10 simple hacks to get 150+ BLOG POST IDEAS.

How do I get blog post ideas? This was my initial concern when I have started blogging four months back.

Getting ideas for blog posts gets tricky when you are new to blogging.

Hence, I have decided to share this 150+ blog post ideas that I have been using to write more and more.

There are millions of blog post ideas over the internet. But, as a creator, you would not like someone to dictate you’re thoughts, and you will write the same.
Spoon-feeding won’t work in blogging. Trust me. Blogging has its challenges.

You are working hard to understand the technicalities. At the same time, you are also trying to please the search engines.

Along with that, you are continually striving to get more and visitors to your site. I am not asking you to stop all these and only write. Instead, I have a solution that can help you get new ideas for your next blog post.

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I’ve Already Used All These Blog Post Ideas! How Do I Find More?

I understand that there is a lot on your plate. And spending time searching the viral topic ideas might not work well for you, which is why I will break it down to you.

Why have you started your blog? It’s my favorite question. I don’t know about others.

But, I have started blogging to grow and make a stronger online presence.

Yes, there are many challenges to run a blog. At times those challenges become stronger and ruin any blog.

Not getting enough idea about your blog post should be a primary concern for every blogger.

And we have to address that to stay relevant.

So how would you find the best content idea that you can write about?

If you are running out of content ideas, then you should introspect and think about your long term goal.

Yes, there are tools, and I will surely mention them. However, you always have to go back to the day when you have started blogging.

I was highly motivated on those days.

Trust me; this will help. And I will have all the resources for you. So, stay tuned.


Get Blog Post Ideas By Solving A problem

Problem-solving skills are high in demand.

It determines the raw characteristics. We know some bloggers just blogging and counting the number of posts.

And then some bloggers are planning to solve a problem.

Now it’s easy to say that create problem-solving content. Now how would you find the problem?

Well, problems are everywhere in your niche. Do you think that all brands and organizations are running smoothly?

If it would have been the case, then we won’t see so many customer support platforms.

These days they also handle customer inquiries via social media channels.

So there are problems, and all they are trying to do is minimize them and give more benefits to the users.

Why don’t you help them?Sounds Crazy? Not at all.

All you need to do is create content with every single problem that you will face.

Yes, you can take help from the tools. But, the problem-solving skills should come from within.

No more philosophy with this; let’s see what else can be done.

Get Blog Post Ideas From Youtube

Who does not know about you-tube? We all know. Do you know that you can get millions of blog post ideas by browsing you tube?

Yes, it is possible. There are many creators on you-tube who are trying to get into the limelight by creating high-value content. Why can’t we use it as a reference?

Blog Posts Ideas
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I followed a similar approach back in October 2019 to write about “Preparations to make before blogging in 2020.”

I was running short of ideas and wanted to write something relatable and adds value at the same time.

So I went ahead with this, and it helped me a lot.

I am still holding the featured snippet in a competitive niche. My focus keyword is also not there in my domain name.

Blog post ideas
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Get Blog Post Ideas From Quora

Quora is a beautiful medium for the users and the creators.

It has multiple functionalities.

I have been using quora for multiple purposes. I write on Quora to gain more reach after I publish an article, and till now, it’s helping me to get unique visitors on my site.

Comment down below if you have landed on my website via quora.

So how do we get ideas for a blog post via quora? Let’s find out.

150+ blog post ideas
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What? Did you expect any rocket science? Well, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Jokes apart; just look around all the questions on Quora, and you will find ideas for hundreds of blog posts.

If an irregular creator like me can get this much exposer and ideas, imagine what you can achieve if you contribute to quora regularly.

Use the Social Media Wisely and get more blog post ideas

I know that you must have been started thinking that there’s nothing new in this, and you should scroll this part. But wait!

What do you use social media for?

Search engines like google consider social strengths and sharing as a ranking factor. But why do you want to rank?

As a blogger, you are selling your blog posts and growing your venture.

And you are missing a lot if you are not getting any ideas about your next blog posts from social media.

How do you get blog post ideas from social media?

  • Check the reactions on every post.

  • Don’t forget to check the comments.

  • Follow social media experts and see how they are promoting their content and interact with their audience.
  • View poll results on social media.

Pro tip: When I get an idea about any blog post topic, I go ahead and create a poll on social media. It’s an excellent way to understand and identify your target audience. Here is the recent poll results that I have conducted on my Facebook group.

150+ Blog Post Ideas
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Get blog post ideas from your problem

Didn’t we mention problem-solving skills? Is it the same as creating content with all your problems? I beg to differ. Here is why.

