywords researching in Ahrefs.

    There are things that can attract while writing the post and thus you find yourself investing more time in writing, in this way you’re not investing instead you’re wasting your time. So I create outline first and then sit alone close all the other browser tabs so I can focus on my work.

    Such an awesome post.


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