How to Stay Motivated When You Start a Blog?

If you are possessing some fine skills or knowledge, you should start a blog and share those insights and genius ideas with others too.

What if you’re paid for what you’re doing happily.

No doubt! Starting a blog is so exciting.

It’s an incredibly amazing feeling when you see your own content online for the first time ever.

Here the game begins! Now it’s high time to hustle!

 Hello Guys, I’m Raksha Kumawat, founder of Rest to Being a blogger with a motivational niche, I’m here to share my own experiences and the guidance from the expert bloggers on How to Stay Motivated When You Start a Blog. So, let’s continue …

"Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle." -

Find The Main Motive

Though, some people intentionally get into the blogging with little or almost no strategies like I did.

And for some bloggers, blogging is where they thrive and create content, rank their blog, expand their reach, market their products and ultimately the main motive is to earn money with their blog.

In the meanwhile of the hustling journey, a lot of bloggers fall off and give up.

The main reason why some bloggers fail to stay longer is that they face trouble staying motivated and taking their blog to the next level.

As everyone faces difficulties, everyone has some kind of setbacks.

As a beginner, I too have faced them and even now. But the achiever is who focuses only the efforts not the setbacks.

This post is aimed to help you formulate a strategy so that you can stay motivated until you reach the goal.

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Power Of Validation

Be honest with the answer, that you love making money on the side.

Obviously you do. And it signifies that you believe your ability to do so.

Let’s take an example,

If someone pays you $5 for just clicking a picture, it’s exciting, Right! This is the power of validation, guys.

This is one of the two most crucial factors for us to continue the things we are in. It can be the greatest motivator for the purposeful goal.

Validation can be in the form of appreciation, payment, offered help or the share.

As a blogger, you’d seek validation from you readers and the community. For a photographer, it’s from either the subject or the intended audience. For a leader, it’s from his followers.

You Need To Hold The Patience

You must be aware of this problem with blogging or with most startups is: they don’t bring in money from the day-1.

Until and unless you’re a pro. Because it’s not a 9-5 job but an investment.

 If you’re owing a few blogs and you know the ups and downs of the blogging world.

Then definitely, starting a brand new blog, then monetizing it and extracting a profit from it can be a cup of tea for you.

But making a profit from blogging isn’t that easy if you’re a newbie blogger.

 Sometimes we spend many days, weeks and even months, without making a single dollar while putting efforts and also paying for domain, hosting, the perfect blog theme, email, and various other random things that we need to build our blogs.

If so? Believe me, that’s not only you but many newbie bloggers like you and me.

How Do You Stay Motivated When Nothing Seems To Work?

Keep showing growing up, keep writing great blog posts, keep learning SEO, keep practicing writing killer headlines…..keep, keep, keep…!

No doubt, these are the most critical factors for your blog ranking.

You have to go through them. But you might get troubled with them if they’re bombarded on you simultaneously.

Well, a few things that you can do to continue work on your blog with sincerity, which in turn will result is worth.

1. Have Some Blogger Friends

Having friends in the blogging world across the globe can really be helpful.

From them you can get the better ideas and techniques for the implementation.

Genuinely connecting with people is so helpful.

They can guide you at every minor step and will remind you why you are so awesome for them being a blogger.

That will heal-up all your negativity.

2. Attend a Webinar/Conference

The blog conferences and webinars have become one of the most knowledgeable and informative mentorship sessions, today.

There are hundreds of free blogging webinars that are actual worth providers.

They’re just because you’re not only sharing the knowledge but also get motivated and confronted by the vast interrelated community of like minded people.

This is the best way to get some motivation, learn some new things from exerts, and even connect with other bloggers.

3. Pitch To A Brand

If you get a chance, don’t let it go!

Nothing might make you feel more motivated than landing a great collaboration with a brand.

Not only you’ll get the identification but the traffic too.

4. Join A New Blogging Group

The group can be on either Facebook, insta, whatsapp or telegram or local.

But it’ll get you a golden chance to be involved with a new group of bloggers and blogging experts.

This can be proved to be very helpful and motivating.

When you’ll see what others are doing, it’ll raise your will to do more and even better.

5. Get A Mentor

Guidance from the experts works the most efficiently because they’ve gone through the process by themselves.

They have years of experience and can mentor you to the right direction.

There are so many great bloggers who teach you blogging through blogging itself.

Even with the e-books, videos and podcasts will too help you out in this.

6. Find Your Best Arena Of Perfection

As blogging is a game of collective efforts with a balanced role of each part of it.

To get a quick result you must be perfect at all those factors altogether. But you might be not and that’s why you’re taking time for the expected result.

Being a blogger you’d know content writing, picture editing or seo services.

Possibly you’re not perfect at all but surely at some of them.

You can work alongside some of these specialties as a paid service.

It’ll just keep encouraging you to reach the level at what they are.

And also lets you invest in the better tools and courses for your own blog.

7. Remember Why You Started

We take every decision inspecting the demand of the situation.

These must be some strong reasons behind your decision of blogging. Now, never let yourself forget that immediate cause.

A little stopping and remembering why you started your blog at the beginning can give you the immense motivation that you’re lacking.