Solving a problem can take a particular time. So what would you do till then?

You can easily create content with the list of problems and follow it up with a solution.

You will be able to produce two contents with a single problem. Isn’t that fantastic? Let me know in the comments.

Find Blog post ideas fast with these resources.​

Here is the list of a few tools that I have been using to generate more ideas for my blog posts.

  • Quora
  • Answer The Public
  • Buzzsumo
  • Ahrefs
  • Blog Title Generator

We have already talked about quora above. Lets discuss about the other tools.

Be innovative & Get more ideas using Buzzsumo.

Want to get an in-depth idea about what all are happening around the world? Then embrace this Buzzsumo.

It has this unique feature that will tell you about the contents that are doing good in social share and their analysis as well.


150+ Blog Post Ideas
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So you will have access to all the viral contents in your niche. Let’s start writing your next blog post now!

Use The Tool Answer The Public And Get More Questions

I believe that it’s time to admit that we all are running short of ideas for writing our next blog post, which impacts our post frequencies.

Think about it. You know what to do and how to do, but still, there is something that’s holding you back. Why so?

It’s because of the lack of research we do. We all are running after the ultimate goal, which is to make money via blogging. To hunt this goal, we are ignoring the first part of blogging, and that is research.

I have seen emerging bloggers are writing anything just for the sake of writing. I do not know what they are trying to achieve with this approach.

But how much time should we spend on researches? As a blogger, we need to be active on social media, at the same time, work to fix WordPress and many other things.

But you can’t ignore the research, can you?

Answer the public can help you to get multiple questions related to your topic.

If you play smart, then you can create more than one blog post using those questions.

And founding answers to those questions will complete your research. It’s a win-win for you.

Let’s see how you would get the questions.


Keyword Research To Get More Ideas

150+ blog post ideas
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Do you see that? I just typed a keyword on ahrefs, and I got over 300 keyword suggestions. Try this for sure. It will give you new dimensions.

Blog Title Generator Sites

You can choose any topic and write about anything. You will find many tools like this online.

I have been using this tool. And it will give you headlines about any topic or keywords.

This helps me when I write on a broad topic such as this.

Blog Post Ideas
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150+ Blog post ideas with actionable steps

  • Start a Contest on your blog.
  • Share Secret Tips.
  • Write about your favorite quote.
  • Blog about your latest experiments. 
  • Start Interview series.
  • Start Roundup Posts.
  • Create an In-depth Guide.
  • Write about the top 20 or Top 20.
  • Share your travel diary.
  • Share some humor.
  • Talk about your success and failure.
  • Respond to events.
  • Talk about your goals.
  • Share personal strategies.
  • Break any myths.
  • Publish Comments from your followers.
  • Accept Guest Posts.
  • Ask a question via your blog post.
  • Memorial Post.
  • Historical Events.
  • Share Secrets about the growth of your blog.
  • Share your liking and disliking.
  • Share your lifestyle.
  • The best lesson you have learned so far.
  • Challenge any established truth and play around the content.
  • Share your professional profile on the blog.
  • Talk about your habits.
  • Self-improvement journey.
  • Biography.
  • Auto-Biography.
  • Financial Advice.
  • Monthly budgets.
  • Feature your most popular blogs.
  • Share Your Dreams.
  • Casual Posts.
  • Trust Building posts.
  • Portfolio Kind of Posts.
  • Write about security.
  • Risk Management.
  • Compliance. 
  • Ask Feedback.
  • List of mistakes in your niche.
  • Feature Specific Followers and write a post about them.
  • Create suspense with one post and conclude with another.
  • Ask questions, and share your solution.
  • Series of Posts.
  • Short Story.
  • Expert Reviews.
  • An audio post.
  • Showcase Interesting People to follow.
  • Latest Tech News.
  • Express your dissatisfaction.
  • Bucket List.
  • How did I start my blog?
  • Successful Social media posts.
  • Live Event.
  • Review Articles.
  • Include the top 20 Videos on your blog.
  • Publish Your art.
  • Share your online earning profs.
  • Share website stats.
  • Share testimonials. 
  • Feature Any Small Business.
  • Respond to another blogger’s post.
  • Your ideal life partner. 
  • Solve an issue.
  • Explain true facts.
  • Your favorite brand.
  • Favorite Food.
  • Expose posts 🙂
  • Overcome Tough Situations.
  • E- books.
  • List of your favorite things.
  • Ghosts.
  • Wine tasting.
  • Alternate History.
  • Fitness.
  • Sports Training tips.
  • Pet care.
  • Review your favorite things.
  • Your Addictions.
  • Medical Research papers.
  • Family Tree.
  • Laws.
  • Mistakes.
  • Relationship Advice.
  • Share benefits.
  • Haunted Locations.
  • Movies and Web-series.
  • Podcasts.
  • Different Video streaming platforms.
  • Your Opinion
  • Politics.
  • International Relationships.
  • Your Dream House.
  • Your dream car.
  • Favorite Singer.
  • Compare two eras.
  • Write about collections.
  • Debt Management.
  • Service Sector.
  • How to get a job?
  • Favorite Memories.
  • Write about comics.
  • Mysteries.
  • Challenge your followers.
  •  Create Controversy.
  • Pick a situation and write in others’ perspectives.
  • Blog about your product.
  • Promote a cause.
  • Share your regrets.
  • Explain complex things.

