How to grow in blogging and youtube? An interview with Satish Kushwaha, one of the best content creators in India

In this interview with Kushwaha, we will know about the obscure facts about Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Youtube.

If you are planning to start your blog and youtube in 2020, then this is a must-read for you.

Satish is one of the humble creators I have been getting in touch with. Despite being so successful, he is grounded.

He is a content machine and delivers quality content faster.
Let’s start this interview without further adieu.

Benefits Of Reading This Interview

  1.  Know The Digital Marketing Trends.
  2. Blogging Vs Youtube.
  3. How To Produce Quality Content On Time.
  4. How to Plan And Re-Purpose Your Content.
  5. Youtube SEO.
  6. Manage Schedule For Multiple Channels.
  7. Competitor Analysis.

1) Welcome to Simplefactsonline, We Know That You Need No Introduction. But For Our Readers, Please Tell Us Something About Yourself?

Answer: First of all, thank you so much for featuring me. Happy to be here. About my introduction, I am a content creator on youtube. I have four different channels. Three of them are running successfully. The first channel is Satish Kushwaha is known for entertaining videos and comedies. The second one is Satish k videos. It’s more of a lifestyle vlog.

Along with that, I interview successful people and share motivational videos over there. The third one is fitness fighters, where I don’t show my face. However, I manage the contents. My brother and trainer face the camera.

Apart from that, I had started my blogging when I was in college. I am a part-time blogger now. That same blog still drives the traffic, and I am working on that same blog currently .techyukti. It’s a Hindi technical blog where we share technical updates. We have hired a content writer to manage that blog.

2)When Have You Decided To Start Your Youtube Channel?

Answer: It was in my mind. I wanted to be famous and started following youtube from an early age. I used to observe it rigorously.

One beautiful day I have seen the upload option. And the rest is history.

 I guessed that if download means saving something on our device, then upload should be adding something on our own. 

So I clicked on upload and recorded my first video. In 2009 when I published the first video just like that. 

Later I have realized that you can earn money with youtube and make a living. So I have started seriously working with youtube from 2015.

3) You Are Running Multiple Channels And Actively Publishing Content On Them. How Do You Manage?

Answer: I have a total of 4 to 5 team members. They generally help me to shoot.

Other than that, editing, publishing, sharing, brand management, everything is taken care of by me.

I try to follow a schedule. For example, on Monday I will be working on one channel for 2 hours and then on the other channels and so on.

I check my emails at night. We generally shoot the videos of fitness fighters on Saturday, and after that, I gradually publish them for the entire week.

Comedy video takes around 2 to 3 days to shoot. If I have an interview planned, I do that. Else, I try to share my own inspiring and motivational content.

For the fourth channel, I have hired someone to manage. However, I am the founder of that channel.

4) What Was On Your Mind When You Have Recorded Your First Video?

Answer: Initially, I just thought that I would be uploading the video and be cool in front of my friends. I belong to a village, and in 2009, nobody in my town had an idea about the internet and youtube. Later, when I realized that I could earn money by uploading videos. Then I focus more on user experience and creating more values.

5) Blogging Vs Youtube, Which Is More Profitable In 2020?

Answer: Let’s embrace both. Don’t ignore one. Both are profitable. Pro bloggers and famous YouTubers are making a lot of money.

I would say follow your instincts. Follow your interest.

You can promote your blog via youtube and vice versa.

Please do both if you can manage. It’s a win-win situation. It is coming from my personal experience. You will get plenty of options to monetize.

6) Your Checklist For Video SEO?

Answer: Thumbnail and title. User experience and content are in your hands. Adding proper tags are not that hard. The title should be explanatory. Make the thumbnail in such a way that it should create an interest after the first look.

7)Tell The Top 3 Things That You Do While Doing Social Media Marketing?

Answer: I don’t do much. The Facebook team advised me to upload regular videos and pictures, if possible. They focused more on short
videos between 3 to 5 minutes. The same goes for Instagram. In short, be regular and create engagement. Consistency is the key.
however, sometimes I can’t be consistent.

