12 Practical Tips to Increase Your Productivity as Never Before!

Oh, My God! I worked for the whole day, but couldn’t do the tasks which I was supposed to.

Do you ask this question to yourself at the end of the day?

I understand this is what happens to most of the folks. And I am pretty much sure, most of you could relate to this.

If you nod your head to say YES, you must keep reading. I will share my experience and productivity hacks to get over it.

Well, it used to happen to me as well. But, eventually i figured it out.

Every individual is talented and has the potential to reach the heights.

But, time management is the most crucial aspect if you want to succeed in blogging or probably anything else you do.

So why do I qualify to share the productivity tips with you, Who am I?

  • A Web- Designer
  • Blogger Along With A
  • Full Time Job

Sounds crazy, isn’t it, So much work?

Yes, it could go really hectic, if you are not following the right productivity hacks.

If I was able to crack it and find time for myself. You can do it too.

Let me share a few productivity tips, which will help you.

The Do’s and Don’ts. If you follow these, you will find the difference in your attitude and productivity within a week.

Stick with me. Well, I am not a guru, I won’t make false promises. I am going to elaborate on things on my experience here.

As I am into the digital field, this post might be centric to bloggers and content marketers. Although, other professionals can relate to it as well.

Tips Which Increased My Productivity

Productivity Tips
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Let’s break this down to see how I increased my productivity over the time. The tips I follow to make the most of my time. Utilize the same time efficiently and make more money.

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1. Create an Achievable To-List - Plan a Week ahead

I know it’s exciting to create a To-Do list. We all get pumped up while creating it and eventually bombard several tasks for a day.

Mistake, a HUGE one.

You have limitations. Piling up too many tasks in the To-list, which are not achievable at all, obviously won’t let you be more productive.

But, achieving a few ones consistently would definitely take you closer to your goals.

So, I would insist on creating a To-do list for a week and divide the related task for every individual day to meet the weekly goals.

Always set small goals, it is more achievable.

“Doing few things are always better than doing nothing”

To increase my productivity, I use software like, 

  • Trello – This is where you can plan everything. Keywords, Content Strategy, Competitors, and more. It’s Free and very helpful as it lets you create multiple boards.
  • To-Doist – Helps in setting – up weekly goals and makes sure to achieve at least 95%. It helps in monitoring the tasks as well.
  • Keep Notes – It’s useful to note the creative thoughts flowing and any additional info on the go. As the app comes default on every phone these days.

Keep it simple!

2. Start Your Day With Healthy Breakfast

Starting a day empty stomach is not a good idea at all. You need fuel to drive without hiccups.

So having a healthy breakfast will keep you focused and let you do the best. Staying hungry to work more is not a good idea.

Productivity Tips
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Similarly, don’t start your day with eating too much as well, or the kind of food which can make your drowsy.

3. Choose Decent Spot to Work

Comfort is crucial. The more comfort your seating is, the better vibes you get. You can work well and stick to the track if your mind would not get diverted.

And improper seating will create many problems. It won’t let your brain work with all the distractions you get because of body pains.

Well, I prefer a little lonely place, desk and a comfortable chair.

Productivity Tips
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While working from home, just make sure you are not get disturbed continuously by family members.

Just give them a heads up that you are going to start working and need not to be disturbed.

  I know this might sound a bit weird and harsh, but it’s important, no worries, your family members will understand that too.

4. You don’t Need Distractions

No distractions = More productive

What distractions I am talking about. Well, I meant everything, which can be the hurdle in your working process.

  • Could be your friends
  • Family members and kids
  • Mobile Phone
  • Social Media or chat messengers

Productivity Tips
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You should get rid of everything for a while being at work.

And apart from all these, if you are a blogger, even your website distracts you at times.

If you are on WordPress, chances are the website might go down or probably throw some error, and you need to troubleshoot it to get it working.

Hence, it’s always recommended to choose a better wordpress hosting if you want to save your precious time. Let the experts look up to it.

Most importantly keep the mobile phone away and never open a social media account in other tabs. Same goes with email.

5. Segregate The Tasks

Prefer it to do it on the earlier day.

