An Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath, Founder Of

I was eagerly waiting for this Santanu Debnath Interview. Interacting with him is always a pleasure. If you talk to him for 5 minutes, you will get a few ideas to grow your blog. This is the impact of our today’s guest.

Welcome to another interview of our interview series. Today we are proud to feature Santanu Debnath. The founder of blogging joy. We are delighted to have him here.
Santanu is blogging for over ten years and has a lot of experience in blogging. The best thing I love about him is his passion. Despite achieving so many things, he is humble and grounded.

Let’s start with this interview. And see what Santanu Debnath has to share with us.

Who Is Santanu Debnath?

Let’s start with this interview without further adieu and see what we can learn from this Santanu Debnath Interview.

Welcome To Interview With Simplefactsonline. Tell Us Something About Yourself & Your Blog?

Answer:  Thank you for allowing me to share my learning and experiences with your audience.

 Hello friends, I’m Santanu Debnath, a software engineer by profession and a part-time blogger by passion.

I got into blogging while searching for an extra income source besides my full-time job.

I have spent more than 10 years in this process and learned a lot through various experiments and mistakes.

Finally, I have decided to share all my experiences in one place and started

 Through this blog, I am trying to share everything a beginner needs to start a blog on WordPress and manage things on their own.

At the same time, I am applying various affiliate marketing tactics to generate income from my blogs. Besides that, I have a few other blogs, out of which currently I am focusing on, where I will be sharing tutorials and reviews of web hosting services.

Bloggingjoy Is An Unique Domain name. What Was On Your Mind While Selecting This Name?

Answer: In my initial years of blogging, my major passive income source was Google Adsense.

I was mostly writing on personal finance, news, lifestyle, and more.

But I always wanted to have a blog with the term “Blogging” so that I can share my knowledge about Blogging & WordPress in that.

A few years back, I have started a blog with a domain name and started sharing articles on WordPress products.

 That was just an affiliate blog where I used to write product reviews, deals, etc.

I started that blog to share Black Friday deals and that year I wrote more than 10,000 words in just 2 days. Although It didn’t work for me as I didn’t have a good plan for that blog.

 In 2017, one day while researching I found this domain and I immediately bought that.

Somehow it connected with my mission as I was blogging for my happiness besides my full-time job.

 Later in 2018, I have decided to take it seriously and redirected to Bloggingjoy and revamped my blogging plans on that domain. 

Answer:  Besides our full-time job, all of us find some time for our hobby or for something that we love to do.

I have seen my friends spend time watching TV, planning for a frequent get-together.

As I am not that kind of person, I am able to spend that time on my passion. 

 Besides that, my biggest strength is my wife, Manidipa. We are childhood best friends and understand each other very well.

That’s the reason I never felt any need to spend time on other things. 

 At the same time, we always pursue similar things and she is also a seasoned blogger.

She is my biggest strength as she is taking care of all the editing, proofreading work of my content.

Recently I have published my first eBook, The Safe-SEO guide.

She did the entire design, editing and made it ready for the audience.

 So, it is definitely possible if you have a huge passion for solid support.

That support can be anyone who understands you and ready to stand by you to continue the same passion.

Tell Us About 5 Best WordPress Themes And Plugins.

Answer: There are many themes & plugins available and as a beginner, it is really confusing to choose the necessary ones.

I have spent quite a lot of time trying different themes and I can say that it was a waste of time. As a beginner, if you want to settle with your theme, then don’t fall for the look & design much.

Just start a blog with a decent theme and focus on content. Gradually you can play with the design as you learn more.

 Here are the few professional WordPress themes, I would recommend.

1) Schema Lite (Best FREE SEO Friendly Theme)

2) GeneratePress (Fast Loading)

3) Genesis Framework (Best paid theme)

 Regarding plugins, you can read this article where I have shared a detailed list of all the essential plugins you need to build a complete WordPress website.

Why Did You Start A Digital Marketing Blog?

Answer: Digital Marketing is a very big topic and my blog is all about Blogging related staff, which is just one part of Digital Marketing.

Although I have published a few articles on Digital Marketing, right now my focus is mostly on blogging & WordPress only.

We Usually See Many Blogs Fail For Not Being Relevant. How Are You So Successful In Your Blog?

Answer: Relevancy is the only factor that is responsible for a successful blog.

And the reason is simple, it can attract a similar or like-minded audience.

Over the years, I tried to run multi-niche blogs where I used to share anything that came to my mind.

But I was not able to take them to the next level as building an audience was the biggest challenge.

Right now, I am focusing on creating quality websites around a single topic.

E.g. my latest blog will have everything about web hosting so that people with similar interests can find this website useful.

Similarly, I always share problem-solving articles for new bloggers on my blog and that’s why people love to read and follow my blog.

I believe this is the only thing behind my success.

According To You What Should Be The Digital Marketing Strategy For Any Startup?

Answer: Content marketing & SEO are the 2 most important factors every startup should focus on.

Content can be in many formats like blogging, YouTube videos or others, as per the current needs of your startup business.

Any Pro Tip For Our Readers Regarding Email-Marketing?

Answer:  I am a beginner in email marketing and learning many hacks from the experts. Recently I have started taking action on email marketing and will share my experiences through my blog in the coming days.

So far, I can share a few tips from my knowledge.

1) It’s good to offer something FREE (E.g. eBook)

2) Use an email Lead generation tool from day 1

3) Don’t send frequent emails, rather a weekly digest may be helpful

What Would You Do If You Haven't Started A blog?

Answer: Well, I really don’t think I could do something else besides blogging.

When I joined my job in 2006, I was continuously looking for something to do besides the regular job.

As I was getting some time after work hours, I needed to do something which is meaningful besides watching TV or spending time with friends.

At that time, I discovered blogging and I don’t think I could have done something better than this.

Tell Us About Your Hobbies And passions.

Answer:   I have already shared my hobbies & passion. Besides that, I love to spend time with my family, like everyone.

As I said, I & my wife are childhood best friends & we pursue similar interests in everything so I never felt the need to do anything without her.

We always love to spend time with us, with our son watching animated movies, going out or playing with him.

Any Piece Of Advice To Our Readers? Especially On Multitasking And A Positive Mindset. Life Can Happen Anytime. How To Stay Focused And Do Your Part?

Answer: I believe, if you want to do something then no one can stop you to do that. But if you know that, you have to do something, then it becomes a stress for us.

Whatever it is, if you know why you are doing that then only you can keep the focus on your life.

To keep a positive mindset, you should be connected with like-minded people who will always understand you, motivate you and encourage you.

So, find that group of people, talk to them more and try to be consistent with your aspirations and actions.

There is no other way to get success.

That’s It About The Santanu Debnath Interview.

From the community of simplefactsonline, I wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

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5 thoughts on “An Exclusive Interview With Santanu Debnath, Founder Of”

  1. Thanks a lot, brother for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with your lovely audience. Blogging is awesome and I found this is the best way I can share all my experience & knowledge I have been through in last few years. I am sure your audience will find something useful which will help them to avoid some mistakes and take blogging seriously.

  2. Hi Chayan,
    This is a wonderful interview with Santanu. He’s one of the bloggers I look up to the most. He’s ultra successful and I hope to achieve similar things too.
    Thanks for bringing him here for an interview, and I hope to read many more on your blog.

  3. Hello Chayan,

    Awesome interview. I know Santanu from past few years. He is very dedicated towards blogging and really have worked hard to achieve a good heights and success in blogging. He is persistently working on adding quality and informative content on his blog. He also run a successful Facebook ground with 10k+ members which is not an easy job. Great to read his interview on your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Vishwajeet Kumar


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