8)Your Takes On The Digital India Movement. How Far India Can Progress?

Answer: Internet era ha just started in India. Still, the majority of the people watching worthless content and creating not so good content.

The proper use of the internet in India is still in its early stages. India has benefitted a lot from the digital India movement.

I think in India, 50% population is using the internet, and only 10% out of them are using it wisely.

I would like to see the real use of the internet in the future. The Digital India movement has strengthened our country a lot after 2016-2017.

There was a time when people were not able to watch a video on their phone, and now they are making HD video call.

That’s a commendable job, I must say.

I think India has the most extensive internet user base. People in India are consuming more video content. The future is bright.

9)Do You Prefer WordPress? Or You Are Okay With Html?

Answer: I think WordPress is straightforward to use. If you do not know HTML and PHP, then WordPress is the best content management platform.

I agree that with the coding site, you can do more customization’s, and WordPress provides you plugins and templates.

Sometimes, that doesn’t offer you more customized options.

If you are not a web designer like me, then go for WordPress. It makes your life easy.

10) Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Answer: I don’t care much. I use Yoast. Because famous blogger Harsh Agarwal recommended it from shout me loud. I never looked for an alternative as it does the job.

11) How Did You Feel After Getting Your First Online Income?

Answer: I felt great. My initial goal was to earn $1. I had the belief that If I made $1, I would work 100 times harder and convert that $1 to $100.

My first income was around $124 to $126 from google Adsense came in May 2016. I started working from 2015, and in a few months, I got my first income. It changed my mindset, and I have decided to work fulltime.

12) Have You Ever Applied For A Job? If Yes, How Was The Experience?

Answer: When I was doing the b-tech — a lot of companies came for campusing.

As advised by the teaching faculty, I participated and cracked one interview, and they told me to report in July 2016.

Instead of going for that, I came to Mumbai in June 2016 to become a YouTuber. No job experience for me.

The interview experience was mixed. My confidence was pretty low.

I thought that I couldn’t get selected. Maybe I was underestimating myself. But instead of running away from the situation, I decided to face it.

13) We Have Seen You Posting Unique Videos All The Time, What Motivates You To Do This?

Answer: Money isn’t the only motivation — money matters. However, love, appreciation, and recognition make me more positive.

I could earn money with blogging. But It surely won’t make me this much famous in such a shorter period.

I wanted to be appreciated for my works, and many people told me that my contents are different.

When I have started, A lot of people got motivated by my content, which is the biggest motivation for me.

I got five-play buttons from youtube as a token of appreciation.

And when it comes to adding individual posts, I have followed many exciting personalities on youtube.

All of them shared unique content to stay relevant. So I had no other option.

14) Any Upcoming Plans About Your Content That you Want To Tell Our Readers?

Answer: Scale up the content production, Want to share more valuable content with my subscribers. Life looks short if you get involved with something. I want to showcase my thoughts with more content.

15) Advice To Someone Who Is Trying To Set His Foot In The Digital Marketing Industry?

Answer: The competition is getting tougher day by day. But still, it’s growing. If you want to make a living out of this field, start right now!

Know the basics well. And the moment you will learn the advance, you will achieve success. The digital marketing business is booming. A large number of companies are still operating offline.

The market is enormous.

Thank you, Chayan Chakrabarti, once again for featuring me.

I liked the questions and enjoyed every moment of this interview.

Sorry, I was late, so I could not reply on time. And now, at 1.30 am, I am recording the conversation after I viewed your message.

You are doing well. You are creating awareness about digital marketing and inspiring people.

I checked your website, and your interview series is fantastic.

Final Words

So, we are done Interviewing Satish Kushwaha. He is not only a creator but at the same time, he is an entrepreneur. He delivers passion and positive energy throughout his content and attitude. Thanks a lot, Satish, for your time. We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors.

Thank you guys for making this interview series successful. We also have interviewed many bloggers and interviewers. Go To Exclusive Interview tab and check them.
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