What do I mean with segregating the tasks?

Well it’s simple. Everyday you might perform several kinds of tasks. Few might be easier and others need more time to get completed.

In that case it’s you to decide, whether you want to prioritize the task which is simple like spreading butter on the bread or the most dreaded tasks.

Few people might tell you to do time taking tasks first and easier ones later or vice versa.

It’s a psychological thing, so could differ for every individual. So, I should not recommend what to do. I tried both and want to share my experience.

Yes I did. Several times. Earlier I used to do the most harder tasks first, but ended up being less productive.

Now, I try to pile up all the simple tasks and keep the dreaded on the other side.

I jump into the simple ones and try to complete those ASAP. And as my half of the work is completed so i could completely concentrate on the time taking tasks.

It is working for me. You should try both and figure out what works the best for you.

As I said it varies for every individual.


6. Take Breaks on Regular Intervals

You might think, what the crap, how can you be more productive taking breaks.

Trust me you can be. Your body and brain is nothing but a machine. Machines can run and do tasks continuously, but not with the same speed.

Taking breaks will refresh your mind and you will come up with better thoughts. And eventually more speed.

Hence take breaks. I generally take 5-7 mins break after working for an hour. You can do anything you want to do. If you are at the office, talk to colleagues, have a cup of tea/coffee.

And if you are at home, small chat with family or probably sit for a while where you have a good airflow. I prefer talking to family or sitting alone breathing fresh air on my balcony while being at home.

You can set the break timing by using this BreakTimer chrome extension.

Productivity Tips
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7. Get Some Exercise

Definitely not my thing. But it works. Working out is necessary to let the blood flow better and you too will feel charged all the time.

Confidence =  Better Work Attitude

I am trying this, while taking breaks in the middle of the work, seldom I also exercise. This way I get to do new things better and at the same time utilize my break time effectively and probably lose some weight too.

Productivity Tips
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8. Start Saying No

I know this might sound even weird and selfish. But essential.

There are several things you might don’t even need to do. Are you doing them all?

Think about it and prioritize what’s important.

For instance,

  • Meetings, which doesn’t make any sense
  • Useless talks which won’t go anywhere
  • Committing to everyone to do everything.

Simply get rid of all such tasks.

You might have several friends, family etc. I understand they might have some expectations from you.

But, you might get bombarded with the tasks from all over, if you keep saying YES to everyone.

You can’t do all of them. After all, apart from having emotions, you are a human being too who has some limitations. Start saying NO.

Productivity Tips
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Accept the tasks which really need to be done.

I came to this conclusion from my practice. I was doing and helping several folks here and there and ending up with doing nothing for my own.

Well, helping is important. But, doing your tasks are even more important.

As your existence is here, because of your work. People follow you, reach you because of what you do efficiently.

Don’t create a tunnel for yourself. Learn the art of Saying No.

9. Avoid MultiTasking

The way multitasking sounds, it’s not like that at all.

People often think of trying to do a couple of tasks simultaneously and will complete all on time.

LOL, it doesn’t work at all, as you have one brain which allows you to think and work accordingly.

And doing multitasking you are dividing it, hence your brain won’t work on its full potential. Resulting, ending up doing nothing.

Instead, it’s always better to pick one task and concentrate on that to complete it sooner as possible. 

Productivity Tips
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10. Avoid Checking Data Or updates Quite often

In the initial days of blogging, it’s quite evident that bloggers want to check out every statistics. Be it Google analytics to track their performance, emails. etc.

It’s good to check those. But, doing it frequently won’t make any difference. Instead going to impact your efficiency and productivity. 

My suggestion is to check your email twice a day, pick your time. When it comes to google analytics or other statistics where we track everything, checking weekly or twice a month is good enough.

Do it wisely, and save your time.

11. Stop Consuming So Much Information

Do you consume a lot of data on the internet? 

Is it really required? Think about it.

Productivity Tips
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To get it straight, 1+1 = 2, yeah that’s the answer. Do you want to get the same answer from several people? 

Of course not. Isn’t it?

I understand if you are a blogger, you might check out a lot of data over and over again. Even for writing a post you need to follow the strategy.

