Interview Muzafar Hussain, Founder Of Appriffy. Now Hire A Developer With Ease.

Finally, We Are Glad To Interview Muzafar Hussain.

The Man Behind Appriffy.

Do you need a developer for your business? How would you feel if I tell you that you can now hire a developer On-Hourly and On-Demand Basis?

 Sounds Incredible, but it’s true. Welcome to another interview with simplefactsonline. Our guest of today is a young entrepreneur.

Who understands the basics of demand and supply. He doesn’t just want to showcase his product. He wants to create a better world.

If you are our existing reader, then you must know that simplefactsonline always appreciates this kind of vision.

Who Is Muzafar Hussain?

Let’s Start The Interview!

Welcome To Interview With Simplefactsonline. Tell Us Something About Yourself.

Answer: Hailing from a Small town Berhampur, Odisha. I was passionate about my venture from the age of 20.

My dream was to open Appriffy – Digital IT Hub! Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows, Never Give Up Attitude led me to drive in this field from the past 4+ Years and planning to build a Billion Dollar Startup along with my fantastic Team leading to a full of Enthusiasm and Positivity.

I am on the Vision to help Entrepreneurs to develop their Tech Products (Web and App) in an Affordable way with good quality.

When Did You Decide To Be An Entrepreneur?

Answer: Looking around his surroundings, I strongly felt like he has to do something for the Nation to solve one of the significant issues like Employment.

My vision and passion are to do something for others, So I started Appriffy-Digital IT Hub to deliver quality SoftwareDevelopers On-Hourly and On-Demand Basis.

How Do You Do Strategic Planning & Market Research?

Answer: We have an internal team of experts with whom we connect and create all the Strategic Planning based out of the Market Research done by our Marketing Team.

Tell Us Something About Your Current Venture. Please Also Share Your Achievements.

Answer:  Appriffy-Digital IT Hub is a marketplace where we can hire developers’ On-Hourly and On-Demand Basis. Appriffy team help Individuals, Startups, and Enterprises to build their excellent tech products.

It starts from One hour to Unlimited time.

As you shop for clothes and other kinds of stuff online, you can now buy developers under the Appriffy umbrella.

In the year 2019, I moved forward with his partners to launch his much-awaited product called Appriffy Labs, which I explain as India’s Fastest Growing Startup Studio, a Concept Of Part-Cash and Part-Equity Format.

About Appriffy-Labs, it’s no less than a startup studio! We know what it takes to establish a startup.

So our primary aim will be to help future startup owners with their initial business needs. Be it in the technical, legal, workspace, finance, and many more.

We extend our help to get then funding access with our tied Angels networks, seed, and VC’s. Achievements: Associated in many state and central govt projects and recognized by many govt awards.

What Motivated You To Start Your Current Venture?

Answer:   I always wanted to be different than others. Since childhood, I was very keen on new learnings.

And most important, Instead of getting a big salary job outside India, I preferred to do something on my own and help my country.

We Usually See Many Startups Fail For Not Doing Proper Team Mnagement. How Are You So Successful In Managing Your Team?

Answer: We strongly believe in adding value to people’s life. We maintain an excellent relationship with our clients and other partners.

Instead of being biased on the money we try to give respect to people and understand their needs and demands, then we offer our best to fulfill that.

We believe in a straightforward rule GIVE – GIVE – GIVE then ASK.

According To You What Should Be The Digital Marketing Strategy For Any Startup?

Firstly, I would recommend the startups not to pour money in Digital Marketing blindly. Instead, look out for the best relevant platform and then start small.

Muzafar Hussain. Founder Of Appriffy - Digital IT Hub Tweet

Tell Us About Your Hobbies And Passions.

Answer: My hobbies are following up with the latest tech news and magazines.

I love to read a lot and implement whatever I have learned so far. I am very much passionate about doing something creative and stand out to be a real serial entrepreneur.

Analyzing the market need and moving forward step by step is the only way to get something out of Digital Marketing.

Also, startups should not rush into anything; they must have the patience to get the results.

What Would You Do If You Haven't Started Your Current Company?

Answer: Since my childhood, I have been creative and independent.

I just can’t work for someone whose vision doesn’t match mine. Even if I would have failed 100 times, I would still choose to be an entrepreneur.

Any Piece Of Advice To Our Readers? Especially On Public Speaking And Attitude Towards The Work.

Answer:  I learned one thing from my life that hard work never fails; it always repays you. So don’t stop doing hard work.

Failed as early as possible so that it will teach you the real value of life and its meaning.

Now I am not at all afraid of failing as it makes me much more durable than last time.

So we need to focus on whatever we are doing and believe in yourself will lead any one of us to a path of success.

So this was Mr. Muzafar Hussain, who has revolutionized the concept of hiring a developer for any business. Do Visit Appriffy – Digital IT Hub And Start Your Dream Online Venture Today!

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