Ryan Biddulph Interview On Building A Better Blogging Mindset In 2020 By Being Generous

It takes time to build a better blogging mindset. However, things go easy if you are kind and generous.

And our guest for today is helping new bloggers to create a better blogging mindset.

Ryan is one of my favorite bloggers. He is the mastermind behind the website Bloggingfromparadise; you must have noticed him writing in this website as a guest author.

The thing I like most about Ryan is the attitude. People start blogging to make money and when they do not see the results, they give up just like that.

In bloggingfromparadise Ryan focuses on things like

  • Building A Better Blogging Mindset.
  • Blog Together With Pro Bloggers.
  • Make A Living Via Blog.


Are you struggling with your blog? Don’t know how to get blog post ideas? Maybe you are not writing your blog post faster. 

You can approach Ryan for all your blogging needs. In spite of his busy schedule, he will reply to you. If you are generous.

I traveled to the down memory lane when I approached Ryan as a struggling blogger. Oh, yes, I have asked him the stupidest questions ever. And yet, he was patient with me and kept motivating.

So, in this interview with Ryan Biddulph, let’s go ahead and see what Ryan has to say about blogging.

Let’s jump into the interview now!

Hello Ryan, thanks for your time.How did you get into blogging? Any Inspirations?

Answer: My wife told me I could make money online. It seemed attractive to me because I had just left a pier guard job where I worked long, hard hours.

I needed something fun and freeing. Enter blogging.

Freedom was my main inspiration because I could profit without needed to trade hours for every single dollar I made. Trading time for money was a pain, for me. Blogging inspired me to live a life of freedom.

This is my favorite one. How did you overcome the new blogger’s fear? Or you didn’t have that fear before 10 years from now?

Answer: Oh yes, Chayan I DEFINITELY had a new blogger’s fear LOL!

I was a fraidy cat. I overcame new blogger fears very slowly, through the process of becoming completely, utterly disgusted with my results in blogging and in life.

I noted how all of my blogging struggles seemed routed in fear. Every time I observed a new, deep struggle, I vowed to sit with and feel the fear fueling the struggle.

That’s how I did it; I sat with my struggles and slowly but surely began feeling fears fueling those struggles until I dissolved all my new blogger fears.

I know that you drive generosity with every blog or videos, How does it feel when you do not get the same from the other side?

Answer: I give without expectations. Expectations create suffering so I let go expecting anything of anyone and I am never disappointed. Giving is the gift. I need nothing more. I expect nothing of anybody because no one owes me anything.

Tell us about your first blog. Does it still exist?

Answer:No, it is long gone, buddy. I deleted it in 2014 because I moved away from the make money online niche. My first blog taught me valuable lessons in the release, establishing clarity and blogging mainly for the love of blogging.

I am sure you get this a lot. Your write effortlessly and yet we can see the same passion and energy with every single blog post of yours. What keeps you going?

Answer: I love freedom. I enjoy circling the globe, helping people succeed and inspiring bloggers to face their fears.

Holding these intents, I never lack for energy to write and publish blog posts and guest posts.

The trick is to genuinely love blogging, covering your niche and writing. Being armed with an intense love of having fun through blogging, you will never quit.

Bloggingfromparadise sounds awesome. Do you want to reveal your thoughts while choosing this domain name? In my case, I have selected simplefactsonline as I was connected with the name and my main motto was to make a particular thing simpler and help others.

Answer: I visualized the life I had lived. My wife Kelli noted I had been blogging from tropical paradises around the globe for years.

I picked “blog from paradise” but Kelli said “blogging from paradise” sounded better, so I went with it.

I like your domain name because it breeds simplicity.

Your strategies about collaboration.

Answer: Helping people generously is the quickest way to get connected and to succeed.

Collaborating simply taps you into a huge, large, generous network that amplifies your success.

If you desire struggle, blog solo. If you desire fun and freedom, generously help other bloggers to collaborate.


For the last few months, whenever I check my phone in the morning, I can see you everywhere. And most of the time, it’s your guest posts. You have written 10000 guest posts so far(Not Sure About The Exact Numbers Though). I have also seen your guest post on sites like shoutmeloud and you also write for sites like mine. So, what comes on your mind when you write a guest post?

Answer: I simply want to help as many folks through possible through guest posting.

I always think of my buddies first when guest posting on blogs because I intend to take care of my friends.

I do promote one of my eBooks through each post to help readers and to help expand my eBook campaign, too.

Where do you see yourself in next 1 year from now? A motivational speaker or blogger? Which one do you prefer and why?

Answer: Genuinely, bro, I live in the moment. My only intent is to serve humbly and we will see where this journey takes us.

Any Feedbacks or Suggestions for simplefactsonline?

Answer: Keep up the inspired work Chayan. I love what you are doing here.

Your favorite e-book Of Yours

Answer: I like them all but probably How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging:


Any special message to our readers? Most of them have just started their blogging journey and they have only one fear. They think that they won’t get readers to read their posts.

Answer: Blog mainly because you love blogging, and be super generous. Generous bloggers who love helping people have no problems inspiring readers to visit their blogs.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can create a blog, but making it successful is not that easy.

People like Ryan are generously writing every single day. Apart from his writing, he also helps new bloggers.

If you want to build a better blogging mindset, then follow Ryan.

So what are your thoughts about this Interview Of Ryan? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Ryan Biddulph Interview On Building A Better Blogging Mindset In 2020 By Being Generous”

  1. Hello Chayan,

    Glad to have Ryan’s interview on your Blog. He is one of my best friends and Blogging buddies. He is a generous blogger and loves to connect with people and helping them as much as possible. He is a content creator deluxe and a terrific networker. Great Interview.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. Love Ryan’s message here ;
    be generous and give; and before you know it- you will get. And before you know it- you will get so much you won’t know what to do with it all.
    Blogging success starts slowly but then snowballs but the key is to start with being generous.

    That’s why I love reading Ryan’s interviews. Always I’m reminded not to veer of the trodden, proven (but hard) path.

    • Hey Nikola, Loved this comment man. I knew nothing about blogging when I started 5 months back. I only knew one thing. That blogging works on collaboration and you have to be generous enough to get attention. Things will be really easy for new bloggers if they can follow the same.

  3. Beautiful😊 a interview everybody can learn from it. Not only in blogging , givind should be without exspecting something back, It is the joy of giving freely that brings you into good vibes. The Universe like this and will support with ideas and guidence.
    Ryan found the right way of being.
    Unfortunately as I travel I see this virtue vanish even in places where it was valued. People get into survival mode because of fear.
    May many read this interview and make use of this experience and benefit from it.
    Thank you both
    Chayan and Ryan

    • Thank You So Much Erika for your lovely comment. Being generous is the best thing that happened to me after I get into blogging. I have created the questions for the interview. Would Love To Know Your Thoughts on that.

  4. Hey Chayan,

    Ryan is really doing well in world of blogging. Everyone likes freedom and you know this platform gives you complete freedom to your working schedule.

    Writing post on daily basis is really a good idea it helps you to improve writing skill and you will learn a lot of things. Eventually, thanks for sharing a inspirational interview.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  5. Hey Chayan and Ryan

    Great Interview with one of the most popular bloggers. I loved the knowledge that Ryan give about blogging. Especially about taking blogging as your passion and help folks generously.

    Keep up Chayan with this amazing interview series.


  6. Very beautiful interview brother this inspired me, I learn a lot from Ryan… And I like the message that was portrayed in this article was that ” It’s all about the mindset and learning throughout the process, that’s super necessary”.. inorder to succeed in Blogging.


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