Hostfizia Review. Is This The Best Affordable Cloud Hosting For Beginners?

Today we will review the brand new cloud hosting hostfizia in this hostfizia review.

I will be sharing the initial experiences.Choosing a good Webhosting is crucial for your initial blogging success. And if you select a terrible hosting provider, that can be fatal. But do not worry. There’s always a second chance.

Let’s get started with this review of hostfazia

Why Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting works on integrated servers, and it can deliver you the best possible speed. Hostfzia only offers cloud services at a very economical rate.

Here are some benefits that you can get while hosting on a cloud server

  • Low Cost
  • Data Security
  • Scale Easily
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Control

It has been seen that the website hosted on cloud hosting gets an edge over its competitors.

Hostfizia Review
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Hostfizia Cloud Hosting At A Glance

I have seen many new bloggers do not move to wordpress as they can’t afford the custom domain and hosting.

Most of the new bloggers I meet; they are under the age of 18. They do not have any fixed income or revenue that they can use to buy hosting.

So if you are someone who has not to start a blog yet because you can not afford the hosting, then you can surely check out hostfizia.

The hostfizia servers are powerful and fast as any other cloud hosting. And the best part, it can handle the large amount of traffic at any point in time.
They are claiming about 99.99% uptime. They also have taken care of the security issues.

Along with that, you will be getting 24*7 support. And their response is pretty quick.

As you all know, I am someone with zero technical knowledge and expertise, and because of that, I had a terrible experience with my first ever hosting provider (Bluehost).

So you need to keep these things in mind if you are going to get a web hosting plan for the first time.

Hostfizia Features

Hostfizia is a new brand. But like every other great brand, they are also very clear about their offerings. At-least, they have the intent to do so.
Here are some cool features that we have found about hostifizia hosting.

Hostfizia Review
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Some of the key features that I like about them are:

  • One-Click Auto Installation
  • Cloud Based Hosting
  • Safe To Use
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team
  • Free Migration
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • User-Friendly Interface

One-Click Auto Installation

Are you a tech-savvy person? Well, I am not. I know about wordpress and designing stuff a few years back, and I still see I am lagging.

And when I started my first ever blog, I was so confused with this technical stuffs that I used to forget the main reason to start a blog.

And the person like me loves the one-click installation process. And these days, its almost standard with any hosting provider nowadays. So they are looking good so far.

So with this one-click auto installation, you will be able to install cms like WordPress and Drupal.

Hostfizia Review
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Cloud Based Hosting

If you are in the web hosting space for some time, you will understand that cloud hosting will be the future—the best thing it can do to reduce the page loading time. And as you all know that page loading speed is also a ranking factor.

Lets watch this video to understand how to choose and change a hosting.

Safe To Use

The word safety has been in the center of the attraction for these days. When we see recent online activities, it scares us. But as a non-techie, how much can we control if you are someone with web designing skills and passion, you are welcome to try that, but as a business owner, it’s not recommended.

So stay away with downloading those nulled and cracked themes and plugins and follow the hostfizia support. You won’t have to worry about safety.

hostfizia review
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Affordable Pricing

Do you think that you have to pay a lot to get a decent hosting?

I have used and tested around 20 hostings so far, premium hosting like kinsta, wpx. To a local hosting and midrange were hosting like Greengeeks,siteground, and A2Hosting.

You can expect this kind of performance.

Hostfizia Reviews
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And they are providing a premium looking service that costs even less than a large pizza and coke.

HostFizia Reviews
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Dedicated Customer Service Team

Simplefactsonline is now hosted with the siteground, and I have my reasons for that. But the one thing about them that influenced me was their support.

I was almost sold when I chatted with their support.

We are paying around $100 to $120 yearly for siteground. Many people can not afford that.

Here you have a cheaper alternative and get the best bang for the bucks.

Free Migration

Another standard yet premium feature. All you need to do is let their customer service team know that you are migrating. And they will take care of the rest.

Hostfizia Review
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Money Back Gurrantee

Hostfizia is legit; hence they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee with all the plans. Even if you contact them on the 29th day for the money back, you will get it without any questions asked.

Hostfizia Reviews
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User-Friendly Interface

Hostfiza hosting plans come with this generalize free cpanel. Which is very easy to operate, and you can do customization with ease.

Hostfizia Reviews
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Final Words

In this digital era, you need a custom domain and hosting name to create your brand.

Remember one thing; you will have to upgrade your web hostings much time based on your business requirements, so if you are a non-techie like me and do not have much budget to spend on a web-hosting. Then Hostfizia is the cheapest option for you.

Let me know your thoughts about Hostfizia. And share this article with your new blogger friend so that they can understand the things to be considered before buying any web hosting.

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5 thoughts on “Hostfizia Review. Is This The Best Affordable Cloud Hosting For Beginners?”

  1. Hi Chayan

    Recently, I observed a lot of fellow bloggers shared reviews on Hostfizia hosting and that made me check out your post.

    Undoubtedly, Cloud hosting provides comparatively better performance. And like you mentioned above, Hostfizia plans start at only 500 INR per month, makes it a good option for beginners looking for high performance.

    Thanks for letting us know about a new affordable hosting provider.
    Amit Garg

  2. Hi Chayan,
    first time I hear of Hostfizia. Are they good? I’m currently hosting with HostPapa, and they are good too. But it’s shared hosting and I want something more powerful for my blog.

    I will look into Hostfizia further.
    Thank you Chayan!


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