Essential Blog Investments for Every Blogger In 2020

Are you making an investment on blog? Ever since I have started my blogging career, I have heard his phrase invest in your blog to grow it.

But we do not see many guides that talk specifically about the investment process and the mindsets.

Blogging is no longer a hobby for many people. A vast number of the population is making money online to pay their bills. Let’s dive into the details.

Investment On Blog, A Few Things To Remember

Invest As Per Your Business Requirments. Investment Can Be Either Mony Or Time.

Do Not Invest Everything At One Go. All The Tools Does Not Work The Same As They Promise.

Check The Money Back And Refund Policies Before Investment.
Don't Be So Greedy While Investing. You May Regret Later

Don’t get me wrong here; I may sound like a finance broker here.

But, It’s about investing in your blog or your small online business. Yes, there are big blogs too.

However, more than 70% of blogs start a small business. Maybe one person is starting a blog, or a few friends are starting a blog. They do not have enough budget to start a blog.

But it’s their mindset which can help them to grow. Since blogging is a business, so we would need a few investments here and there.

Now let’s roll on and understand the time vs. money investment factor.

investment on blog
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Invest The Time And Money Wisely On your Blog

It’s almost impossible for a new blogger to figure out the time and money puzzle.

That is why we see many bloggers and online business owners are not happy with their current standings of online business. It creates more frustration, and eventually, their opportunities get limited.

It’s not always about how many you are selling or how much you are making a month online. It’s still about how many problems your product and services can solve during the initial few years.

So instead of competing with the big names in your sector, why can’t we collaborate with other blogs or businesses and work for mutual benefits?

We all know that social media management tools are expensive, but we still do organic social media marketing just based on the manual outreach process.

I am stressing on us because I have been there. And I know how it feels when your content does not perform well.

Yes, I get that. But now I know that those contents were crap. Those were not adding values to anyone. But now I can’t afford to look at them and regret it.

The more benefits we create and the problems we solve now will help us in the long run.

So start finding the issues that your business can fix. Provide free solutions, if possible.

I made one mistake while starting my blog, as I did not think twice before investing the first $500, and after that, it took me into isolation, and I kind of avoided every investment opportunity.

It’s essential to understand the business before we can think of gaining profits from it.

Invest Your Time And Money To Build A Team

Bloggers like to work alone to gain the most productivity.

But, working with a team can be beneficial as you can achieve more.

Online business does not have any limit so that you can expand at any point in time.

Do check sites like freelancer and Fiverr to hire a content writer and a logo designer.

You can also get in touch with any freelancers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

When to build a team?

Well, you can make it at any point in time. It entiarely depends upon you and the requirements of your business.

There is no formula or the perfect time to create a team. You can create it now or create it after five years.

Do keep in mind these things before you are hiring a freelancer for your business.

  • Do Not Hire Someone Who Is Not Professional.
  • Check Their Portfolio Before Paying.
  • Make Sure You Are In Command And Your Instructions Are Clear.

It takes time to look into many freelancers profile to determine who would be the best fit for your project.

So you have to do a smart work here, check their profile and share your requirements.

That’s it. Make sure that person is in sync with you. It will surely help you to avoid confusions later.

Essential Tools To Invest When You Have Started

It’s almost impossible to figure out the investments when you have started. The same thing happened to me.

When We Start, We All Want To Do So Much In So Little Time. We Should Always Know What We Are Doing And Why? Even If There Are No Instant Benefits.

So when I started, I had this mentality to get everything that is required and start working from day one.

However, I understood the reality right after I started working.

Real-time things are a little different, and each tool is created with different prospective.

And they may not work the same with your business.

Yes, there are tolls worth a few hundred dollars that can scale any online business.

But is your business ready to handle that?

If you are someone who has already invested in a lot of tolls and not able to use those tools up to its full potential, then you should rethink your decision to buy more tools.

Online business is getting more and more competitive day by day, even the best of the tools can let you down if you are not planning your investments and blogging schedules when you start.

You should know what problems you can fix with your online solution.

Here are a few tools and services that I am using, and they are helping me to increase my revenue.

A Reliable Hosting Provider

A right hosting provider can make or break your blog. As a beginner, it’s almost impossible to choose the best hosting provider when you start.

It’s mainly because we all want to save a few bucks.

