[7] useful Content Marketing strategy for beginners in 2020

Today we are going to discuss about Content Marketing strategy for beginners.
Whether you are just beginning with content marketing or you have been using the exact same strategy for some time, it never hurts to reevaluate your content strategy plan..

You have to make sure it’s up-to-date, revolutionary, and influential. After all, you have more competition than ever before.

The first step for a leg up to the contest would be to get a sound, smart content marketing plan set up if you are having difficulty planning for the upcoming season or want some new ideas to put in your project. In this informative article, we will dive into: The specific actions you’ll have to have to create your strategy, such as The way your content can create prospects.

Let’s understand what content strategy is.

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What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy denotes the direction of any concrete media which you create and have: written, visual, and downloadable. You name it. It’s the bit of your marketing plan that always shows that you are and also the experience you bring into your business.

You have heard how significant content production is to the development of your small business, but as you’ll see during this article, it ought to have a well-planned intent.

Whom You Are Creating Content To For the number of audiences, are you currently generating content?

Create Content Marketing Strategy for Beginners
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As your company could have more than one kind of client, your content strategy can cater to more than 1 type of reader or Audience.

Employing many different content channels and types can allow you to deliver different content to every sort of Audience you’ve got in mind and participate, everybody, your firm does business.

The Problem it is Going to muster for this Audience By the identical token, your content tutors and teaches your Audience using this difficulty as they start to recognize and tackle it.

1. Establish your objective.

Why it’s important for you to create a content plan?  Know your goals before beginning planning, and you’re going to have an easier time deciding what is ideal for your strategy. 

There is no manual for content marketing, which makes it even more difficult for new content creators. As a new blogger, it was my challenge to get the most attention right after I hit the publish button. But that is not the ideal mindset for a new blogger. Blogging in 2020 is getting more competitive. You are going to get nothing if you are blogging without a purpose.

2. Conduct character research.

This is particularly crucial for people that are beginning or are a newcomer to marketing. By understanding your target audience, it is possible to create more valuable and relevant content that they will want to convert and read. If you are a seasoned marketer, your goal may have shifted. Would you need to target a new group of individuals or expand your existing target market? Would you wish to maintain the same target audience?

3. Decide Your Content Delivery Frequency

Many men and women begin with blog posts, but if you would like to venture out and attempt generating other content bits, think about which ones you would like to create.

As an example, if you have been performing weekly blog articles for the last calendar year, making an eBook that distills all of your blog posts into a single final manual is a 1 approach to provide data in another format.

We are going to discuss a number of distinct kinds of content it is possible to use farther down on the list.

If you have been in operation for some time, examine your content marketing campaigns and the outcomes from it at the previous year. Determine what you can do otherwise in the upcoming season and establish new goals to achieve.

(Professional tip: Do not exhaust your self. Follow the frequency which gives you the joy of creating a content.)

4. Opt for a content management program.

A few vital elements of content management include content production, content novel, and content analytics. You should be able to plan, create, print, and quantify your results.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. Some other content management systems are

  • Joomla.
  • Drupal.
  • Magento (for eCommerce stores)
  • Squarespace.
  • Wix.
  • TYPO3.

5. Brainstorm content thoughts.

Now, it is time to begin making up ideas for your next content undertaking.

Your content strengthens the answer (s) you are supplying and makes your clients more capable customers of your merchandise.

Your opponents probably have a comparable product as yours, so your potential clients will need to understand what makes yours better or, at least, different.

Understand your audience; remember who do you want to cater to and write accordingly. You cant serve donuts to someone who desperately needs a burger.


6. Determine which kinds of content that you would like to create.

There are a number of alternatives available for content it is possible to create. Below are a few of the most popular content formats entrepreneurs are generating.

In case you haven’t previously noticed, you are currently visiting a blog article. Blog articles live on a web site and need to be published regularly so as to entice visitors.

Posts should offer valuable content to your audience which makes them prone to discuss articles on social media and over other sites.

Try to write a how-to, listicle, curation, Slide Share demonstration, and news-jacking articles on your blog.

If you think that you will get all the attention with text-based content, then you are living in the stone age. Diversify yourself.

7)Create E books

E books are all lead-generation tools that prospective clients can download after submitting a direct form with their contact info.

They are typically more comprehensive and printed less often than blog articles, that are composed to draw visitors to a site. E books will be another step from the inbound marketing procedure: After reading a blog article (like this one), traffic may want more info.

This is the area where calls-to-action (CTAs) come in to play, directing visitors to a landing page where they could submit their contact info and then get an eBook to find out more precious information for their enterprise.

E-books are the voice of your brand. My buddy
Ryan Biddulph has created more than 100 e-books until now. Visit bloggingfromparadise.com/ebooks to know more.

How to make an effective content marketing strategy?

To be able to prove why you are worth purchasing from, you will need to establish why you are worth listening to.
Let’s discuss some practical things that you should do to promote your content.

Use Discussion Forums such as Quora

Quora stat
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Discussion forums are like the ground reality. It can take your content in many directions. This kind of forums was created to establish communication between the creator and the audience. Its a win-win situation for any content creator.

