Why Did I Leave BlueHost Hosting In Less Than A Year(The Complete Case Study)

I believe that from my title, you have guessed today’s topic. It’s about my decision of leaving Bluehost web-hosting. Why did I leave Bluehost  hosting?

A decent website hosting can take your business to a different level, but it’s almost impossible to decide a good web hosting as a beginner.

And that creates all the chaos.

A new blogger or webmaster will always go for the cheapest hosting or the most popular web hosting.

And I also followed the same trend and choosed Bluehost web hosting when I started. And I kid you not; I paid around $200 to get their three years plan.

Yes, I was ignorant. And I thought taking three years plan will be more convenient.

Forget convenience, Bluehost was incompetent to fix what they were supposed to fix. Let’s get into the details.

Things Made Me Leave Bluehost Hosting

I need to give you guys a small heads up before I discuss the cons of Bluehost hosting. I have seen many positive reviews and feedbacks about Bluehost.

And their advertisements were eye-catching too. That’s the main reason for choosing Bluehost hosting.

In August 2019, I opted for their plan after reading one review article. Now I know that the article was intended to drive affiliate sales.

Which is fine, it was me who did not analyze or compare other hostings before purchasing the first one, here are a few limitations that stayed with my ten months Bluehost tenure.

  • No Dedicated WordPress Support
  • No Default Security Plan
  • Slow Page Loading Speed
  • Incompetent Support
  • No Proper Service Level Agreement

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No Dedicated WordPress Support

Yes, you are correct, whenever I encountered an issue with my site, I was replied one canned response. Which was”We Have Limited Expertise With WordPress.”

Could you believe that? More than 90% of bloggers use wordpress, and they do not have any support for wordpress.

A few months back, I lost a few posts. And it took me an hour so that they can do a backup and restore.

Yes, I know that there are back up plugins that can help you to track and perform backups with ease. But, I thought if someone is charging me more than $100, I should get a few essential services.

Let’s share another instance; sometimes, I was not able to upload an image. And that took me an hour to resolve via chat. Let’s see how their chat team works.

Leave Bluehost Hosting
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Your Site Can Be Hacked AnyTime

Trust me; I am not exaggerating. I intend to share the facts. So in December 2019, I discovered something like this.

Leave Bluehost Hosting
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There was a malware attack on my website, and because of that, my homepage was redirected to a phishing site. I again contacted their support. And I was informed that website security does not come with my default plan.

So I had to sign up with their partner sitelock and paid around $100 to remove the malware and make my site up and running. This is how a ripoff looks like.

Slow Page Loading

I was ignorant while choosing web hosting; I did not know my requirements before selecting the host.

But that does not mean I will get unacceptably slow speed even after spending more than $150. And I get only one reply when I asked for the solution, ” Upgrade Your Plan.”

Incompetent Support

Bluehost Support Rating By SimpleFactsOnline

Ask a simple thing to the Bluehost support, and they take forever to reply. If you are with Bluehost and thinking that they are researching your issue, then I suppose you might be wrong.

They will reply to a few more customers like you.

I am giving 2.5 stars to them as they kept me waiting for every single question that I have asked.

No Proper Service Level Agreement

Those who are not familiar with the service level agreement term, I would like to make them aware that its nothing but a jargon that use by customer service management; it’s the same as the time taken to give a resolution.

But it was different with Bluehost, forget about 24 hours and 48 hours turn around time, in some cases, they bluntly said: “We Can Not Commit Any Time.”

I Was Clueless About Difference Between Shared Hosting And Managed Hosting

If you are new into the wordpress, then I am sure that you must have a lot of questions about web hostings.

I don’t want to go with many technicalities here and try to explain the difference between the shared hosting and managed to host in a more straightforward language.

In a shared hosting plan, your site share resources with other sites on the same server where a managed wordpress hosting can give you more features and flexibilities.

And I did not know these before choosing Bluehost, which is why I opted for their three years plan.

Why Didn't I Leave Bluehost Hosting Before?

