An Interview with Anil Agarwal: Founder of

Hey guys, welcome to another Interview Of Our Interview Series.

We have started this interview series to give you an insight into Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO, and many more things.

And today, we have a seasoned blogger with us.

Anil Agarwal is an inspiration to me. He started blogging as a part-time blogger, but eventually, he moved into the fulltime blogging, and now he `is considered to be one of the top bloggers.

Let’s start this interview with Anil Agarwal and learn new things. I am excited. Are you?

Interview Anil Agarwal

#1 For Our Readers Can You Tell A Little About Yourself?

Answer:  Chayan, thanks a lot for inviting me on your blog.

Those who don’t know me yet, let me share a few things about me.

My name is Anil Agarwal and I own a couple of blogs which include and I started working on BloggersPassion in 2010 and HostingMonks was started in 2019.

Currently we are able to generate $10,000 plus revenue from these two blogs every month (80% to 90% revenue comes from BloggersPassion alone). Most of this revenue was coming from affiliate product selling.

But recently we started selling our own eBooks and SimpleFactsOnline readers can check our first eBook on keyword research from here.

If you ask about my professional experience, I was working as an SEO manager for one of the top companies in India and I had 15 years of experience in the SEO domain. 

For the last two years, I’ve been working on my blogs full time and have few team members as well who are helping me with different blogging needs.

#2 How Have You Come Up With The Name Bloggerspassion?

Answer:  Chayan, let me tell you the exact story behind BloggersPassion domain.

After selling my first blog around blogging in 2009 via for $35,000, I was looking to start a new blog towards the end of 2009.

At that time, one of my online connections was owning blog and was selling it. 

He was selling it as he got a government job and he was not interested in continuing it.

At that time, I purchased this domain and few content that guy has put on this blog for INR 25,000.

#3 Your Blogging Journey So Far?

Answer:  After completing my MCA course from a small college, I got my first job as a SEO trainee in 2005.

After a couple of years, I started using free blogging platforms like and for creating backlinks for the websites I was working on.

This was the time I first started using blogs.

Later I set up a couple of blogs on platform and kept working on them for two years. I was monetizing them through Google Adsense only.

In 2007 I started my first self hosted blog which I sold in 2009. That blog does not exist now.

In 2010, I started working on and continued doing all kinds of blogging related activities on it for the next five years.

After that, I started outsourcing some content related tasks from the money I was making from it.

I was reinvesting a good amount of money that I was making from this blog to take it to the next level.

From 2017, We started getting good revenue from this blog. In 2017, we made $65,000 and in 2018 we made $106,000. We were able to generate $125,00 plus revenue in 2019.

In Jan 2019, we started a new project around web hosting solutions at, which is getting better in terms of traffic and revenue with time.

#4 Please Share The Primary Revenue Streams For Your Blog.

Answer:  Primary revenue source for the last four years was affiliate product selling.

Till now most of our revenue comes from affiliate marketing.

But now, we started creating our own products. We started with eBooks and plan to launch a few more premium eBooks this year.

And hopefully we will get into courses from next year.

We are going to explore all revenue potential around eBooks this year.

#5 When Have You Decided That You Will Be A Full-Time Blogger?

Answer:   Couple of years back, I left my day job and took blogging as a full time career. 

After doing blogging for so many years side by side, it became really difficult for me to manage my job, family and blogging together.

I left my job to take my blogging career to the next level and at the same time, make things easier for myself.

#6 Your Blogging Inspirations.

Answer:  When I started blogging, I was really motivated by the popularity and influence of guys like Amit Agarwal and Darren Rowse.

These days, I take inspiration from all those guys who are doing really well in blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing domains. 

I read their blogs and watch videos to improve my blogging and affiliate marketing skills.

#7 Your Strongest Skill In Blogging?

Answer:   One thing I have been good at for so many years has been search engine optimization.

Rest of skills I’m trying to become good at. 

Every now and then I try to find different ways to generate more revenue from affiliate product selling.

Recently started creating videos as well. So trying to get out of my comfort zone by doing videos.

This year, I’m trying to learn Facebook ads and want to become good with them.

E-Book marketing is one thing we never did in the past. We will try to become pro at eBook creation and selling.

Our blog should become a resource guide for all those bloggers who want to create and sell their own eBooks.