  • Future Prediction.

  • Life-hacks.

  • Growth Hacking.

  • Take a picture and explain it.

  • Share your bills.

  • Blog about translations.

  • Pick a goal and write daily about the progress.

  • Explain our daily needs.

  • Write about a product that you use frequently.

  • Nightmares.

  • List Of FAQs
  • Choose unrelated topic and link it with your niche.
  • Thighs that didn’t work for you.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • How to start a brand in less than $1000?
  • Creative Writing.
  • Drawbacks of the Social Media.
  • Write About your team.
  • Write manifesto.
  • Skill Development. 
  • Best 100 Jokes.
  • Top 5 Distractions.

  • 5 inspiring people.
  • Describe Yourself.
  • Importance Of Goal Settings.
  • Resolutions.
  • Festivals.
  • Religions. 
  • Road to Success.
  • Short time goals.
  • Your reading list.
  • Top 5 favorite movies.
  • Your ultimate goal.
  • Schedule your work.
  • FMCG industry.
  • Impulsive Buyers symptoms.
  • Fast Fashions.
  • First Flight Journey.
  • First Car.
  • First Salary.
  • Your next holiday destination.
  • Health.
  • Your idol.
  • Your favorite sportsman.

How to find blog post idea from googles people also ask section?

Type your focus keyword on google and scroll down the same page, and you will see People also ask.

It will give you all the essential FAQs about that particular keyword.

This will help you to have an understanding of what people are searching for.

Blog content ideas
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How to use Hubspot to get Unlimited Content Ideas?

Straightforward interface. Hubspot is making it simple for the creators.

All you need to do is add your focus keywords, and it will give you more than 200 blog post ideas.

Blog idea generator
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How to use contentrow to analyze your headlines?

We all know that headlines are the most crucial factor of any blog.

An engaging headline makes sure that you are getting the maximum number of clicks.
Contentrow is here to help. It will analyze your headline and let you know the quality of that headline.

If you go with their pro plan, they will also give you trending headline suggestions.

150+ blog post ideas
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Top 10 hacks to get more and more Blog post Ideas

I will be sharing my secrets here to get countless ideas about blog posts.
Disclaimer: You have to take massive actions to apply the same on your blog.

  1. Think about your blog.
  2. Think about the audience.
  3. Follow the social media polls.
  4. Create your own poll.
  5. Post on social media whenever you are stuck.
  6. Find the solution.
  7. Also, remember that you will have to create content with it.
  8. Read trending blog posts.
  9. Identify if you can fill up any gap.
  10. Write Daily

Final Words

If you are still here, then I would like to inform you that if you do not have enough blogs, all your dreams will not be fulfilled. So you must blog every day.

After reading this post till the end, do you think that its difficult to find blog post ideas?

Also, let me know in the comments if you are/aren’t using any other methods to get more and more ideas for your blog.

Do check out this fascinating blogging course How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog.

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  4. Hi Chayan,

    Really good post bro. Overcoming obstacles – especially super tough ones – does wonders for giving you blog post ideas. I like learning from rough situations then I share my lessons learned with readers. Super easy way to learn your lesson, too; teaching is a quick and simple way to learn as well. Fabulous ideas here. Thanks so much for sharing the course too 🙂


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    Your 150+ blog post ideas that you have included is really rocking and best for me. Their are so many things to consider. As
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    And if it will done in right way – consequently have healthy relationship.

    YouTube and Quora become evergreen platform today pertaining to find solution on any specific topics.

    Eventually, thanks for exploring these creative ideas for us.

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