You guys must have started thinking that this is a useless review and this fellow is just exaggerating.

Well, you are a free soul, and I do not claim to control your thoughts. I am sharing my experience here as a Bluehost customer.

Understand one thing here; I paid around $200 to them with my savings with the notion that they will help me with any issues related to websites as they claim that they have an award-winning support system.

I want to meet the guy who awarded them.

Now let’s get back to my journey with Bluehost. Why didn’t I leave Bluehost hosting before?

Well, I would say that I used it as long as I could. And after a lot of hassle, I was able to get an alternative. So I was living with that. I will be honest here, and I do think that some problems could have been avoided if I was a bit more technical.

I did not leave Bluehost because I thought that migrating to a new host can bring a lot of challenges. So I kept using their crappy service, and I felt that eventually, everything would be fine.

Why Did I Leave Bluehost Hosting Now?

Now, what exactly happened that I lost my cool and decided that the first thing I will be doing is changing the host? Excited? Let’s get into the details.

So I was using Bluehost with the paid plugins and cdn’s to make it work more efficiently. And then this happened, which made be so annoyed.

Leave Bluehost Hosting
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If you are already a part of the Digital Marketing Forum, then you must know the reason.

I was trying to publish the silo structure guide and after publishing the post was not showing all the contents that I have written on my editor.

I have chatted around 6 to 7 hours (In 3 Days) with Bluehost to fix this, and each time they came up with something else. And instead of fixing one issue, they have created. Then I finally I gave up and migrated the hosting.

Who Should Choose Bluehost Web- Hosting?

If you have good knowledge with technical stuff related to web hosting or if you are someone who can spend countless hours chatting with their support.

Then you can go to Bluehost. However, if you someone like me who is a non-techie and value your time, then you should go through with this article once again.

I am not defaming them because I don’t like them. I was proactive enough to understand the root cause of those issues, even if I didn’t know about them. But some people are suffering from Bluehost inspite of all the knowledge they have.

It’s not progressive at all—another reference for you.

Leave Bluehost Hosting
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Post Credit :https://thegemsbok.com/

Final Words

I have tried to compile as many information I can to justify my decision of leaving Bluehost hosting.

Let me know what do you think about my decision.

How do you like to rate my patience out of 5? If you are promoting Bluehost for their lucrative affiliate commission, and do not use it daily, then I would like to inform you that I never recommended Bluehost to anyone and I won’t do the same in the future.

Do you want to know which host I have migrated to? You will soon see a detailed review of that.

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11 thoughts on “Why Did I Leave BlueHost Hosting In Less Than A Year(The Complete Case Study)”

  1. Hello Chayan,

    Yes, Bluehost is a part of EIG group and seriously not a reliable web hosting provider. I have personally see that you are struggling with a lot of issues. I am happy that you have move to a good and reliable hosting provider. A Poor web hosting can ruin your online business seriously. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. Hello Chayan Bro

    Not only BlueHost, I left Go Daddy hosting in less than a year!!!

    I have three websites and all are with Hostgator with no issues and extraordinary customer care to help you when needed.

    Only due to some Affiliate Marketing BlueHost Survives.

    I condemn The Affiliate Marketer Mr MangaRaj of Blogging Q&A because of whom I wasted my money on BlueHost .

    I shall be with Hostgator always (I am not Affiliate Marketer Of Hostgator!!!)

  3. Happy to hear that bro, you migrated from blue host. I’m so happy for you. Being an customer, you have every right to put your genuine view. I came to know that their support was tragic and not helpful for you.

    Well done for bringing it front of everyone. I hope your post will help everyone to improve. No doubt blue host is a trusted brand. I hope they will seriously look after their support system and make it better for everyone.

  4. Hello Chayan,

    This is best best for those who planning to buy a blue host. They can now easily make decisions either they choose blue host or no.

    Thanks for giving true and valuable opinion on bule host hostong. All most all the company are doing same things. Before buying and after few months thaey shows their reality.

    BTW, it very helpful for beginner. Thanks for sharing and keep growing.



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