Do You Blog For Peanuts Or Real Profits?

My yahoo email inbox amuses me. I use Gmail 99% of the time.

For whatever reason, I stopped checking my Yahoo for many years. But I felt an intuitive nudge a few months ago to scan Yahoo again.

Mostly spam, but a few legit emails flow in. Even more funny; I never unsubscribed to a few $1 and $5 survey sites I joined 10 years ago during my newbie blogging days.

For the heck of it, I stay subbed to these paid survey sites.

Why? I remind myself to never work for blogging peanuts and to always work for real blogging profits.

For example, I charge $6.99 for all eBooks save 3 eBooks I charge $20 for.

Why? I am as generous with myself as I am with my readers, customers and clients.

I am an entrepreneur. I charge money for products and services rendered.

I work for real money because I take myself, my business and my readers, customers and clients seriously.

We all deserve to be treated generously, to have our problems solved and to learn how to achieve these ends.

Working for real blogging profits forces you to honestly observe how you may work for blogging peanuts.

$5 jobs eating up hours of your day? Nope. Do you honestly believe 2 hours of your life are worth $5 USD?

How can you become a professional blogger by working at these bargain basement rates?

How can you drive serious business for your clients as a broker by only placing sponsored posts and guest posts on blogs whose bloggers charge $5 per post?

Bloggers who charge $5 per post fear going broke, accept any payment and 99.99% of the time, run low traffic, low quality blogs.

How many clicks do clients get through low traffic, low quality blogs? None. Clients fire you for placing ads on low quality blogs.

I hope you enjoyed that $3 you made last month. Better stretch that largesse out.

Honestly observe your rates. Assess your prices in genuine fashion. Why do you charge what you charge?

Compare rates and prices with respected, pro bloggers in your niche. Imagine if your skills do not rival pro blogger skills.

Perhaps you do not charge $100 for a sponsored post but for goodness sakes, never charge $5 for a sponsored post.

Charging $5 for a sponsored post emits a loud, clear money signal to the Universe: you fear losing money and money making opportunities so you will accept any dollar amount offered.

Nobody builds a thriving blogging business based on the ridiculous bargainings of poverty conscious brokers.

Imagine if you walked into a kirana store (hey; I visited Southern India for 2 months in 2013) and bought a decent amount of groceries.

The cashier rings you up: 750 rupees is your total, about $10 USD.

But you explain to the cashier how you have no budget and can only pay 50 rupees for the 750 rupees worth of groceries. The cashier looks at you like you have 3 heads.

But wait a second! You offer 50 rupees and promise to tweet the kirana store name to your 10,000 Twitter followers.

If the cashier has compassion, she-he may tell you to please get 750 rupees from home; she-he will put your groceries to the side until you secure the money.

If not, she-he has every right to slap you upside of the head with a piping hot roti.

Now, imagine if the cashier actually accepted 50 rupees for 750 rupees worth of products.

How fast would the store go out of business? Really fast, if the cashier kept accepting peanuts aka, almost no money, for 500, 700 or 1,000 rupees worth of groceries. If this sounds insane for a kirana store, most struggling bloggers do the same exact thing with their blogging business, accepting or charging absurdly low rates and prices for valuable products and services rendered.

Get clear. Value yourself. Value your time, blog and premium offerings. Be as generous with yourself as you are with readers, customers and clients.

Run a real business by charging real rates and real prices to gain real profits.

If you take the time and spend the energy to blog, you may as well be paid handsomely for your time and energy, right?

Do you want more blogging money mindset tips like this? Buy my eBook:

How to Build a Profitable Blog from the Inside Out

Ryan Biddulph
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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 plus eBooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Blog For Peanuts Or Real Profits?”

  1. Hey Chayan,

    Great post.

    Thanks for sharing this and making this concept more clear especially for the newbies and struggling bloggers as this article is definitely going to help them a lot.

    Yes Chayan, well said “we all deserve to be treated generously, to have our problems solved.” To become a successful blogger or entrepreneur you must be clear, have to value yourself, value your time as well as blogs and premium offerings.

    To become a successful blogger, first you have to value yourself and be as liberal with yourself as you are with others.
    One more thing I wanted to say plz keep sharing more similar, useful and informative article and thanks agin.

    Thanks & Regards,


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