I have been using quora for a little over a month, and here is my quora stat. I didn’t put a lot of effort over there, but the outcome I received was genuinely fascinating.

Things I keep in mind before posting on Quora.

content marketing strategy for beginners
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LinkedIn Content Marketing

Every week there are over 9 billion impressions on the LinkedIn feed, and only 3 million people sharing updates, what does that mean for you? It means a lot of eyeballs and not a lot of competition on top of that the LinkedIn algorithm is heavily favoring marketers right now giving a ton of organic reach to those who are doing it right.

Things to do while creating contents in Linkedln

  • Create an appealing cover photo.
  • Write about the projects you are handling.
  • Write detailed information in the about section.

Create an appealing cover photo.

Linkedin Content Marketing
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Your cover photo should define your skills and current projects. It’s super easy. You can make this kind of cover pics using free tools canva.
I am not very confident about myself when it comes to designing anything. Yet, I was able to create this picture in less than 10 minutes.

Write about the projects you are handling.

Be shameless while talking about your current project. It shows your intent about that particular piece of content. It’s tough to appeal to someone else with your content if you are not passionate enough with your content.

Content can not only be text. For example, look at Neil Patel. He is uploading the same video file over Linkedin that he uploads on You-tube.

Write detailed information in the about section.

Write a short and crisp in the about section for LinkedIn.


Linkedin Content Marketing
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Other platforms to promote any content

I talked more about Quora and Linkedin because I use them religiously for content marketing, and they are giving me good results.

No offense to other platforms. There are many platforms like Reddit, medium, etc. You can use them as per your convenience.

Don’t forget to use Pinterest for creating info-graphic kind of content. A new blog can gain massive traffic with Pinterest.

Try blog commenting to get some link juice and traffic.

Writing a good blog post fast is not rocket science anymore. You can get many resources online, which can make you a good blogger.

Tools & Platforms that I use for Content Marketing

Do you think that you have to spend a lot of content marketing? My answer would be no. It doesn’t take much to start with your content marketing.

Making an effective content marketing strategy becomes easy when you know your target audience. I do not have the budget to spend dollars over content marketing. Yet, I was able to build robust networking in a few months.

Now people recognize me with my blog, which is a big thing for me.

Here are a few tools that I use for content marketing. Most of them are free; some of them are not.

You can surely refer to these tools to create a scalable content marketing strategy.

Create a Podcast

The number of podcast listeners is growing day by day. People are consuming audio content now. And this is the best time to utilize this platform.

There are various platforms where you can create your podcast for free.

I use Anchor-Fm to create my podcasts. It’s free and reliable. It also shares your podcasts on platforms like Spotify, Google podcasts.

The thing I love about anchor FM is that you can record a podcast from anywhere. Either you upload any audio recording from your phone, or you can open their app and start recording. There are also many cool features to edit your audio.

After getting my Ad-sense approval, I recorded a podcast from my phone and published it in less than 15 minutes.
Start podcast now and promote your brand.

Open camera for Recording Videos

Video can’t be ignored in the coming years. However, most content creator thinks that creating videos isn’t easy.

It’s true that as a video creator, one has to take care of many things. It gets more difficult when you are pretty new in the video, creating platforms like youtube.

Open camera application makes my job easy. You can record high-quality videos with the help of your smartphone. It has a very decent stabilization mode, which comes into picture when you are vlogging.

I had to record a video for one of my friend’s youtube channel. And I had no other equipment. Yet, I was able to log a decent video with the help of my smartphone. You can surely give it a try — another free resource use for my content marketing.

Create Infographics

If you are not creating infographics to promote your content, then you are lagging.

Infographics have many benefits. One can easily read, understand, and remember an infographic.

It helps you to get more traffic.

You are sharing your knowledge in 4 to 5 small points. Which can help you to build authority.

The following infographic has been created using Canva. It comes with free and paid versions.

content marketing strategy for beginners
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 A feature-packed tool. This tool is one of the best in the game when it comes to the user interface. Its a simple yet powerful tool.

It has many cool features. However, I like the Influencers tab most. You can see the list of influencers who are sharing content in your niche. You can also connect with them on twitter.

It is not a free tool. But it’s worth investing.

content marketing strategy for beginners
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Write on article submission platforms

Article submission refers to the procedure for submitting high quality articles associated with a blog to high quality and well-recognized sites or directories. The basic reason for doing this would be to improve the search engine ranking of your blog and to grow the traffic it receives.

There are assorted article submission websites available to select from. To add to people’s benefit, totally free article submission websites are more in number than the paid ones.

There are three websites that I rely on while submitting my articles. Please also check the website authority

content marketing strategy for beginners
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Final Thoughts

Content Marketing can be fun if you use the overall process of creating any content. In this guide, I have shared all the methods that I use for content marketing. Try them, as advised in this article.

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  1. Content marketing is a way to attract visitors with a specific interest in a product or a category. The content speaks directly to the audience and gives them a reason to stay on a website. This strategy is a great way to promote a product or a service without the customer feeling like they are being “sold” something. Amazing piece brother! Thanks for sharing!

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