So we compromise with the integral parts like security, backups, and many other things.

We also see bloggers or business owners who opt for an expensive hosting when they start.

And most of them are not using all the features they have paid.

It’s crucial to understand the thin line between investing and unnecessary investments while choosing your hosting provider.

You are just starting, and you do not require a hosting plan that will require you to pay more than $15 a month.

Understand one thing here. You will take some time to figure out the design and the layout of your blog or website.

The content creation will take its own time. After creating content, you will promote it.

You will get traffic. Also, you will optimize that content for search engines. And you have to understand how to convert the traffic into paying traffic or nurture it further via email lists.

This whole process can take some time based on your understanding and prospectives. Its the standard procedure to make money online. And I took around 2 to 3 months to understand the cycle.

Web hosting is something that will be there with you till the time your website is active.

So it’s crucial to get a helping hand when you are new into WordPress and designing stuff.

At times the designing process can take up to a few days, so we have to make sure that the day to day changes are being backed up.

We need to install different plugins to improve the functionality of the WordPress website.

If the hosting can not handle that, then our website loading time will increase, and we will lose many potential customers.

I have been using the siteground in a few blogs of mine, and it is giving me the peace of mind.

User-friendly interface, helpful support team, free migration, top-notch security, and performance. What else can we ask?

Invest In A Good Theme And Page Builder(If Possible )

So after we invest in Webhosting, we try to get a theme to customize our website further. In some cases, we go the extra mile and get a page builder to change the look and feel of our website.

But do we know how to choose the perfect theme when we start?

Famous affiliate marketer Kulwant Nagi has shared this insight with his Facebook group about Generate-Press Theme.

Invest In Blog
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I believe this will give you enough ideas to choose the best value for money WordPress theme.

To unlock more customization options, we can use page builders. This post and the entire website is made with elementor pro.

I would recommend you to look at the few things before you get your next theme or page. Builders.

  • Your Theme And Design Should Be Mobile Responsive.
  • Use Free Theme If You Can’t Afford Paid Themes.
  • Do Not Purchase Any Theme Or Plugins From Third Party Sites.

Improve Grammar And Spellings

It is also very crucial for your success. But most people ignore it.

No matter how beautiful is your site is looking and how amazing images you are designing, if your contents are plagiarised or with improper punctuation’s and grams, then you will have a hard time.

I have edited this draft on the Grammarly premium. Let’s see how it looked like when I was writing.

Investment on blog
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Did you see that? So many grammatical mistakes and errors.

I am not a native speaker of the English language. But, I do business in English, which is why I need to review my copy before publishing.

I am in sync with the interface of Grammarly premium.

Even if you can’t afford the premium, use their free chrome extension and make sure that your copy is flawless.

In business, you have to invest your time and money both. And please do proofreading before sending me the guest post requests. It will save some time of mine, and your article will be published quickly.

Some Essential Blogging Investments

You have to keep on investing in your blog to see sustainable growth.

Yes, there are tools and software that can speed up your growth provided you are also willing to give your time to grow this.

Understand one thing here, if you are getting difficulty with something, either learn it on your own or get an expert to fix it.

Let’s give you an example. We all know that email marketing is very crucial, and you can earn a lot of money from your email list.

And there are many email marketing providers out there with the different integration process. High-end providers will give you more user-friendly options with the cost of a few extra bucks.

So it’s entirely up to you and your current business standings. We see much investment on a blog that does not make any sense.

The same goes for investing in SEO tools. SEO requires multitasking, and an excellent SEO tool can help you to do the necessary things in less time and can help you to scale your business further.

I have been using semrush, and it is helping me to stay ahead in the game.

Don’t forget to check their 7-day free trial that is exclusively available with this site.

Investment On Blog
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Investment On Blog. Here Is What Experts Are Saying

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Anil Agarwal, Founder BloggersPassion
Current monthly revenue: $10000 Plus
First Income: $104
Investment for first earning: Since I was using free blog, so no investment was made. But that long time back (in 2006 or 2007)
Monetization mode for first earning: Google Adsense
Current monetization mode: Affiliate Marketing, eBook Selling.
Investment On Blog
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Santanu Debnath, Founder BloggingJoy

I earned a few dollars from Adsense.

