An Exclusive Interview With Kedar Gajanan Madan. The 22 years old YouTube content creator

An Exclusive Interview With Kedar Madan
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Welcome to interview with simplefactsonline. An exclusive interview with a 22 years old youtube content creator Kedar Gajanan Madan

An Exclusive Interview With Kedar Madan
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An Exclusive Interview With Kedar Madan

Welcome to the interview with simplefactsonline. Let our readers know about yourself?

Answer: Firstly, thank you so much for featuring me on your website. It’s a great joy to share my journey with you all. My name is Kedar Gajanan Madan. I am 22 years old, a YouTube content creator. I recently have finished my graduation under the BCA faculty. I hail from Dombivali, and I believe in ” Start where you are, with what you have, make something of it, and never be satisfied.”

Why did you open a youtube channel?

Previously we (me and my channel partner Prathamesh )were having a movie review channel, but due to some personal reasons, we had to close it.

I always had a particular corner for acting in my heart. So one beautiful day I discussed with Prathamesh that we should do something different, something which has no end and then we came up with our channel pk vlogster.

The channel started with my vlogging I started creating blogs but then again we realized that no this thing is limited and we wanted to do something different than this and then Prathamesh and me finally we decided to create a channel which will give entertainment, comedy and many more things which will bring laughter on people’s faces.

I know this journey was full of ups and downs but as I said I believe in the start where you are with what you have, and now here we have pk Vlogster, which beliefs in the sole motto to bring joy to people with its comic content.

Money or fame? What do you want to accomplish from youtube?

Both the things, Fame and money, are necessary and are incomplete without each other.

If you don’t have Fame on YouTube, you won’t have a source of income, but our prime focus is on Fame. After all, who won’t like to be a recognized personality?

If you have Fame, then you have several sources of income because the payoff from Youtube in 2019 is meager.

Youtube as a career? What do you think?

There was a time when YouTube was the best platform for creators to make a full-time career. However, as time is passing by, YouTube policies have also changed dramatically.

The ad revenues nowadays are almost negligible, and these are not just my words, but several popular content creators also have the same opinion about this so I would advise my friends who are trying to start a channel on YouTube or who already have one like us and are struggling for it , please don’t consider YouTube as a full time career.

Use it as a part-time or as a hobby and make your YouTube channel a marketing source for your business or brand and use it as a source where you can promote your brand or business.

How do you share your videos?

Promotion plays a vital role in YouTube. You should know your audience, and there should be multiple promotional sources.

Use all the possible sources where you interact with people. Use social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp to share your videos.

Join the groups or community on Facebook which have the same taste like your channel and share on those groups or communities and always note down from where you are getting the traffic so it would be easier for you to share and promote the content.

How to increase watch time and subscribers on youtube?

Exceeding 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers are the new eligibility criteria by YouTube to avail AdSense benefits, but it’s a challenging task for original creators.

Increasing the watch time is possible, but for that, your content should have an appealing quality.

It should encourage viewers to watch the complete videos, and you should be regular when it comes to uploading the videos because consistency is the key if you are consistent, you will start attracting more and more subscribers.

Also, you should adequately promote your videos. The content should have the quality to impress the audience.

What motivates you to upload videos every day?

I won’t be able to upload videos every day as it takes time to write a good script, but yes, nowadays we are consistent.

We upload one video per week and what motivates us is the response we get from the subscribers through comments, messages, likes, views, or in the form of new subscribers.

As I said I am a part-time YouTuber, so it is not possible to write a script, shoot, edit and publish every day, but yes we have some other plans as well where the audience may get to see two videos per week.

We are working on it as of now, and all this was possible because of the motivation and enthusiasm from the audience.

How to get monetary benefits from youtube? When monetization is not enabled of a channel?

Yes, this is something I would love to talk about.

Every creator gives his best to create the content. His efforts should be adequately paid off. Monetization is the only benefit, is a complete myth.

In 2019, there are many possible ways to earn from YouTube. You can try affiliate marketing as it is the easiest way of earning.

Another way which I do recommend is sponsorship. Try getting some sponsors for your videos, for your content, create your brand. It could be anything. Sell your products and merchandise.

Use YouTube as a marketing platform as it is the easiest and the best way to promote your business and ideas.

How to do video SEO?

Video SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization I call it as the backbone of content because this decides the promotion of the video.

There are many factors to do video SEO. A catchy title is the first step – your video title should be memorable, unique, short, and sweet and of course, relevant to the content.

The second step is the thumbnail-your video thumbnail should appeal the viewers to click on your video. That doesn’t mean you should mislead the content.

Your thumbnail should be catchy enough to make someone curious to know what will be the content inside. These things are the backbone of content.

Another thing is the keywords. You should use an appropriate online keyword generator which helps you to select the most used keywords.

Same goes with the tags -you can create the tags which are relevant to the content by making proper use of this video SEO.

One can observe the progress in viewers traffic engagement on the channel on the implementation of video search engine optimization.

