An Interview with Saurabh Tiwari From TechiBhai

In this interview with Saurabh Tiwari, we will know many things. Starting from creating a blogging schedule, then the ways to grow web traffics, and many more things.

I know Saurabh for a little over six months, and he is inspiring many new bloggers.

Let’s read this interview with Saurabh Tiwari and know new stuff.

1) Hey Saurabh, Welcome To Simplefactsonline. Please Tell Us About Your Journey So Far.

Hey Chayan, It’s my pleasure to do an interview for your blog audience.

Including, Umer, Sumit, Santanu, Navin, Rohan, Sasidhar, Santosh, Ankush, Mihir, Jasmeet and many more awesome bloggers,

You are one of creative blogger I have ever seen with great SEO and Blogging skills.

Now getting back to interview

For all who don’t know me, I’m a Full-time blogger and SEO Freelancer from India who blogs about Blogging, SEO and Technology.

I started my blogging journey with AllDigiTrends and later added many websites into my blog network i.e. Techibhai.

To give a little background, I’m a small-town boy from Pratapgarh (Uttar Pradesh), after completing my graduation in Computer stream; I started work in Web Design Company as SEO Executive.

Luckily, I discovered blogging at the right time. And my offer mate Naveen Kumar helped me to start a blog.

2)Challenges And Inspiration While Started Your Blog?

Blogging is all about learning from your own mistakes. I faced many challenges, in the beginning, most of them are related to writing and SEO updates.

Another thing is fear to fail, Due to my full-time job, I was not getting much time for blogging.

I draw inspiration from many bloggers like Harsh, Brian dean, Kulwant Nagi, Neil Patel. As well as Reader’s Love and Comment on my blog posts are my main motivation.

3) Please Explain The Top 5 Ways To Get Free Traffic For A New Blog?

In 2020, The Evergreen method is Write high-quality and shareable content that satisfies the user intent very well.

Well, I and my team specialize on all variety of traffic sources. We use white hat SEO, content marketing, guest blogging, and social media marketing.

  • For Instant traffic, do you content social media, Facebook group and page, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sites
  • Do promote you content blogging communities like bizsugar, growth hacker
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Do interviews of Professional Bloggers

    But the best overall strategy to increase blog traffic is to improve SEO.

4) The Book You Are Reading Now.

Currently, I am reading 2 books, 1st one is which is written on Growth hacking “The Growth Hacking Book by Rohan Chaubey and Parul Agrawal” (Well, I have contributed my own chapter here which is about SEO).

And second The Love Story of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti by my friend Santosh Gairola

5) Yoast vs. Rank math. Your Opinions.

Well, I am using use Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO plugin on different sites and Love both plugins!!

But, Rank math plugin feature is better than Yoast, I can tell you that once you install this you will never go back to Yoast and other plugins like all in one SEO.

One of the awesome features, when you install this plugin, you can easily Import Data that brings in all of the Settings, Plugin Data, Meta Information, and all of your Focus Keywords from either Yoast or All in one SEO.

Some of other best features which I like, 404 Monitor and redirection, Rich Snippets, Fast Site SEO Audit, and Built-in Search Console

In one word, Rankmath is better than Yoast.

6) How To Be Innovative While Starting A New Tech Blog?

Thinking of starting a new tech blog is the easy part. But if you don’t have a proper plan, then executing those ideas becomes a challenge.

So just add these things “Discipline, Focus, Learn and implement, Consistency, Relationship with Bloggers, and Patience to your brainstorming and idea evaluation process, I am sure you will succeed.

7) Your Advice On-Time Management For Part-Time Bloggers?

Yes, if you’re a full-time job, family, it’s really difficult to manage time and build create a successful blog?

With so many tasks i.e. writing, Social Promotion, backlink, blogging can become something that seems never-ending and you’ll start to feel like you don’t have the time to master it.

I know few Indian bloggers like Navin Rao, Santanu and Sumit have their full-time job, but there are running a Blog successful.

So, you just have to follow few things:-

  • Create A Blogging Schedule.
  • Work When You Are Most Productive (Recommended Time Morning Or Night).
  • Do Single Task At A Time.
  • Use Social Media And Automation Tools.

8) Does The Search Engine Love Long Articles?

Search Engine like Google wants to give their users the best web experience by providing them quality content.

But, there’s no clear set of guidelines to determine what Google qualifies as quality content.

I believe content should have a real added value for readers, with mention of useful resources or based on problem-solving.

9) Future Of Blogging? People Are Consuming More Video Content, And This Trend Is Going Higher.

SEO and blogging will never die but you have to update yourself with new blogging and SEO trends if you want to become a successful professional blogger.

Learn and implement SEO tactics before becoming a blogger.

There is always an opportunity for new people to grow.

People still love to read, People still watch, Blogging or YouTube, do whatever you like.

10) Your Feedbacks For Simplefactsonline

To be honest, I am a big fan of simplefactsonline myself. I have learned a few SEO and blogging tricks from your blog.

Site Navigation is so easy and the way you write your articles it becomes very easy for your blog readers to follow the points.

I think there are a lot of new bloggers who can learn from your blog. It’s useful, inspiring and make for great reading.

11) Your Final Words To Our Readers.

Plagiarism and lack of SEO knowledge is the first mistake which every blogger does, So my advice to new bloggers are find your blog niche, writing style and be passionate and creative about it, So, never ever start a blog to just to earn money.

Blogging for money might make money for you, but you will get tired of this eventually.

So this was all about the interview of Saurabh Tiwari. I enjoyed interviewing him and asking him questions based on my point of view—all the best, Saurabh, for all your future endeavors.

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12 thoughts on “An Interview with Saurabh Tiwari From TechiBhai”

  1. It was a great interview.
    As Saurabh said consistency is the only key to get success.
    Happy to know the way in which he is managing his blogs.

    Go ahead Saurabh 🔥🔥🔥

    Waiting for more informative interview like this Chayan ♥️🔥.

  2. Hello Chayan,

    I know Saurabh from past few years. He is an awesome blogger and a lovely guy with supportive nature. I regularly visit his blog and he have many informative posts on his tech related blog. No doubt his hard work have made him a successful blogger. Great Interview.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. It’s really great to have Saurabh brother here… I really enjoyed this Interview. Looking forward to more Interview 🙂

  4. HI Chayan,

    Great to see Saurabh on your site. I know Saurabh from past 4 years he is such a nice human being and hardworking guy I have ever met. After reading this interview I came to know other creative things about Saurabh, I didn’t know he loves reading too.

    I love your interview series and would wait for the next master you are going to interview.

    Good Luck!
    Umesh Singh


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