But when I moved to WordPress from then only, I started making something significant.

I spend around 25000(INR) to host my blog and design it back in 2012.

After that, in 2018 I have invested more than $350 on hosting, tools, etc. on BloggingJoy

Investment On Blog
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Sumit Sao, Founder BloggingLift

Current revenue per month: $500+

First Income: $65 from Bluehost

Investment: In hosting, theme & some premium plugins. More Than $800 So Far

Monetization Method: Affiliate Marketing

investment on blog
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Enstine Muki. Pro Blogger

I had made money online before getting into blogging. But my first income from blogging came in through Affiliate Marketing when I promoted the CommentLuv Commenting Plugin, and that was back in 2012.

I had invested not a big deal on my blog. However, I had my domain name, premium hosting with Hostgator, premium Genesis wp theme, and premium version of CommentLuv. All these put together was somewhere below $350.

I’m not currently tracking my current income from blogging, but it’s such that I can pay my bills and work at home having a good time with family.

I also do SEO services, and right now, my Email Marketing Video Course is going to add to the income.

Having worked online as a blogger for about seven years, I have different money-making channels, including coaching services, Product creation, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored content, SEO services, WordPress technical services, etc.

investment on blog
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Aksshit Wadhwa, Founder Bloghaul

I’ve started monetization with Adsense.

But that was not an excellent platform to monetize for my type of blog.

So I started providing services, started taking sponsor posts. Then I started affiliate, which I think is the best method to earn, and as now also I’m making money with it.

My first income was $10 approx. I’ve sold an SEO tool for someone.

When I started, I’ve done with a subdomain on

But after knowing a lot of things. I’ve bought a domain name and hosting of around Rs3000-3500. 

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Swadhin Agrawal, Founder DigitalGYD

While I know earning online is Sureshot, I also understand that most of us start our online business journey to add to our income, so I basically recommend not having any substantial investments in the process unless you see at least some signs of profitability.

The bare minimum investment I had done before I earned my first dollar online (and that was within the first six months) was in hosting and domain. It shouldn’t have been more than 100 dollars then.

I wrote the content myself.

I invest these days heavily (above $1000-$1200) per month on content and various aspects. One shouldn’t hesitate to invest to scale.

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Gururaja Murthy Devarangadi,Founder Learn SMM

I started my online journey with a blog on entertainment related to the Kannada movie industry (

I learner the basics of WordPress and blogging from Digital Deepak’s 100 Days Blogging Course.

And this blog helped me understand many concepts related to blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

In December 2017, I left my marketing job and started concentrating on my blog on a full-time basis.

However, I failed to manage the entertainment blog and closed it after six months since there was no much income, and it was difficult to manage it with new content on a daily basis.

Adsense was the only source of income and was not able to get even a single payout.

But this blog on entertainment helped me learn a lot of new things in online marketing.

After this, I started my consultation service as a Facebook advertiser, as this is something I was doing in my previous job as well.

This was when I started earning money again. I still have a couple of clients with me even after two years of starting my consultation service.

In July 2019, I started the new blog Learn SMM on Facebook marketing to share my knowledge on Facebook ads.

This blog is helping me to get inbound leads for my services. And have less commercial blog posts.

In my blogging journey till now, I have observed many bloggers struggle to build their email lists, especially when they have just started out, and the blog traffic is low.

And that is where my ebook comes to the rescue. It helps bloggers and affiliate marketers to build a highly targeted email list using Facebook ads even if they are a newbie to Facebook ads platform.

investment on blog
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Tanmay Kapse, Founder BloggingWand

I am Tanmay Kapse, an Airbus A320 pilot, and a very passionate blogger. I started my first blog in 2013 and earned Rs500 in the third month.

Since then, I have grown as a blogger by leaps and bounds. I started BloggingWand in 2019 with an aim to help beginners start a successful blog without making the most common mistakes.

I invest heavily in my blog for a good host, theme and spend on Facebook Ads to build a thriving community for BloggingWand

Investment On Blog
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Saurabh Tiwari, Founder TechiBhai

In the starting of my blogging journey, I have spent around $250 $150 on hosting and $100 on a theme and domain

My first-year blog earning was Just around $80, For now, it’s about 30 to 50k Per month I am monetizing my blog with these methods Google Adsense Product Reviews Sponsored Post Affiliate Marketing.