Adsense vs other ad networks?

Google Ad-Sense is a product which is used to generate the revenues from your content. It makes the revenue from the ads displayed on your video.

However, according to the new policy, the upcoming channels will have to surpass 4000 hours watch time, and they should have 1000 subscribers.

The revenue nowadays from YouTube is almost negligible. There are many other ad networks for youtube monetization like BridTv, BroadbandTv, AdRev, FullScreen, Makers Studio, etc. but they have their terms and conditions.

So if you are looking for some ad network, then Google AdSense is only the one worth the trust.

Although AdSense has a 45/55 split program what I suggest is start getting sponsorship for your channel. Today every small startup company looks out at YouTube channels to promote their brand.

So try that your channel should have at least 20000 subscribers and 50,000 or more views on each video to get a decent sponsorship.

Another thing is to make your product brand for business and use YouTube as a promoting medium for it.

How to get more youtube views?

This is a question for every big or small YouTube channel, the views on their videos. As a content creator, you can never get satisfied with the video views you get, and that’s a good thing as it inspires you to work harder every second.

There are thousands of videos which get uploaded on YouTube every day. So your video should be secure with search engine optimization.

Here is where the SEO comes into the picture. Proper use of keywords, tags, promotion, title, thumbnail helps you to get more views on your videos.

However, new creators shouldn’t worry. Every experienced creator has faced this phase, so be consistent while uploading the videos, do proper SEO, and the most important thing is to believe in creating quality content.

Your future plans? Any new channel you want to create?

For now, there are no such plans to create a new YouTube channel, but I do have several ideas regarding my current channel.

Many things are running in my head. I intend to make some collaborations, web series, short films.

And also I plan to have a startup of my own, and in future, I dream of having a small home Studio production of my own, and I am also working on it to make it real.

Do you follow the famous YouTubers? Name the top 10 youtubers?

I do follow many youtubers. But there is no such thing as top followed youtubers for me.

I just follow them , get inspired by them and try to learn the new ideas and improve my content.

  • Bhuvan Bam ( Bb ki vines)
  • Ajey Nagar ( Carry Minati)
  • Harsh Beniwal
  •  Ashish Chanchlani
  • Nick ( Be You Nick)
  • Lilly Singh ( Superwoman)
  • Love Rudraksh ( I just love his dedication)

  • NigaHiga
  • Sandeep Maheshwari
  •  Prasad Vedpathak (UIC /UIC Vlogs)

There are many but these 10 are on my favorite list.

Do you think youtube India is providing enough support to its creators?

Well, I think YouTube India is providing enough support to its creators by arranging creator camps, by giving opportunities to utilize the free space by organizing the YouTube fanfest.

YouTube always appreciates bright and new talent. It’s just that we have to be unique from others. Our content should be classic, and it should have an appealing quality.

So yes, YouTube India is working hard to support the Indian creators.

And I think in 2019 has been an excellent year for many Indian creators who have achieved great achievements and accreditations.

Your final words to our readers? Most of them are trying to create their youtube channel.

My friends, I am someone like you who is also struggling to achieve a place for myself in the world of YouTube.

There will be many ups and downs in this journey but don’t lose your hope. Focus on your content.

Try to improve it to make it the best. You should be satisfied first with your content and should be confident enough then and then only it will entertain the people.

Don’t chase fake Views or try to purchase views it won’t help. It may also terminate your channel. Just be genuine, be real because that’s what audience love. Your content should be actual, and it should have quality.

Furthermore, remember, don’t take YouTube as a full-time career take it as a hobby of part-time and use it as a medium to promote your brand of merchandise and if you think you are not getting what you want, don’t give up.

Get up and start again with full passion. Look out for the best in you and work on it. Your success will be yours one day and yes do remember

“Start where you are, With what you have, make something of it and never be satisfied.”

Thank you, simplefactsonline, for giving me this opportunity. You are doing a great job by not just interviewing the big brands but also the beginners.

I feel so happy to share my thoughts with you. I have explored other interviews and other content of the website as well.

What I think is that you are doing a fantastic job and I request everyone to kindly read all the other interviews also and share it to everyone so they could even get inspired by this.

I wish you all the best.

My Youtube Channel

Pk Vlogster (

An Exclusive Interview With Kedar Madan. I am happy that he desired to share his story with us. We had a little chat while working on this interview.

He has a fascinating story. He started vlogging in 2016 he used to shoot mostly his college events. But he always wanted to make it large. He wanted to be an entertainer. So he started created funny entertainment videos with his buddy Prathmesh.

The journey wasn’t smooth. However, he didn’t lose his focus and kept on delivering more.

A similar kind of story like simplefactsonline, right?

We can not control most of the things in our life. However, if we can concentrate on what we have instead of what we do not have, that can help us to get more.

Comment down below, if you have any questions for Kedar.

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Started your online venture, and want to share your story? Share your details, and we will get back to you.

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