  • Choosing on the right keywords,
  • beautiful and short slug
  • including catchy words in title, meta description and subheadings
  • following on-page seo principles,
  • providing value to the user with the in depth content.
  • Using a good and eye catchy image for the featured image, to make it perform better on social media. 

And hell a lot of things. But, do you need not to check the same principles again and again? Do it once and for all.

When you have already consumed some information. It’s time to implement, not to consume more information. 

12. Stop Thinking Take Action

Well this is the last one, I would suggest to do. Yet the most important.

Probably, much similar to the above one. I see folks who kept on thinking should i do this, or that, no probably that way.


Start doing it, you can always correct or modify it later, instead thinking too much.

Thinking of too much perfection, you would end up doing nothing.

Do you believe in this – something is better than nothing?

If you do, then probably you understood what i wanted to intend.


See, there are no productivity hacks which will transform you overnight.

You need to be disciplined and follow some principles that work for you and avoid those which didn’t.

I have shared my experience. These are the ways I am able to handle so much of work.

I see people don’t publish their articles, thinking of too much perfection.

Remember you can’t be perfect overnight. You can only gradually inch towards it.

Now as you know all the do’s and don’ts, I am sure if you follow these productivity tips, you will see the difference.

Navin Rao
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Navin Rao

Navin is A Blogger And WordPress Savy. He Is The Founder Of Questioncage.com And Shares Valuable Tips Related To Tech, SEO, WordPress Etc

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16 thoughts on “12 Practical Tips to Increase Your Productivity as Never Before!”

  1. This is a great article. No matter how many hours you have in a day (24 minus sleep obviously!), it never seems as though those hours are enough to get everything done. It’s super important to find ways to eliminate distractions and organize your day. I like to have a weekly to do list and then lay out what I want to get done each day as well. This can really help you stay on track. And, no matter how rushed you are in the morning, it’s critical to make sure you find time to grab breakfast, even if it’s as you are rushing out the door and eating in your car on the way to the office.

  2. Thanks Chayan for the opportunity, It’s great to share some productivity hacks with your audience. I hope you and your audience will like it.

    Keep making noise around!

  3. Hi Navin

    At the end of the day, it is the productivity that gives an absolute pleasure.

    And you have shared some of the amazing productivity tips.

    Thanks for sharing

    Amit Garg

  4. Hi,

    This is such a wonderful article. I loved it completely; Navin Bhai, your message was clear in it. I also need to manage my time, thank you for such an awsome post.

    Santosh Gairola

  5. Hey Chayan and Navin ,

    Amazing post with effective tips to boost productivity. I truly like the tips that you have made. Many things to consider and also thanks for including helpful images for each tips. .

    Planning is very much necessary and we cant be able to do any thing without having a proper plan. Starting a day with healthy breakfast is really essential. Selecting a decent spot to work also matters a lot, we must choose a work spot where their is not any distractions or disturbance and is absolutely a peaceful environment for working . Taking breaks on regular interval is also necessary. Exercising is also vital to keep the body as well as mind active. Avoiding the multi-tasking is really a good decision and we must avoid doing multi task at a same time. Taking actions are also vital. Adopting these tips will helps a lot and will absolutely boost the productivity.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Navin,

    Great to see you on Chayan’s Blog. Increasing productivity is very important and somehow a tough job for bloggers. I am able to organize myself by making to do list of my daily task. It’s really helpful. When I writing or working on a blog post I do prefer calm and distraction free ambiance. You have shared some great and informative tips here to improve productivity.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  7. Hi Navin,

    Read your article just, and believe me it is something which was needed for me. Point number 11 which says stop consuming so much information, it is like a warning for me. You cleared time management with all clarity and tricks to be easily implemented. Also in between excercise for relaxation of our brain and body which can boost our energy level up. Thanks for the wonderful article.

    Shubha Tiwari

  8. Hi Navin,

    A great welcome in Chayan Bhai Blogger. This is a great article to make our life Ordinary to Extra Ordinary. Every Tip are very good in our Daily Life,

    Best Regards,
    Somraj Mondal


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