Never off the eyes from your goal.

8. Don’t Put Excessive Stress On Your Head

After-all it’s a blog, maybe if it’s your full time job. But try to take some time to relax and don’t pressurize yourself to make it the most important part of your life.

Though it’s a business, it needs time. You’re not to be blamed for not getting the frequent results.

9. Make Blogging Goals

Make your goal lists with small tasks and upgrade them gradually.

Challenges like no. of posts you need to post this particular week. You can add no. of guest posts in the monthly list.

This will keep you motivated always to improve from year to year.

10. Turn To Pinterest

Pinterest can be so inspirational and motivational. Its image feature calls your inner soul to get the goals achieved. And can be the best way to find ideas for new blog posts too!

11. Focus On Building An Audience

Make sure about the quality you’re providing to your readers.

Everything you know, share with your readers.

This will not only decrease the bounce rate but also strengthen their belief on you.

Soon, there will be a day when you’ll have lots of readers, hundreds and   thousands of views, so many email subscribers to the blog.

Even the followers on social media such as Pinterest, facebook page, linkedin, telegram, quora and many more.

Then you can think of creating locked content, podcasts, paid courses, eBooks etc. But for that, you have to work now.

12. Keep Celebrating The Little Wins

This is not only interesting but also motivating for the more.  Celebrate the success.

No matter how big or small your accomplishment is.

Doing this you’ll not only feel a sense of accomplishment, but it will also keep you hungry for the next milestone on the road.

 You can try to keep a journal of blogging milestones such as:

  • Your Very First Email Subscriber On The Blog.
  • The First Reply To Your Post.
  • First Day When A Stranger Left A Meaningful Comment On Your Blog Post For The First Time.
  • First Social Media Follower On Different Media Apps.
  • The First Share On Facebook Or Tweet on Twitter.
  • Your Ad-sense Approval.
  • The First Affiliate Sale.
  • Your First Client Through The Blog.
  • Any Unexpected Sale.
  • The Very First Email From A Reader.
  • The Day When You Have 10 or More Unique Visitor In A Day
  • Your 10th and 100th Email Subscriber.

These are very small but precious and attainable milestones to strive for. Create a journal and make a note of when accomplished them. This will remind you why you have started and why you must keep blogging.

Final Words

Although blogging is not 100% dependent, over time, we have seen that a motivated blogger can bring the results early.

I don’t want to get into an argument about how you should take the blogging, but bring a lot of motivation when you start your blog.

Listen to the experts, understand the root cause of every social media post and email.

And make sure you are happy when writing a guest post like this.

If your primary objective is getting a few hundred bucks and doing something else in a few months, stop blogging. Remember one thing,this kind of mentality is compromising your dignity.

So be enough to motivate and write the next post.

If you are still reading this, then I would love to know what keeps you motivated while blogging?

Do you think this post can help someone to get a direction in their blogging life?

Share this on your social platforms.


Raksha Kumawat
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Raksha Kumawat

Hi, I'm Raksha Kumawat, founder of Here I'm writing motivational and informative posts to help you seek the enlightenment that you're looking for and trying best to share the trustworthy knowledge with you.

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10 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated When You Start a Blog?”

  1. Hello Chayan Sir,

    Thanks for providing this huge opportunity for the guest post on your awesome blog.
    I hope, I’ll be able to add value to your true and passionate blogger readers through this post. Though, it’s a crucial thing to stay motivated, as blogging needs lots of patience and efforts.
    Wish you all – lots of power, motivation and happy blogging journey. 🙂

    Raksha Kumawat

  2. Hi Raksha & Chayan,

    This is nothing but a masterpiece. I really enjoyed reading it

    Blogging can be fustrating at the beginning, but start to make sense later on. During those hard time, one need to be motivated.

    And this piece explained everything to help a new Blogger get motivated. Nice one.

  3. Hello Raksha,

    I really loved and enjoyed reading this post. You did an awesome job Raksha.

    Very first thanks for sharing such a motivational and useful post with us as this post itself is a big motivation for many of us. Yes, most of us get started but after sometimes fail to stay longer because of the various troubles and yes of course lack of motivation.

    All the strategies you have discussed are very important and useful to keep motivated while blogging but in my opinion the patience and how to stay motivated when nothing works is important as these two phases is really very important in starting phase. Thanks for your motivational words.


  4. Hi Chayan & Raksha,

    Motivating Post! Glad you shared this valuable post on how to stay motivated as a blogger. After reading this post I got lots of reasons to stay motivated in this blogging journey. I know staying motivated is such a difficult thing sometimes you are struggling in writing & sometimes in creating Good quality content. But thanks to you and writers like you for sharing such a vital piece of information on this blog.

    Keep up the good work… Stay motivated…


  5. Hey Chayan this is awesome post.

    You listed very actionable tips to get the motivation for blogger.

    Bloggers do different tasks, they may stuck in some points. Then motivation is very important. Your article definitely helps to bloggers for motivation.

    I personally follow Garyvee and Digital Pratik for quick motivation.

    Thank you for this post.

    Keep come up with this awesome stuff.


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