We will be creating lots of education contents around eBook marketing.

#8 I Am Personally A Big Fan Of Your Quora Answers. Any Tips For The Beginners On Quora?

Answer: Those of your blog audience who are on Quora can connect me from here.

To get success with Quora, we should find relevant questions and answer them to the best of your knowledge.

If an answer requires too much detail and if you have already written about it on your blog, there is no harm in linking to that content as part of your answer.

What kind of questions to answer:

  • Go for the questions that have a good following and answers ration.
  • Try to find the questions that are answered by top authors in relevant categories.
  • Try to find high traffic questions from Google search.

Actually I have done a video around what kind of questions to reply on Quora to drive targeted traffic to our blogs here:


#9 The Most Awaited Question Is Coming Your Way! Blog Vs. Youtube In 2020. What Do You Choose And Why?

Answer:  For me my blog will always be primary. YouTube is Google’s property.

We don’t have full control over things there.

YouTube is just one more channel for me to spread words about me, my blog and my contents.

Same is the case with Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc channels.

#10 How Can A Blogger Plan Investment On His Blog? I Remember When I Started, I Was Under The Impression That A Domain And Hosting Is Enough To Make Money Online.

Answer:  Even now, we can start a blog by buying a domain and hosting from an affordable host.

We can try creating a logo from our end and can start with a free theme.

To begin with, we should aim at doing most blogging related activities from our end.

And once we start earning money from our blog, we should reinvest that money in our blog to improve it.

#11 Your Feedback About Simplefactsonline.

Answer:  Chayan, your blog design is awesome and content quality is also excellent.

The only thing I did not like are those Adsense widgets. They are bringing down the look and feel of your blog to a great extent. Harming the user experience as well. 

You cannot make much with Adsense widgets in the blogging niche. You should try to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing or try to sell your own products.

#12 Your Message To Our Readers. Most Of Them Have Just Started Their Blogging Journey Or Planning To Start Their First Blog In 2020.

Answer:  I would suggest them continue blogging and don’t waste your valuable time here and there.

Use that time to improve your blogging skills and write more and more content on your blog.

Most importantly, don’t lose hope and stay motivated.

Don’t kill your blog. Consider it as your baby and keep improving it. Soon you will see the success.

Best of luck for your blogging journey.

So this was it about the interview with Anil Agarwal. Thanks a lot, Anil, for managing your time and show up here.

Yes, I also do not like those ad-widgets, Google ads are here for the time being, but soon you all will see a new homepage of simplefactsonline.

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15 thoughts on “An Interview with Anil Agarwal: Founder of”

  1. Wow what a nice interview conducted by anil and chayan. I love you guys. I was able to grab something useful through this interview. Thank you anil for sharing this valuable information. Thank you chayan for your determination to succeed. I love you guys

  2. Hello Chayan,

    Awesome Interview of Anil bro. I personally know him and follow his blog from past few years. His blog is fill up with lots of information that help newbies to learn more about blogging and SEO. I have learned many SEO strategies from his blog. He is really an awesome guy. Thanks for sharing this amazing interview with us.

  3. Wonderful interview with Anil, Chayan.
    I learned a lot from him over the years and the man just keep on giving. H’e a knowledge and a blogging machine.

    Anyway, keep bringing awesome people on interviews here. Can’t wait to read another one.

  4. Hey Chayan,

    Glad to see this Interview on your blog.

    You have nailed interview questions very well and Anil bro also replied excellently. Anil bro journey is true inspiring.

    Also as mentioned by Anil bro, If possible try to remove Google AdSense or place ads on limited selective places.

    I would love to suggest you to please refer Amit Agrawal’s blog… He is crushing Google AdSense.

    Also another option you can try Ads from Ezoic than Google AdSense. CPM is very high there but only limitations of application approval as that they need a 10K+ consistent traffic.

    To get more details on this I would suggest you to connect with Sumit Bansal bro..from TrumExcel and CraftOfBlogging as he recently share Ezoic updates on his FB group.

    Else affiliate marketing is always best in Blogging niche.

    Amol Chavan | Founder of Growthfunda

  5. Hi Chayan,
    Thanks for sharing this interview.
    We always get to learn something new from our guru Anil Agarwal.
    I have also joined his Facebook group and he shares tons of useful there.
    Keep up the good work buddy! 🙂 🙂


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