FAQ Related To Investment On Blog

You can invest your time and money in a blog. Make sure you are balancing both. Otherwise, you will have a hard time to scale it.

You can start a blog on a free platform like blogger. But I would recommend you to get a custom domain and a hosting plan and a few necessary tools which will be under $100.

There are multiple ways to make money from blogging. You can earn from ad networks, affiliate marketing, sponsor posts, etc. You can even promote your own product. But to earn money; you have to invest on blog

Investment on the blog depends on your requirements. Invest in essential things like hosting, theme, security plugins, etc. And after that, invest more if you can.

It can be tricky at times. There is a freelancer who charges $10, and there is a freelancer who costs $1000. Both have different experiences and expertise, and you should consider these things before hiring someone.

Final Words

I hope that this guide will also help you to plan your investments on your blog.

You can say that it was an insight into my blogging journey when I started my first blog.

After a lot of terrible investments, I was able to figure out the need for my business, and then I started invested accordingly.

Do let me know about your blogging journey so far and the amount you spent when you started in the comments.

Do you need investment guidance to start your business? Send me an email.

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  1. Yes you nailed it bro,as because You are not just highlighting the importance of early investment but also clear the shady and grainy terms of blogging what’s been mostly avoided by novice, they should not be forget about to that The more time the did not taking appropriate actions the more money they have To pay eventually if they would seriously wants to stay in this fields and with a thriving growth.

  2. Hey Chayan excellent content on Blogging investment indeed.

    A good investment is the key to Blogging success.

    Although some people don’t have enough capital in the beginning days of Blogging, like it was for me when I started.

    In that case people can put in little ammount to get started and invest lot of their time.

    But I still managed to buy domain and hosting in my initial days and made money with blog and later when money started coming in I invested it back on blog for purchasing premium tools and Courses.

    While some people have time to invest and some people have money to invest both are equivalent to me, where we can’t invest money we should put our time in it.

    Thanks for this amazing article brother absolutely enjoyed reading it.

  3. Hey Chayan,

    This is an awesome piece of content for newbie bloggers. And thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to share my two cents on it. I feel honored to be along with top bloggers of India.

  4. Another good post with many blogging pros listed here.

    Investment is really compulsory for any business be it online or offline. I see people can easily invest 50k for offline business but they don’t dare to invest 5k for their online business.
    Really this is the thing to understand.
    Chayan you always write one step beyond.

  5. Great Post, Buddy

    You have covered all most all the required investments. As a blogger, If I want to start my investment then I would go with web hosting first. So without having good, fast and reliable hosting you can’t enjoy blogging. Go with best web hosting first.


  6. All great tips about blogging investment, Chayan!

    You’ve made it very clear that investment is must on important things like theme, better hosting and tools. However, it is very important to understand how the investment is going to help you. So much knowledge to gain from experts here.

    Overall, packed with a significant value. Good job.

  7. You have nailed it brother. Sharing the opinion of so many awesome bloggers on one page about the importance of investment in blogging is really awesome. It is an awesome resource for beginners to understand why they must invest from day 1 in blogging. Thanks for creating awesome content brother.

  8. Hi Chayan

    Excellent job done with this post.

    When we talk about “investment” people generally consider it money but they forget that time is another important aspect that they have to invest in.

    Regarding the blog investment, Initially, a domain name, and reliable web hosting is a must. Later on one can invest on themes and blogging tools as required.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!!

    Amit Garg

  9. Hello Chayan,

    Thanks for featuring me here in this article.

    If we want to grow our blogging business then we should defiantly invest in our blog.

    Many newbie bloggers don’t want to invest in their blog because of low budget. So, I would like to suggest them that they should invest money at least in a good web hosting and a premium theme. It’ll cost them less than $100.

    This article will definitely help newbie blogger to understand the power of the investment in the blog.

    Keep up the good work.

    TWEETED this awesome guide.

    Sumit Sao

  10. This is an amazing article Chayan sir you nailed it. That’s true if a blogger wants to make his/her career in this field then don’t pull back yourselves come up and invest. And not only money you have to invest time also to make it successful.

    And thanks sir for this roundup post and taking the opinion of everyone this will be beneficial for every blogger pro as well as newbie.



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